Mighty Jaxx's XXRAY VILLAINS Wave 1 Set Revealed! (Pre-order begins June 26th)

And while we've seen WIPs for Mighty Jaxx x Jason Freeny's upcoming VILLAINS XXRAY line, here are (rendered) images of the 3 x dissected Villains from WAVE 1 dropping this weekend on! Check out THE JOKER, BLACK MANTA and DEATHSTROKE!

*UPDATE: Status of Purchase = The items can be pre-ordered from these listed retailers* " (currently) only ships to Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, China, Hong Kong and USA."

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OMG, if I were previously impressed by the Justice League releases (I thoroughly enjoyed my "Trinity"), the villains (alas not named "Injustice League") looks utterly EPIC! As well I appreciate the skeletal aspect of the anatomy being on the LEFT side of the figure, as opposed to their "heroes" counterpart's skeletal-RIGHT!

Based on DC Comics characters, they'd look pretty splendid placed side-by-side; the heroes and their villains, methinks!

Approximate release is the 4th quarter of 2016. Make your enquiries with your fav retailer(s) quick! And stay connected to Instagram @migtyjaxx for further availability updates!

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