"Day's Eye” - New Works by Mariangela Tan @ Woot Bear (Opens Nov 5th)

Opening November 5th (from 6pm-9pm) at Woot Bear in San Francisco, is "Day's Eye: New Works by Mariangela Tan" - an exhibition featuring fiber sculptures and illustrations that ”represent life's constant offering of new beginnings through change and mutation,” by Brooklyn based artist and designer Mariangela Tan - previews of which are feature here in this post!

This exhibition will be on display from 11/5/16- 12/5/16. Stay connected to Instagrams @plushplay & @wootbearbelly for updates!

(Title: "It was fascination, I know" Size: 24" x 24" (12"diameter) Materials: wool, paper)
ABOUT THE ARTIST: "Mariangela Tan is a Brooklyn based artist and designer. Her themes often include explorations of sentimentality through tangible objects, and frequently crossover into the world of toys and consumables. Her current work showcases wool fiber and crepe paper that has been transformed into delicate floral arrangements with the mutation of fasciations that reflect her own personal transformations. These wild unpredictable changes cannot be controlled or directed in the natural world. So often inspired by the wonders and oddities of nature, she uses them as symbols of transformation that we can all relate to.”

(Title: "Tamed Rose"
Size: rose approx 6" tall, 4" diameter Materials: wool, paper, wire)

”Reconstructing these mutations under glass allows the audience an opportunity to examine the triggers of sentiment and obsession that may have once been buried or lost. Their rediscovery represents a very personal evolution for the artist that connects her with the observer on an emotional level.
Mariangela's work has been showcased in galleries and boutiques across the US and has attracted the attention of collectors globally. Along with her artist husband Justin Alan Volpe, they create heirloom quality collectibles and pop culture inspired goods collectively and independently."

(Title: "Double Happiness"
Size: flower approx 7", 5.5" diameter Materials: wool, foil paper, wire)

Woot Bear (
@ 1512 Haight St,San Francisco CA 94117
Date & Time: 6pm – 9pm PST

Limited Edition Blown Away "Horror" Custom Dunny Series by Josh Mayhem Available Only at

KID ROBOT PRESS: ”Limited Edition Blown Away "Horror" Custom Dunny Series by Josh Mayhem - with this limited edition series featuring 3-inch, 5-inch and 8-inch versions of the popular Blown Away style Dunny in new "Horror" colorways just in time for Halloween! The Blown Away Dunny has been modified with resin drips and acrylic paints to create a wind swept appearance. Kidrobot and Josh Mayhem have previously partnered together to release several different limited edition Blown Away Dunny Series.” Available now exclusively on

Head on over to THIS Facebook post for chase/variant ratios and individual images!

Sketchbooks from ROCKETRAYGUN & KIERAN KUDIDOS @ ILLUSTRATOR'S MARKET (Illustration Arts Festival 2016) Oct 29-30th

Debuting at the coming weekend’s ILLUSTRATOR'S MARKET (as part of the Illustration Arts Festival 2016) are two NEW sketchbooks from Kelvin Chan AKA Rocket Raygun, and his son “Kieran Kudidos”!

We have a few page-snaps to share, from both Kieran Kudidos’ first sketchbook (*A very limited quantity has been specially printed for this weekend's event), and as well Kelvin’s first dedicated water-colour art! Pre-order via the comments section here on Facebook, or bring CASH to their table A13, and have the artists autograph your books on the spot!


Also available at A13 will be prints, more sketchbooks and merchandise by
Woofer Rae, Kieran Kudidos and Kelvin himself.

ILLUSTRATOR'S MARKET on Sat Oct 29th and Sun Oct 30th (from 11am - 6pm) at LASALLE College of the Arts, 1 McNally St, 187940.


"Cute But Deadly" Series 2 from Blizzard Entertainment

Cute But Deadly 2

Here’s a peek at “CUTE BUT DEADLY” figures Blizzard Entertainment are releasing Blizzcon 2016 (Nov 4-5, 2016) - including characters from their video game properties, including Overwatch, Warcraft, StarCraft and Diablo!

