#CSCToyScore July 24, 2016

Snagged a companion for my Bathing Duckie, Harley BB reunites with her “pudding’”, scored my first Rangeron, getting inspired by Secret Base x Hello Kitty figures, and am glad I was patient enough to wait for the pricing to go on discount on the EVA-04 … a quick and short Sunday at CSC weekend last, with the aim to meet up with my buddy Marine (and his family) … and as well I ended up feeling a lick of the toy-hunting the pulse and excitement of San Diego Comic Con 2016 - at the very least in my lil’red dot of the island Singapore, yeh?


Sunday #CSCScore - My 1st #RANGERON #toylife

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Cyanide King by thrilledTGU Drops July 26th

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From Thailand-based resin toy-slinger known as ThrilledTGU comes “CYANIDE KING” = a 4" tall resin kaiju he’d created and available for US$35 apiece, releasing Tuesday July 26th via! Limited to only 15pcs, shipping worldwide, and exploding in metallic colours!
"This is the first I've created a monster . He was king in the world of horror. Earth is named "ThrilledWorld”, (and) Cyanide is a toxic King! With his poisonous slime and big brains, which makes him smarter than creatures living. And with a smile and an attitude that is ready to embrace it. He is Christ's love for these creatures catalysts."

UAMOU X Mr. Kum Kum for #ArtForHopes

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First seen as WIPs, now finished and revealed by Mr Kum Kum and teased with a September 2016 sale period. Featuring his #bonestudy aesthetics, these are limited to 10 sets only - with each set including 1 x Mr. Kum Kum Uamou (above) + 1 x Mr. Kum Kum Boo (below). No prices mentioned as yet. Done for #ArtForHopes, ”all profits of this sale will go towards Pansophia Foundation Indonesia.”

UAMOU X Mr. Kum Kum

Three Eyed Kaiju by Chris Pyrate x Third Eye Comics

From comics book artist Chris Pyrate x Third Eye Comics comes the THREE EYED KAIJU! This 6-inch tall polystone figure is limited to 200 pieces, and can currently be purchased online via for US$35.00.

PRESS: "Early June saw the release of a new collaboration between two comic book industry forces, Chris Pyrate (Image Comics, Heavy Metal Magazine , Bartkira & more) and Third Eye Comics (1 of the largest comics retailers & creator-owned, market supporters)."
PRESS CONTINUED: "The "Three Eyed Kaiju" first appeared on a t-shirt collaboration also designed by Chris Pyrate & released through Third Eye Comcs at Washington DC's Awesomcon 2014; but has since been recreated for 3 dimensional consumption.

While Third Eye Comics is a big supporter of the Designer-Toy community, selling all the major releases; this was the 1st time either Third Eye Comics or artist, Chris Pyrate, have produced a toy. The production & design was completely handled by Chris Pyrate & his studio/production company, AHUMANFLY.

The toy released at the Third Eye Comics sponsored convention, Awesomecon 2016 and immediately sold out of over 1/2 of the inventory … (the) polystone figure comes in a complete, 360 wraparound-imaged box also designed by Pyrate which serves as a diorama."

Molezilla-X custom by Plaseebo Drops July 28

PLACEEBO PRESS: ”A one of a kind custom clear vinyl piece with a Plaseebo Molezilla head on a Skull Head Butt “X” body with red eye inserts and an internal motion activated color-changing LED unit that illuminates the color gel and glow in the dark innards of the body and brain case. ( replaceable batteries ) The 8” high figure has various Monster Kolor sprays and is signed.

The Molezilla-X custom will be available on Thursday, July 28th from the Plaseebo web shop @”

Kidrobot's Arcane Divination Artists Announced!

If in case you missed announcements of Kidrobot’s ARCANE DIVINATION series of 3” Dunnys x The Tarots-themed designs (as curated by J*RYU, himself one of the 5 artists in the series!), here’s a handy follow-up post - which includes links to my fellow toy-news website below, nd quotes from the artists revealed, and as well TOYSRVIL’s announcement of GODMACHINE!

