Thailand Toy Expo-exclusive "Confession" Set from FOOLS PARADISE x JP TOYS

The "Confession" Exclusive Set from FOOLS PARADISE x JP TOYS, feats 1 damaged Keiko Vader and 1 damaged Keiko Trooper, in a new colorway (versus the now Sold Out earlier version).

Piecing together product details from both Fools' and JP Toys listings, expect a production run to be 100 units, with 35 sets up for grabs at the expo at a Preorder of 13,000 baht per set (PICK UP AT THAILAND TOY EXPO on May 1, 2014). Folks who purchase a set at TTE will receive a signed limited edition poster from Alan Ng. As well proceeds of the sale will be "donated to charity" (no charity mentioned).

Expect an online release after the event. Will update if there are further info to come … really liking the vibrant colors seen here, reminding me of club neon lights! :)

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