御守龍 (“Omamori”) from BLACK SEED to debut at #SuperFestival73 (Jan 9)

A new figure designed and produced by Kenneth Tan of BLACK SEED, has snagged my interest this Saturday afternoon (thanks to pointer from Hiroto of INSTINCTOY) - with “御守龍” scheduled for a release at “SUPER FESTIVAL 73” this Sunday January 8th, in Japan, booth E2~E3 - alongside his other vinyl monsters!

Standing 28cm / 11-inches tall - and can accommodate stackable forts too (!) - the first release will be limited to only 5pcs (price unknown at this time)! I’d advice you get in touch with Black Seed on their Facebook, for eventual availability!

Intrigued by the name, there is not specific English name provided, although “御守龍” translates to “Omamori” on Japanese, which essentially means:
"Omamori (御守 or お守り omamori?) are Japanese amulets (charms, talismans) commonly sold at religious sites and dedicated to particular Shinto deities as well as Buddhist figures, and are said to provide various forms of luck or protection." (Wiki)
So is this a “Good Luck Dragon”? Not for the castle, maybe! LOL

In lieu of full larger-sized images, check out this promotional video instead!

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