Developed by Bigshot Toyworks, who collaborated with Blizzard for their “Cute and Deadly” mini figures circa 2013, with Happy Worker Toys - the “Cute but Deadly Series 2” is available blind boxed US$10 per online. These “Super-Deformed”-styled figures stand between 2.5" - 3" tall ... and keep a lookout of them "chase" variant colorways too!

Cute But Deadly S2 Box


HALLOWROOT Mandrake Root by Doctor A x Toy Art Gallery Drops Oct 28th

TAG PRESS: ”Toy Art Gallery presents a special spooky painted edition of Doktor A's MANDRAKE ROOT! The HALLOWROOT Mandrake Root features multiple paint sprays and rubs on orange vinyl. He has seven points of articulation and comes with a mini sidekick friend! The HALLOWROOT Mandrake Root is available this Friday, 10/28 at 12PM PST for only $85, only at!”

[ Individual images HERE on Facebook ]

Apple Care Porcelain by Fidia Falaschetti x K.Olin tribu (Presale Oct 27)

K.Olin tribu announces the APPLE CARE PORCELAIN - their first collaboration with the Italian Artist, Fidia Falaschetti - currently available here for 350,00 €. Limited to 50pcs and standing approximately 90mm, item is Made in FRANCE, and will come delivered in a wooden box

Pre-sale happens Thursday, October 27, 2016 at 6PM French Times, 12PM New York ,09AM Los Angeles. Expected delivery is December 2016.

The last time we saw a grenade-d-apple was in GOIN x Mighty Jaxx’s Bad Apple (circa 2013) … maaaan, them’s dangerous orchids where these things are “grown”! HAHA

1/6th The Joker (Tuxedo Version) from #SuicideSquad by Hot Toys

Hot Toys continues with their Suicide Squad 1/6th figure adaptation, with the newly announced THE JOKER (TUXEDO Version) - featuring the Millennial Celluloid Clown Prince of Crime decked out exquisitely, just in time to “rescue” Harley Quinn! But alas his deed was foiled … sorry if I’ve spoiled your movie viewing experience! Although if you’ve not seen the film by now, you probably would not have bothered to want to, much less own this figure, maybe?

Featuring the likeness of actor Jared Leto, it would’ve been “nice” if the figure came with an extra headsculpt (Joker grinning mouth open wide, perhaps? Of course the half-burnt Joker would be fab, but it was not seen in the theatrical film release, no?).

Hit up your fav retailer(s) for pricing and availability, and head up to #DCEUFilms for MORE images! AND scroll down for a MV starring The Joker looking fine in a tux - as seen in Skrillex & Rick Ross’ “Purple Lamborghini”!

Joker Tuxedo Hot Toys 3


Illustration Arts Fest 2016 (Oct 28-30 & Nov 4-6)

WHAT-IS: Illustration Arts Fest (IAF) is Singapore’s first indie illustration-centric festival! As part of the 10th anniversary of the Organisation of Illustrators Council (OIC Singapore), the Council is teaming up with Singapore Writers Festival (SWF), LASALLE College of the Arts; and East London Comics Arts Festival (ELCAF) and Nobrow Press to present the inaugural IAF, celebrating illustrators and illustration in Asia.

The IAF is focused on originally created content and narratives by independent illustrators who work in styles and art forms which are not commonly seen in Asia. This is distinguished from the more prevalent trend of superheroes, manga and anime themes. The event is supported by players from the Singapore creative community such as Kinetic, Supermama, H55, Underscore, Design Film Festival and Goodstuph.”

Above-left: Tell Your Children
Above-right: Sharon Yang Ge / PAYNK
Bottom left: Teresa Lim / Teeteeheehee
Bottom-right: Zenith / Jar of Rubies

This event is held over 2 weekends at 2 venues, with October 28th to 30th happening at LASALLE College of the Arts (Purchase Tix Online), and November 4th to 6th as part of the 2016 Singapore Writers Festival.

The event will feature International Illustrators conducting Workshop and Talks, Book Signing and an Illustrators / Art Market (Scroll down for more on that).

