Introducing "Oh My! Yokai: Night Parade" by Candie Bolton x Toy Art Gallery

Candie Bolton has been showcasing wax sculpts (done by @macsorro) on her Instagram @candiebolton, of her upcoming gacha series with Toy Art Gallery; "Oh My! Yokai: Night Parade" - and they look enchanting thus far :)

Five characters featured thus far include the adorable "Kitsura" fox spirit in human form, "Bake-Kujira" the phantom whale monster in chibi form (WIPs of 11" vinyl version), the trickster neko "Kawauso", "Tanuki" the raccoon dog, and the bird warrior "Tengu"!

Seen up top is the uncolored header art (*Needs to be Print*), and you can scroll down to take a closer look, and read about the characters!

At this point I'd actually imagine them to be finished like "jade" actually - looking really nice even in these wax sculpts LOL

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