'Tony Stark UNMASKED' by Funko (for #SDCC2013)


"Tony Stark" UNMASKED - which, in the movie, was never really a "secret" has he chose to tell the world it was him underneath the Iron Man suit … but in toys? This POP! Vinyl figure from Funko is set to be a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive to be had, featuring "Tony Stark" unmasked wearing his Mark 42 armor in "Iron Man 3"!

This figure also happens to be an exclusive to Big Boys Toy Store for ToyCon 2013 in The Philippines (circa June 14-16, prior to SDCC on July 18-21) - pre-orders of which are currently available via Ebay (pic via). These details are speculatory as I've gathered news from different locales on the www, so until we have an "official" release from Funko, you are free to determine the legitimacy of the info posted, no worries :)

Tony Stark Unmasked is one of a total of fifty-seven exclusives from Funko made available at SDCC, and they are also currently up for pre-orders (at a price of US$799, a savings of $150 from the total retail cost of the items) - Check out this blogpost for details!

(Additional info via Funko POP! Vinyl Figures Fan Page)

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