Knuckle Draggin' Bertie Driver from Amanda Visell (w/ 24hrs Ordering Window) & ΛVΛW Announcement

First, we have a look at the "product" (then the "announcement" posted below :p): Introducing "Knuckle Draggin' Bertie Driver! A hand-sculpted, hand cast, hand-painted resin figure (check out the WIPs below) that stands 11" x 5" x 3" with an articulating driver window. Priced at US$300 per, available here on, with a limited 24 hour timeline of sales. Looking Real Schweet-Like!

ANNOUNCEMENT FROM AMANDA VISELL: "Welcome to 2016! So excited to announce a new adventure that goes beyond the new year ... I will be partnering with Ashley Wood and 3A to create a new world of content including a wave of collaborative figures in various forms as well as original books and some other surprises as we build a universe of robots and girls and love and cats and whatever the fuck we feel like together." Shared Amada Visell, and adds; "Michelle and I are long time fans, we're stretching our legs and popping our knuckles. Get ready for a new world. Lets saddle up." (Emailer)

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