#MarchOfRobots 2015 = Completed!

March 31st = the very last day for the 2015 Edition of #MarchOfRobots, and I'd managed to fulfill all 31 sketches (realizing I drew a lot of "half-bodies" - I am such a cheater! ;p). Nevertheless, it has been a fun and enriching ride, and I hope to get better - and draw more FULL BODIES - next year! :p

Meanwhile, all instagrammed pics on @toysrevil have since been uploaded on my TOYSREVILART Facebook album, and as well featured on my sketch-blog. Thanks for viewing, folks! And thanks for indulging me :)

And my final #MarchofRobots sketchery 31/31 - gotta run, see ya'll next year! Haha #hengdraw

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TIE FIGHTER - An Animated Short Film by Paul Johnson (think Star Wars in Japanese Anime)

"What if there was an Empire-focussed short Star Wars animation, drawn with the crazy detail and shading of classic 80s anime that's all but vanished from Japan nowadays? Well, I tried my best. Apologies in advance for not living up to Venus Wars standards.

Drawn and animated by yours truly over 4 years' worth of weekends, with music by the living guitar solo Zak Rahman and sound design by up and coming audio technician Joseph Leyva. Fans of Lucasarts' seminal 1994 TIE Fighter game may notice a few familiar sights and sounds. That “incoming missile” noise gives me horrible flashbacks to this day..."
- shared Paul Johnson.
If you recognized this animation, tis because you saw a 2-minute version of it posted in 2012! Now we see the finished 7+minutes long version in all it's anime-esque glory! Check out the poster image Mr Johnson's made, and as well check his DeviantART for more images … I don't know about you folks, but I'd pay cashmoney to see a full-length feature~!

"Special thanks to the good folk at Lucasfilm for encouraging people to get creative and make these kind of projects. It's thanks to their extremely fan-friendly nature that we can enjoy IMPS: The Relentless, TROOPS, etc.

Don't support me on Patreon, because I don't have one! And don't donate to my Kickstarter, because I don't have one of those either. Instead, if you enjoyed this, give someone at your workplace, uni, school or whatever a random bar of chocolate or can or Coke or something. Seriously, it'll probably make their day. That would totally make my day."
- added Paul Johnson (Twitter @OtaKing77077)
Source: Geek-Art

Tim Doyle illustrated "Detective Comics #31" Prints from French Paper Art Club x Geek-Art (for 'One Year of Batman')

Tim Doyle - Detective Comics 31 Regular
4 colors screen print / Limited to 150
Sized 45.7 x 61 cm / 18"x24"
Signed and numbered by Tim
PRICE: 45 euros

To be released today at a random hour only on French Paper Art Club, is the Tim Doyle-illustrated Detective Comics #31 cover (circa 1939) as limited edition screen prints from French Paper Art Club x Geek-Art.
It will come in two versions: A Regular (seen above) and the Variant (featured directly below).

Tim Doyle - Detective Comics 31 Metallic Variant
4 colors screen print including 3 metals
Limited to 55 / Signed and numbered by Tim
Sized 45.7 x 61 cm / 18"x24"
PRICE: 55 euros

Japan Anima(tor) Expo Episode Features on #INotOtaku!

I have since started a series of blogposts on I Not Otaku! featuring / introducing shirt-form anime from Japan Anima(tor) Expo = essentially a weekly series of original net animations, consisting of various anime shorts produced by many directors, in collaboration with Studio Khara and Dwango. The project began release from November 7, 2014 and is streamed worldwide on Niconico.

You could go directly to animatorexpo.com/to view, or check out my first post introducing Episodes 1 to 4 (including an embedded NSFW music video featuring otaku fantasies and nightmares hahahaha). Yes, I will be indulging in that specific genre on I Not Otaku!, while attempting to keep the TOYSREVIL-blog focused a little bit more (but not 100% heehee) on "art / designer toys". Enjoy!

Peeks At "Bravest Warriors" by ThreeA Toys

A quartet of character "reveals" from ThreeA Toys' adaptation of THE BRAVEST WARRIORS into 1/6th-scaled action figures - featuring the above spotted at the recent Emerald City Comic Con (thanks to @itsthebravestwarriors), while 3A Special Projects Online Division & Event Coordinator Gregory Prout shares PLUM and IMPOSSIBEAR!

