1st Look at Peter Quill's "Mining Pod" (for "Guardians of the Galaxy") @ San Diego Comic-Con 2014 #SDCC

Courtesy of ComingSoon.net, we have setting up images of San Diego Comic Con 2014 (July 24-27) for a "first look" at the life-sized "Mining Pod" belonging to Star-Lord in "Guardians of the Galaxy"! Hey, strap me in a Reavers' coat and I'll jump right in for a photo-op! … I've come to an age where I'd really like photo-ops hahahaha

Below is a previously released still from behind-the-
scenes of the film, which premieres August 1st, 2014:

Meanwhile, if you've not seen this already, this fan-made poster (how awesome is that?) will be made available to fans who attend the Guardian of the Galaxy Comic-Con panel in Hall H (Source). How about THAT to be "hooked on a feeling"? … okay fine, "lame" pun, but the poster's still cool, no? :)


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