Introducing FISHING FISH by heuicheon (for "Unnatural Nature")

Remember South Korea artist heuicheon's Wood-cutting Wood figure we posted earlier? Announcing his second "serial killer" toy from the Unnatural Nature series, "FISHING FISH"!

Currently on pre-order here for $320 per (shipped on November), the item is sized 80x120x100 (mm) inclusive bottom base, and comes inclusive of postcard and poster. Limited to 20 sets. Also look for this to be on display at the coming Taipei Toy Festival 2015 - specifically at Greysmith booth A44.

WHAT: "There’s a place called Unnatural nature where all things are unnatural. A Fish called “Fishing Fish” loves fishing. He doesn’t know what he does, why he does, and how many fish he’s caught. He is a very skilled fisherman and also an infamous serial killer for fish."

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