Design Reveals for Androids Collectibles Series 6 #Updated

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Since the series announcement - and partial reveals - a total of 10 x Android Mini Collectible designs from Series 6 have since been revealed!

Missing still are designs from Colus and Dwaine Morris (will update when revealed!), and of course not counting any “chase” versions!

I’ve more images uploaded on the TOYSREVIL FB-album and dedicated fan-FB page!

While sending release date information, here’s a look at the ratios revealed thus far;

Top-left+center: “Bad Boss” & “Miss Jinx” from Andrea Kang, both with a 1/16 ratio.
Top-right: “Hot Dog” by Jessica Wang, with a 2/16 ratio.
Middle-Left: “Amanita”by Andrew Bell, with a 1/16 ratio.
Middle-center: Purple Android from Google, with a 2/16 ratio.
Middle-right: “Greaser” from Google has a 1/16 ratio.
Bottom-left: “Sayaka” by Otto Björnik comes in a 1/16 ratio.
Bottom-middle+right: “King” and “Queen” from Igor Ventura, both with a 1/16 ratio.
Bottom-far-right: “Švytėjimas” from Nathan Jurevicius with a 1/16 ratio.



UPDATED: New Android Reveals!

Above-left: “Ben Franklin” by Dwaine Morris (1/16 ratio)
Above-Right: “Red Fox” by Dyzplastic (1/16 ratio)
Bottom-Left: “Sheen” by Dyzplastic (1/16 ratio)
Bottom-Right-TOP: Chase by Colus (Ratio ???)
Bottom-Right-BOTTOM: Chase by Igor Ventura (Ratio ???)

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