Threezero @ #ToySoul 2015 - District 9, Fallout4 & Berserk Figures in 1/6 scale

Some images of THREEZERO's booth display at the current Toy Soul 2015 (Dec 18-20) - featuring characters from Neill Blomkamp's "District 9" feature film from 2009, with "Christopher Johnson" Alien (we've seen an unpainted proto HERE) and alien mechanized battle suit in front of a shanty-town hut diorama = AWESOME!

Next up where sculpts of their licensed "FallOut4" Power Suit (that "pull apart" armor anatomical is INSANE!), and as well we get to see their GUTS figure in 1/6th (currently on pre-order), from the Berserk manga - which too saw the unveiling of a SKULL KNIGHT!!!! OMGOMGOMG

More images from Threezero display at Toy Soul if i find them!

Source: Toy Soul / Additional pic from SzuTsung Ein

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