Happy Birthday Saytrs by Seulgie to launch June 18th @ myplasticheart

This Saturday June 18th marks the first birthday of Satyr, the popular and whimsical creation of Brooklyn based artist Seulgie. Happy Birthday Satyr!
MPH PRESS: "To commemorate this occasion myplasticheart will release a special edition featuring Satyr in a delicate baby blue with hints of glittery pink. This rendition reimagines Satyr as a baby unicorn outfitted with a single horn atop a translucent fluffy head of hair.

Each Satyr will also be accompanied with a randomly colored heart-shaped balloon accessory in either green, yellow, or pink. They will be packaged in custom, hand-made boxes created by Seulgie and her sister with cloud-shaped paper inserts + silver-star confetti for a snow globe effect. This edition is limited to 12 pieces, and will release on Saturday June 18th at 1PM EST retailing at US$130 each."

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"Satyr will hold his little balloon (pink, yellow, green, customers will get random color) and the box is clear unusually, my sis and I made the boxes, we cut the paper, glue them.... everything is hand-crafted! Silver star confetti inside the box makes the whole packaging looks like a snow globe. I guess some customers might hesitate to open the box. Lol" - shared Seuglie Lee (Congratulations, Seulgie!)

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