WHAT-IS: "Bravest Warriors is an American animated web series created by Pendleton Ward, the creator of Adventure Time, and directed by Breehn Burns. The series is produced by Frederator Studios for their Cartoon Hangover YouTube channel. Set in the year 3085, the series follows four teenage heroes-for-hire as they warp through the universe to save adorable aliens and their worlds using the power of their emotions." (Wiki)

ThreeA Toys' 1/6 T.O.T.E.M THUG PUGILLO To Drop April 3rd

ThreeA Toys is set to release the T.O.T.E.M THUG PUGILLO from their EVENFALL line this coming Good Friday April 3rd via Bambalandstore.com, with this mecha behemoth priced at US$320 per (includes worldwide shipping). No doubt product details and stats will be released somewhen this week before pre-sales, meanwhile you can check out more pics HERE on FB :)

FYI: Previous THUGS released were the hobby-kit sized THUG SUITS, compared to he current 16-inches tall 1/6th-scaled version!

Pics and Q&A - KAIJUMONSTER @ Dutch Comic Con 2015

I caught up with Martijn of Amsterdam-based KaijuMonsteR Gallery after his weekend exhibiting/boothing at the first ever Dutch Comic Con, and asked him a few questions, which I present here along with snaps of the booth via his Instagram @
kaijumonsterdotcom :)

TOYSREVIL: How was the respond to kaiju in The Netherlands? How did folks take to your booth?
KAIJUMONSTER MARTIN: "I would say everyone responded super enthusiastically, everyone wanted to know everything about kaiju, we had questions about process, paint application, materials, character back-stories, who all the artists were where they were from etc... luckily between myself and Guumon we could answer all the questions they could throw at us without a problem.

People seems to be most responsive to the idea that many of the artists making kaiju collaborate on pieces and projects, plus they really understood that kaiju is a bit more special than most other toys, because of the high level of time and artistry that goes into producing such items."

TOYSREVIL: What would you say was the most "successful" kaiju character at the show?
KAIJUMONSTER MARTIN: "People were most fascinated by all the Guumon pieces especially the Daigomi figure, All the Kars Works figures were also super popular, plus people really responded well to all of the Skull Head Butt pieces.

The single most popular piece was the Custom Helltoys Bohemoth figure painted by Masayoshi Hanawa (below-left). Many people commented and were very drawn to that that figure design with his incredible paint application. The second most popular pieces were custom Guumon Daigomi by Evildave and Joe Whitford (below-right)."

TOYSREVIL: What did you think of the first ever Dutch Comic Con? Would you set-up shop again next year?
KAIJUMONSTER MARTIN: "Well honestly there were some problem communication with the directors of the event, but overall there was a huge turnout of people, and we made some nice sales so yes I think it was a success and yes we will do it again next year. "

Korean-edition "Cloudy Style" Mr White Cloud from Fluffy House (for #ATC2015)

Looks like "Mr White Cloud" has ditched his brown business suit, sombre grey & yellow+orange sweaters, and gone all bright and cheery hipster "fashionista" with this latest ensemble ala "Cloudy Style"!

This edition will be a "Korean" version/edition meant for ATC ("Art Toy Culture" - happening April 17-19) from Fluffy House, so keep your eyes peeled for further availability and product updates!

In-Hand Pics & Keyring Figures for Avengers: Age of Ultron: Artist Mix Figures by TOUMA x Hot Toys

I may have blogged about them before, but this is the first time I see the figures sized in relate to a human hand. The figures in question are Avengers: Age of Ultron ARTIST MIX designed by TOUMA and made by Hot Toys, and is seen here held in hand by TOUMA himself. The text / interview is in the Japanese language, but the toy-joy shared, is universally understood :)

Seen here are figure from Series 1, and you can peep computer-renders of Series 2 HERE!

We have new backstage news for you all on the Hot Toys collectible figures that will be available very soon! Fans will...

Posted by Hot Toys on Monday, March 30, 2015

As well, here's news about a much smaller incarnation of these figures, with the Hot Toys Mini Keyring versions! The image below of the 4 x designs are calling out to me beyond the laptop screen!!!!

Featuring Captain America, Iron Man Mark XLIII, Hulkbuster and a Ultron Sentry (Prime) - the last of whom is a "special edition" of the group, available when you purchase the cinema tickets for the 3D film in Hong Kong (from April 3, 2015) … Oh man, I don't know if Singapore will have this special, or even anywhere else beyond … sigh

(Source: Hot Toys Secret Base)


And while we've seen 3D-renders and WIP-sculpts before (posted below for you my dear readers), INSTINCTOY reveals today the "face" of their new original character, dubbed "CURIO"!

