#DrawAJawa & #DrawAWookie for Star Wars Day May 4th on TOYSREVIL

For the past two years I have been posting #DrawAJawa and more recently #DrawAWookie on this blog, celebrating "Star Wars Day", and this year would be no different!

Send in your drawing to toysreviler [at] gmail.com (Subject title either or both #DrawAJawa and/or #DrawAWookie) and I'd dedicate the whole of May 4th featuring them on this humble blog :)

Don't forget to include your portfolio URL and Instagram so I can pimp you right back, yeah? Meanwhile I'm reposting this two slideshow videos I made of the submissions so far :)

Blogging Break

So after 3 continuous days of visiting the hospital A&E, my fever has finally been diagnosed to be due to Chicken Pox! Reliving my childhood (Mum said I already had it when I was 3 years old), I've since decided to take a slight break from blogging and instead direct you folks to my Facebook at www.facebook.com/toysreviler for updates or to post updates about your work.

And frankly my focus is out of whack, I could not even type THIS post out without a multitude of typos! Ironically, the past 3 days all I had dreamt about, was updating the blog, I kid you not!

Sorry if this is not a post about "toys", but just want to give you folks a headsup, is all :)

Time for a break, see you folks soon!


TOYSREVIL's Movie News Round-Up April 13-April 19.2014

Geek-film activity of the week goes to "X-Men: Days of Future Past", what with the release of the official 3rd and final trailer (XMENonFILM / PopcornX / posted above), an "Alternative" 3rd trailer (since pulled), 1-minutes' worth of the "Opening Battle" scene (XMENonFILM / PopcornX), 3 x promotional video clips from Norton (XMENonFILM / PopcornX), and two behind-the-scenes featurettes (Wardrobe on 70's Airport scene and Magneto's Helmet). Not forgetting the film's "viral" website "25 Moments" (XMENonFILM / PopcornX) which chronicles the timeline which lead to the future … but then again, I was a tad slow on the uptake for that slice of mutant news lol … and if you want to have a laugh, check out a 20 minute interview featuring James McAvoy, Hugh Jackman and Michael Fassbender.

A "video-release", and hardly any still images, unlike the week before. Here's one promotional image on a flyer to add to your viewing pleasures (which I snapped just yesterday lol):

I made an "observation" about the "celluloid independence" of The Spider-Man Universe ( with two tv spots), while Hot Toys released images of their 1/6-scaled Spider-Man (They even have director Marc Webb manhandling the action figure too lol). There was even a moment of excitement that would see X-Men and Spider-Man cross over in the credits (*GASP*), but was soon debuked as just cross promotional purposes, rather than celluloid worlds…

… but if they did do "crossovers" - like how MARVEL does theirs - it might turn either "exhilarating", or "irritating", IMHO … but that's just me ;p

Godzilla the movie spawned a fan art contest, Chibi Toys of Godzilla & Muto and director Garth Edwards wants us to take the film seriously. Posted above is the latest TV Spot, while seen below are some poster-images, no longer shying away with revealing the monster's face LOL (Pics via MovieWeb).

Transformers: Age of Extinction had a small trickling of news this week with new "Cade" images (who I think is the new "Megan Fox", in terms of human eye-candy), UOB Bank promotion for Flashdrives ( / PopcornX), and as well the TV Spot during the airing of 2014 MTV Movie Awards (Transformers Roll-Out! / PopcornX).

Other TV Spots included "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" - which revealed 'Splinter' for the first time - and Edge of Tomorrow starring Tom Cruise in an adaptation of a manga.

And ending on a couple of Japanese-themed movies, Patlabor "The Next Generation" erected a giant robot in a busy street in Japan! I imagine if we had anything near as awesome here in Singapore, might be a half-body of a styrofoam make, innit? LOL

Check out the Theme Song for "Saint Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary" from Yoshiki, posted below:

TOYSREVIL's Sunday Toys & Design Feature (April 20 Edition)

Above-Left: SUITED BIRDS from Nathan Ota produced by 3D Retro, with a tentative May-release.
Above-Right: New Gold-on-Black colorway of Ron English's MOUSEMASK MURPHY ON AIRPLANE from Blackbook Toy to be on sale at Super Festival vol.65 on April 27th.
Bottom-Left: Huck Gee's DRIPPLE design (for Mighty Jaxx) revealed.
Bottom-Right: Cookie Magnet from 1000Tentacles®Toyz is available now, and you are to message him on Facebook if you intend to score some!

Above-Left: New "Carnie" from 3D Retro x Brandt Peters (Modeling by Scott Wetterschneider of Shinbone Creative).
Above-Right: The kickstarter for "Lonny" has been accomplished and goal reached. Now Bwana Spoons/Gravy Toys aims to get "Drizzz" made.
Bottom-Left: "Bitch" comparison between sculpt by Pretty in Plastic and artwork by Luke Chueh.
Bottom-Right: Mortis Spectres coming soon from Daniel Yu!

Loads of teasers featuring new mini sofubis from Circus Posterus x Tomenosuke, which gives me suspect if it all; means multiple colorways to be had? Featuring designs from Amanda Louise Spayd, Chris Ryniak, Kathie Olivas, and we had a glimpse a Brandt Peters' chibi-Skeleve before, haven't we? *EXCITED*

Above-Left: Simone Lego of Tokidoki will be in Vinyl on Vinyl on April 26th @ 8pm.
Above-Right: Michael Lau exhibition IV "remember - disc, time - table" - 15 May-1 June 2014 (12-9pm) @ michael (pop-up) gallery, 6 Cleveland Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.
Bottom-Left: Javier Jimenez's header card illustration for Paula Hsyu's Sleepwalker Nimbus sofubi
Bottom -Right: @maihiroteam x @chanimationbrothers collaboration

Gary Ham be making wooden display stands for Dunnys and toys, and people NEED to own them!

