#playingwith Voltron & EVA2 Custom Dunnys by SEN Custom

I've the pleasure of owning two custom-Dunny from SEN Custom, and would like to share some images and impressions with you folks.

Both 3" tall pieces are hand-painted on resin recast figures by Yanssen Sugianto AKA SEN custom from Indonesia (Tagged #onTOYSREVIL), and features "articulation" at the neck and arms, by-way-of the joints not locked in - but simply resolved with a lil'bit of blu-tack set-in, no worries.

What is exceptional as well are the surfaces of the base figure, which were crisp smooth and possess none of the painted over brush-stroked effect seen in many a indie-custom piece, "sealed with flat coat for protection."

(Purchase above VOLTRON DUNNY here for US$55 per / Different versions available too!)

The paint-app is charming with the slightly distressed line-work on the detail accents, and frankly is what separates "indie toy" to "production toy", and I am all for that!

Both blades for the EVA2 Dunny are a part of the hands, and cannot be removed. This dude'll look pretty awesome on my EVA Toy-Shelf!

Thanks again for the splendid toy-ness, Yanssen!


(Purchase above EVA2 DUNNY here for US$55 per / Blogged #onTOYSREVIL)

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