From bears to dinosaurs and cubes, and it looks like "curiosity" has had INSTNCTOY's inc infect a feline as well! You know, I've had a suspicion about "cats" in general, like as if sometimes they are under some sort of behavioral control: "I'd like you to cuddle me but I still want to scratch you!"

Look forward to further developments, nevertheless :)

Hello! My name is “CURIO”. I am a INSTINCTOY original new character, see you soon!!

Posted by 大久保博人 on Monday, March 30, 2015

MR EWOK ONE Show at GLITCH Singapore: Video Blog & Launch Pics

And while I scramble to find a day to pop by his exhibition at Glitch Singapore, here is a video blog offering glimpses at the making of Mr EwokOne's show, leading to the launch, featured here alongside snaps from his Instagram @mrewokone. His exhibit at GLITCH Singapore (at 188-8 Tanjong Katong Road) runs till 17th April. RESPECT for an artist who takes the pain and trouble to archive his own work, IMHO.

For folks interested in snagging his "25 & Done" Brainlingtons, prints, tee and artwork - are to email "ella [at] mightyjaxx.com" for deets.

(Additional pics via Ella Mesenas on FB & @mikeozzo)

1/6 Volkor by SanKuKai Workshop

SanKuKai Workshop sends over snaps of one of the villains from "SanKuKai Workshop", with VOLKOR in 1/6th-scale! (We saw a peek of his costume in an earlier post).

Also known as ""Volcor" (in French), this villain was seen in the 1978/79 television series "Message from Space: Galactic Wars", whom you can see glimpses of in the trailer below! The costume looks to be a spot-on replica! Truly a labour of love, well done Ryu!

[ View much more images HERE on FB ]

Kuso Vinyl for WonderCon 2015: 5star Cub Minicel Plush & G.O.D Minicel by Rotobox

Kuso Vinyl sends word that they will be releasing Rotobox's 5STAR CUB MINICEL PLUSH (first peeked here) at Wonder Con 2015 (April 3-5). Priced at US$22 each, this 9-inch tall plush is limited to 500 pcs.

Also available at the Kuso Vinyl booth #1552 is their new G.O.D Minicel by Rotobox. Featuring the infamous yellow with black-striped guise of the legend "Bruce Lee", this iteration is limited to 200pcs, and has a SRP of US$20 (comes with a nunchuck).

[ More product pics HERE on FB ]

Funko Star Wars Celebration 2015 FIRST ANNOUNCEMENT!

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FUNKO-PRESS: "We are excited to announce that Funko will be exhibiting at Star Wars Celebration 2015 in Anaheim, CA! You can find Funko at booth #1410! Today we are announcing our Pop! exclusives! Stay tuned for TWO more announcements leading up to the convention!"
Pop! Star Wars: 2015 Celebration Exclusives include UNMAKSED VADER (seen at NY Toy fair), E3-PO in shiny silver chrome, SHOCK TROOPER, and a black+gold R2-Q5 (looks like a FLABSLAB-exclusive doesn't it? heehee), while the red droid R2-R9 is exclusive to Toy Tokyo.


A Closer Look at Hauke Scheer's Preatobots in "Robots vs Androids"

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With the Silent Auction for "PREATOBOT.0" coming to a close tomorrow at 12noon Singapore time), let's take another look at this creation from Hauke Scheer, who is known for his MechaWhale collectible [Reviewed Here] - seen chillin' alongside Preatobot in the image above :)

The toyline where this character resides in is called "Robots vs. Androids". The heroic robots are called Preatobots (for which the item up for bid is the one of the first painted samples of), who has since seen some updates to it's design, namely a wider pelvis "which makes it look less like a skeleton" mentioned Hauke, and a "brighter" color scheme. The figure possesses 13 joints - most of them being ball joints that allow for a wide range of motion, and as well each 5.5" tall (14cm) figure come with two heads and an alternate right hand holding a gun.

Check out some images featured below for comparisons, and as well see the figure in articulated action!

"Here are the painted versions of the Robots. I went with a weathered paint since that always works nice for the rough surface of my 3D printed objects." -added Hauke Scheer.
And mind you, PREATOBOT is not just a singular character created, as there is as well a FEMALE version, and their Android Slavers! Seen below are images of the figures, where a robot is captured by the androids when trying to escape a work camp.

