Chicago Bulls Michael Jordan Collectible by Fools Paradise Teased!

UPDATED: Full images reveals and availability details blogged HERE!

Teasers - stills& video clip - from Fools Paradise for their upcoming collectible release, and it doesn’t leave much “surprises” for their Chicago Bulls’ Michael Jordan figure, does it?

More forward from their recent Batman-themed and Star-Wars-themed interpretations, the Hong Kong based toymakers next sets their sights on “Sports Heroes”, with this "Floating Bull" also codenamed "THreeKIngTwoTHree" (denoting his jersey number "23") sporting either two interchangeable heads, or removable horns! Remember when we first saw the WIPs (for “STILLNESS” in Thailand)? #NICE

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Three king two three #23 #foolsparadise #foolsparadisetoys #vinyltoys #designertoys #floatingbull

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