JackalStorm + Star Weird from TopzToy for #StarWarsDay

Thai resin-slinger buddy TopzToy sends word of a few indie resins up for order/pre-orders currently, whom'll make a pretty decent #StarWarsDay purchase(s), "bootleggery" notwithstanding, of course! But then again, these are "Star Wars Inspired", and not straightup bootlegs of existing figures, no? You Decide :)

JackalStorm 2016 (red force) features 3" tall resin casted and painted figures, with each colorway limited to only 10pcs! Each priced at US$40, currently available for pre-orders. JackalStorm is designed by Blabeer, featuring sculpt by Termpoom

JackalStorm 2016 (candy tone) features a trio of single colored resin figures, each standing 3" tall, and priced at US$30 each.

Star Wierd Orange sees the 4" tall non-articulated resin figures in a single color tone, featuring (From Left to Right); PerFett ver.2 / JackalStorm / BossVader / PerFett ver.3. Each can be ordered at US$30 each, or a set of 4 at US$120 (select via the drop-down menu on page).

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