"My robot figure now has an android to fight against. The android was the last figure I printed in 2014 and the first paintjob in 2015. Originally I wanted the robot to fight against aliens who enslaved him but I think it is cooler if he is oppressed by a more advanced version of his own kind." - mentioned Hauke Scheer.

I am thoroughly enchanted and impressed by the world building in this concept, much unlike most "Art / Designer Toy(s)" which populate this humble blog which you are reading now (and Bless You for your kind considerations!), and as well it is a wholly creator owned and non-media related product (although with Hauke's MechaWhales animationMechaWhales animation and his plans, this might blow big real quick and nicely too ;p). All of which is not to mention the notion of "articulation" in a 3D-printed product, which frankly fascinates me to no end LOL … And when I mentioned "toyline" near the beginning of this post, it was not meant as just an attempt at word-smithing, you know?

Check out Hauke's online Facebook album for more images and characters from his 3D-printing - for which he had even printed a self-portrait character (an articulated "mini-me"? How awesome is that? hahahaha), and if one day he starts producing "vehicles" and added accessories, you know the word "toyline" was not used in vain :)

A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on

"ROBOTS VS ANDROIDS" STORY: "Mankind has abandoned earth but left its robot and android servants behind. The Androids thought of themselves to be the true heirs to humanity since they look more like them. So they enslaved the robots to do their bidding. But some robots feel that all of men's creations should be treated equally and start to rebel against the androids."

Finger (Spring Pastel Edition) from Cassandra Jerman

"Happy Almost-End-Of-March guys! Its Cassandra Jerman again calling in from the middle of nowhere, AZ. I've been casting up a slew of this little squirrel who I like to call "Finger" (get it, pull my finger, he looks like hes just squeaked out a fart). He towers at just under 2 whole inches, and comes in Blossom Pink, Pool Blue, Spring Green, Lilac, and Peanuh Buttuh …" - shared Cassandra Jerman in her emailer.
These adorable figures have since been unleashed into the wwwild and currently available for purchase at US$20 each here!

CassandraJerman.com / IG @cassjerman)

Easter Bunnies for ToyCon UK 2015 from Taylored Curiosities

"This is the first exclusive I will have at ToyCon UK. 5 limited edition, Easter Bunny Worry Beans complete with bunny ear hats and painted bunny tails. One big and four medium, each signed and numbered in this cotton candy, pink colourway.

These will be available on the day with matching tipi sets. There are blue and yellow bunnies that will be joining these, exclusively available at ToyCon UK 2015."
- shared Penny of Taylored Curiosities (www / webshop).

The Coming of "The Goldfinger" Edition BRAINADE exclusive to FLABSLAB

A photo posted by @flabslab on

Local premium toy-producing juggernaut FLABSLAB collaborates with Emilio Garcia of Lapoabs to produce an exclusive Brainade - in their colorways of black and gold - with "The Goldfinger" in an edition of 20, to be made available "somewhen" between mid to end April at flabslab.bigcartel.com.

The Coming of "Ghost of Kurosawa" from Quiccs x FLABSLAB

A photo posted by Quiccs (@quiccs) on

So my buddy Quiccs is releasing a new sculpt dubbed "GHOST OF KUROSAWA, to be produced by FLABSLAB, with the image teased above of the WIP-sculpt, while below we see the 2-D design full-frontal. Further details and developments when I have them :)

Trivia: The "Ghost of Kurosawa" is one of "The Three Villains of The Hidden Fortress", and is a homage to both Lucas' Star Wars character aesthetics and the late Akira Kurosawa, the filmmaker legend.

A photo posted by Quiccs (@quiccs) on

The Reveal of MAX BOY by Max Toy Co

After their earlier tease of the figure's back, Max Toy Co reveals their upcoming MAX BOY in full, which features the likeness of the character's face to their 9th Aniversary logo, which in turn is based off Mark Nagata's son, "Max"!

3A vs Star Wars kitbash by Jerald Ang

The above featured image of a group kitbash by ThreeA collector Jerald Ang (posted on the ‎ThreeA Legion FB group) is well fun and hilarious, and goes in line with 3A's announcement of their new "Star Wars Alternate" line - an image of "star Warrior TK" has since been unveiled over the weekend via H3ADLINES and posted HERE in my previous post).

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