RE-RET by T9G x INSTINCTOY -Toy & Video @ #wf2016w

Featured above is the promotional video of RE-RET from T9G × INSTINCTOY × mographixx, that was shown at last weekend’s Wonder Festival 206 [Winter]!

Also on display were T9G x Instinct’s “RE-RET” (standard colorway / see below) as well as the availability of the "RE-RET(PROTO BLACK)” - released earlier at the MEDICOM TOY PLUS store, circa July 9th at T9G x Nakazawa Shoko’s show, 「S×T TOKYO at MT+」. Price was 13,500 yen apiece, FYI. Both artists T9G & Shoko Nakazawa were inited and in attendance at Instinct’s booth too!

Look for the regular colored edition to be available via lottery in Autumn via!

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