"The 6th Prince" TUTTZ Comic Book Project from Eric Nocella Diaz x Xmoor Studios

Eric Nocella Diaz sends word of a new project he's setting up right now, with the story of TUTTZ to be told in a comic book form that will be published by Xmoor Studios. Dubbed "THE 6TH PRINCE", Eric mentioned that he's "in the process of putting a very talented team together to get this venture off the ground…"

The 6th Prince production team so far:
- Eric Nocella Diaz - creator/artist (Blog / Store)
- Robert Garrett - writer/co-publisher Xmoor Studios
(Facebook / Blog)
- Steven Lashley - FX/CG modeller (Facebook)
- Julian Aguilera - project colorist (Facebook)

"…I plan to produce different types merchandise/collectibles to support it. Everyone will finally get to see where the Tuttz cat comes from and go on a adventure with him.

As The 6th Prince project develops I will update you with more exclusive artwork and collectibles and many surprises along the way."
- shared Eric Nocella Diaz.
Stay tuned to TOYSREVIL for updates, and you'd do well to follow Eric on his Instagram and Twitter @argonautresins too!


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