Above-left: Amanda Chee
Above-right: Cassy Ruston
Bottom left: Mai Nguyen
Bottom-right: Sonny Liew

Guest Speakers and workshops by Jean Julien (UK), Mattias Adoffson (Sweden), Richard McGuire (USA), Isabel Greenberg (UK), as well Artists from Asia, including Hideyuki Katsumata (Japan), Sonny Liew (Singapore) and Elcaf (UK).

Folks interested in finding out more can head direct to or the event’s community Facebook page - for information and schedules, and as well a multitude of illustration imagery generated for this event - a few of which are featured here in this post!

Above-left: Andrew Guojun Unwin
Above-right: Miyako Makio
Bottom left: Nicholas Amor Oh / naowx
Bottom-right: Soh Fia

As mentioned above, there will be a “Arts Market” in addition to the workshops and talks available by international guests throughout this coming weekend, and here are a few tables to look forward to!

New books for sale in Singapore from Charsiew Space Wizards: LYCHEE QUEEN and THE ALCHEMY OF OIL at SG$8.00 each. This is also your chance to score Rex Regrets Vol.1 (who is right next to Charsiew), and keep a lookout for posters and prints from Calvin Chua / Stormbrush, and goodies from Polkaros and Hong Kong’s Pucky - whose gonna bring us some yummy stuff!

FYI: Arts Market is completely free to walk-in and browse!

inami toys’ Halloween Tumble Top Releases Oct 27th

Kevin Nam / inami toys sends word of the impending release of his HALLOWEEN TUMBLE TOP Release! Dropping October 27th at 9 PM EST online via is a limited edition run size of 40pcs (30 Orange/Green/Purple and 10 Marbled Chase Variants), each priced at US$12 per blindbagged pull.

Scroll down for another pic of the resin pieces, and the product write-up!

PRESS: "The second wave of Tumble Tops are here in time for Halloween! These are the newest addition to the Rock-Paper-Scissor line of spin tops from Kevin Nam. How it works is you spin the top and once it stops whichever hand is raised is its move. You can play by yourself or if you have two a friend can play with you. There are three different designs based on a Miner, a Ninja, and a Pirate. They are individually blindbagged with an assortment of colors and if you're lucky you might get one of the rare marbled variants!"

Teaser for “Halloween - The Curse of Michael Myers” by Threezero

“Halloween - The Curse of Michael Myers” by Threezero as a 1/6th figure, in conjunction with Miramax, “coming soon” … I figured by end-October, maybe? So soon after their Breaking Bad Heisenberg & Jesse Hazmat Suit Combo-pre-order launch? Time will tell … :)

Stay connected via their Twitter and/or Instagram @threezerohk!

Jeff Soto’s NekoFukurou “Night” & GID Editions from BlackBook Toy Drops Oct 30th

BlackBook Toy annouces the impending release of new colorway of Jeff Soto’ s NekoFukurou - which we last saw on preview at STGCC in October - in both GID Painted AND GID Blank Editions!
"One side is Neko(Cat) and the other side is Fukurou(Owl). You can stack them up like totem pole or cat it on other toy. GID casted, Night edition (left). There is a secret variant (right). Same paint scheme but with silver rub before paint, which pops the details of NekoFukurou up! Shipped randomly, the ratio would be 1/6.

And not just painted ones, we would be dropping first blank. Paint by yourself or ask your favorite artists for commissions. GID is perfect release for Halloween!! They all glow well in the dark!! Would be a great idea to cap it on other toy as their Halloween mask lol."
- shared Kazuhiro Takahashi, Director of BBT.
BlackBookToy NekoFukurou 1
[ More images HERE on Facebook ]
BlackBookToy NekoFukurou 4

Online sales would start at midnight of Oct 30th(Tokyo), Oct 29th 8am(LA), 11am(NY), 4pm(UK), 10pm(Thailand). The NekoFukurou “Night” is priced at 8100yen per (available to purchase online here), while the “GID” unpainted Blank edition is 7020yen apiece (available to purchase online here).
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