#marchofrobots2016 Day 1-22/31

And by the stroke of midnight (Singapore-time) endng the month of March and beginning the first of April, I had failed to complete my March of Robots 2016-Edition of daily sketchery/drawing project, with a grand total of 22 pieces done, out of 31 days - which I figured is not tooooo bad, but ultimately; "incomplete". Not for the lack of trying, but my efforts have been left wanting…

Regardless, I'd still managed to complete some "sets" - by which my plan (to help me keep track) was to cook up 5 sets of 6 x individual drawings (the 5th set needed 7 drawings to complete 31) … and these are some of them:

(FYI: Links provided are directed to my TOYSREVILART-blog, with some sketches including time-lapse video of the doodles).

[ #catrobotlife on TOYSREVILART ]

[ #BattlefieldBots on TOYSREVIL ]

[ #EggBots on TOYSREVILART ]

[ #BotLand on TOYSREVILART ]

[ #BotTrouble on TOYSREVILART ]

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