Treeson Line-up (Fluffyhouse + Crazy Label's)

Yesterday I reviewed the "Fluffy House Special Edition" Box Set featuring the new sculpts of "Treeson & Ren" from Bubi Au Yeung, and today I offer up a quick look at the "new" Treeson sculpt, flanked by the previously released Treesons from Crazy Label!

Do note that the colorway for the Special Edition Treeson is grey, compared to the regular edition being WHITE, which will fit the line-up perfectly, but alas I do not own that edition as yet ... :p

The sculpt looks closer to the 8" Treeson (on-left), although with all in comparison, the latest Treeson seems to have "lost a little weight", with lesser of a (cute) belly now! hahaha

The three hearts at the ed of the branch/stick also feature different colors … I wonder what that means? And also what the heart color will be in the "Regular" / Original edition of the Fluffyhouse=produced Treeson will be …?


#Treeson's heart on a stick! Designed by Bubi Au Yeung (@bubiay) #toylife

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