WANANEKO SET from Javier Jiménez for 10x10 (TOYSREVIL 10th Anniversary Edition) Limited Pre-Order Period Ends Jan 22, 2016

As we step into the new year, celebrations for 10 Years of Bloggery on the TOYSREVIL-blog continues with this exclusive edition of WANANEKO SET from Javier Jiménez of StickUp Monsters!

We are bringing you this pair of wonderful collectibles finished in the toy blog's signature colors! Painted in black and red metallic, this set includes Wananeko and Baby Wananeko. It also includes 4 different hands for the standard Wananeko (2 regular claws, spiked ball and Ghost blaster).

Priced at only US$75.00 for the set (price excluding shipping), the "TOYSREVIL 10TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION" WANANEKO SET can be purchased online direct from the creator @!

Do note that this special item is available for timed pre-order period, with pre-orders open on Monday 11th at 13:00PST, 16:00EST, 6:00AM (Japan), and end Friday Jan 22nd January, 2016.

Javier Jiménez @ www / Instagram @javierjimenezxl / Twitter @JavierJimenezXL / Commissions: / Javier Jiminez #onTOYSREVIL
StickUp Monsters @ Tumblr / Facebook / Shop

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