Above-Left: Available via their online store is BAMMER BUDSKIS from The PBKS for US$35.00 per.
Above-Right: APs of the Faded Daguerreotype Edition Bella Delamere Mechtorian figure currently on sale here for £65.00, in a run of only 25pcs.
Bottom-Left: Kaiju Axron handpainted by Mark Nagata is limited to 12pc and available here for US$70.00 each.
Bottom-Right: Orange Bugbites and new drawings from Chris Ryniak go on sale April 29th in his online shop.

Below: Teenage Mutant Ninja Angry Turtle from Unbox Industries

SUCKLORD for "Street Spirits" Artist Series from SubUrban Vinyl (Drops April 18)

Blurrily teased but revealed now in full, is The Sucklord's custom "Street Spirit" for "Street Spirits" Artist Series from SubUrban Vinyl, dropping NOW both in-store and online, in celebration of SubUrban Vinyl's 1-Year Anniversary! Featuring a sculpt by Nemo and roto casted by Task One, there's 6 dudes to be had at US$250 each.


threezerostore.com-Exclusive "Doublas M2 severed head" with Mazinger Z Order

In addition to yesterday's feature of threezero's upcoming April 25th-sale of Mazinger Z, it is now mentioned that "Everyone who will order Mazinger Z at threezerostore will get Doublas M2 severed head (shown on photos). Doublas M2 is EXCLUSIVE to threezerostore.com ONLY, while Mazinger Z himself will be available both at our store and later via retail."

Mazinger Z price at www.threezerostore.com is USD 330 (HKD is 2550) with shipping included. 40cm tall (16") and fully articulated figure goes up for pre-order on April 25th, 9:00AM Hong Kong time.

The Midnight Six On Sale 04.19.14

The Midnight Six by Toby Dutkiewicz now revealed and ready to be YOURS when they go on sale for US$60 each (sold at random) on April 19th (no specific time mentioned).

Bad Ass: Mecha by Pobber x Kronk (May 1 Release)

"We built a monster to fight other monsters."

Pobber introduces Bad Ass: Mecha. This latest incarnation of a Kronk design will be released at Art Toy Culture - in Korea - on May 1st (Online release will follow after). Limited to 50pcs, this is a Pobber Exclusive. No price revealed as yet tho, but I'm sure that will change soon.

I'm enjoying the "Kikaider" colors … if that be the case, will there be a Hakaider black+yellow colorway too? :)

Bunnny Rabbbit (Glow Version) by Ron English

PRODUCT PRESS: "While digging through the POPaganda Vaults we unearthed a handful of these "Bunnny Rabbbit" figures, the feminine counterpart and companion of the "Rabbbit" releases, just in time for Easter!

These 10-inch tall figures are cast in glow-in-the-dark vinyl and have painted eyes, ears, noses, and nipples. Featuring one point of articulation at the neck, these were originally produced by POPaganda in 2008 and was never officially released in this Glow Edition to stores!"

Available since Friday, April 18th at 12PM (NOON) EST - Purchase online here for US$80 each. Coming in the original full-color box packaging, each of these figures have been signed by Ron English.


#ToyconUK 2014 On Video

Nothing beats seeing items up close and in person, IMHO... The alternative? A video such as this - from Roman Shevchenko - who thankfully recorded and shares with us the various booths at ToyConUK 2014! The next best bit? Using a Pizzicato5 track! *WOOP*

The Shiny Red Skullhead Bust from Huck Gee

That Shiny Red Skullhead from Huck Gee measures 6-inches in height, with the resin bust in a run of 50pcs, priced at US$100 signed and numbered and available via HuckGee.com this Friday, April 18th, at Noon PDT.

"Attack on Titan" X Mutan from HOBBY CONVEX for June Release

HOBBY CONVEX is a new series, with a focus on the CONVEX original character『Mutan』, in collaboration with popular characters. The first debut figure is a collabo with "Attack on Titan", and my attention is piqued! And no, I personally am not "Colossal-Titan-fatiqued" lol

Standing about 14.5cm high and made of PVC, Fanny Kao of INSTINCTOY mentioned that retail is 3000 JPY (sans shipping). To be officially released in June, HOBBY CONVEX 『Attack on Titan』will be available for pre-order at the INSTINCTOY online store in May, inclusive international/overseas orders!

Launch of JustRobots & Pre-Orders for ChunkyBot + StrongBot

After a successful ToyConUK (they sold out!), Onorio D'Epiro sends word of his collabo with Scott Brimley to launch www.justrobots.co.uk, whereby folks are able to pre-order CHUNKYBOT (£35 excl P&P) and STRONGBOT (£60 excl P&P), with each crated with care and love LOL

More post-#ToyconUK Goodness for sale by Lisa Re Hansen

Lisa Rae Hansen sends word of further post-ToyConUK releases to be had via www.ibreaktoys.storenvy.com - including "Yo! Boombox!" and "Drippz" resin heads. As well keep a lookt for previously released "Way Cool Junior" characters. Good stuff.

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