Running Horns S.2 ver.X RONIN from Hands in Factory for #TTF2015 Taipei Toy Festival

South Korean design studio Hands in Factory will be releasing these splendid looking neon-CMYK-isque colorways at the coming Taipei Toy Festival 2015 - featuring BABY HORNS DAY WRAITH in Blue, BABY HORNS DAY OFF in Lime Green, and BABY HORNS WILL.P in Pink.

FYI: I have included another image below which shows a muted color palette instead, so I am unsure which is the "accurate" color intensity show tho …

Made in collaboration with RONIN, each colorway is limited to 50pcs per, price at TTF is 1200 TWD (US$37-) per 1 piece, and 3300 TWD (US$101) for a set of 3! Oh dear … 1 Set, Please?!

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