JonPaul Kaiser on VinylPulse
Tokyo Jesus on SpankyStokes
Camilla d’Errico on The Toy Chronicle

It is my distinct honor to present the four other artists who are participating in the upcoming @kidrobot "Arcane Divination" 3" Dunny series, a journey into the world of Tarot. - Camilla d'Errico - Godmachine - Jon-Paul Kaiser - Tokyo Jesus Please visit each of the following sites for more information on this project, Kidrobot's first multi-artist Dunny series since 2014 : - The Toy Chronicle - Spankystokes - ToysREvil - Vinyl Pulse To commemorate this announcement, I am signing right now at SDCC booth #5645 from 1-2pm where we have a limited edition print available. There are more surprises waiting to be revealed so please make sure to follow us all to get the latest news. Reposts and RT's are always appreciated - thank you as always for your support. #jryuart #arcanedivination #dunny #kidrobot #sdcc #collectible #tarot #gothicart #YCWH #camilladerrico #tokyojesus #jonpaulkaiser #godmachine #loteme

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The online announcement was made in tandem of J*RYU’s signing of the Arcane Divination print and announcement at San Diego Comic Con 2016!

Here are some more snaps, including a peek at the packaging box of ARCANE DIVINATION!

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Thank you to everyone that came to my signing today @Kidrobot during SDCC 2016, I appreciate each and every one of you. Thanks also to the amazing KR staff for having me at their booth, your team is superb and I look forward to what we have in store together! Big thanks to @spankystokes @toysrevil @vinylpulse @thetoychronicle for the articles today, all of you rock. Lastly, I want to thank @godmachine @camilladerrico @tokyo_jesus @jonpaulkaiser for their participation in this series. You were a joy to work with and I cannot express how excited I am for the release of this series come Spring. I know many of you are anxious to see what we have in store but I assure you that it will be worth the wait. In the meantime, we will be dropping teasers and clues in the coming weeks so please check back for updates on the Arcane Divination series . For now, a little teaser of the box design that is to come. Thanks again and much respects to you all. #kidrobot #jryuart #JRYU #camilladerrico #godmachine #tokyojesus #jonpaulkaiser #arcanedivination #dunny #artcollectible

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Seen @ #SDCC2016 Day Three


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I'd actually expected/hoped to see more videos of the annual San Diego Comic Con 2016 - and by that I meant Instagram-clips, as opposed to no doubt a gazillion youtubed-videos (I'll get to them in time ... in time I will...) ... meanwhile, here's a select few snaps seen (mostly) on my IG-stream!

@iamkevinluong @munkykingtoys

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Fire and Ice. #frostedtrayjus #scotttolleson #trayjus #sdcc #sdcc2016 #stonebrewery

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@ronenglishart with Action MC! #dketoys has them! #sdcc #sdcc2016 booth #5045

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ThreeA x 2000 AD Satanus! #sdcc #sdcc2016 #2000ad #satanus #threea #threeatoys

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Nice to see 3A's upcoming Batman figure in person! #sdcc16

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Amy! The creator of gudetamago! At COMIC-CON!!!

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Upgrading-In-Progress (Thank You For Your Patience)

Sincere apologies for the lack of updates this fine Saturday, as I’ve had a day-filled with offline tasks, and some “upgrading works” being done to TOYSREVIL HQ - quite an un-opptune time, seeing it’s SDCC-weekend and all, but … Please do bear with me as I work the kinks out, so I can bring you more and faster toy news soon!

MEANWHILE, scroll down for some snaps of “moving day” done much earlier in the morning, as I awaited confirmation to my day’s schedule!

Thank you and have a fabulous weekend!


P/S: Instagramming + Twittering + Facebooking will continue forth as usual!

#MovingDay :) #toylife #TOYSREVILEditions

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Moved into a higher level, just beneath my #Evangelion #toyshrine haha #toylife #movingday

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The #TOYSREVILEditions shelf's new display :) #toylife #feelingachieved

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LOLGOLTH GNAZGOROTH SHOCKER Edition Release from Skinner x Unbox Industries (July 22nd)

“Lolgolth Gnazgoroth, the head that holds the horror..
The illuminated one, he who knows the truth of the parallel realm..”

Releasing Saturday July 22nd (23:30pmBST / 15:30pm PDT / 18:30pm EDT) online via is the SHOCKER EDITION of LOLGOLTH GNAZGOROTH from Skinner x Unbox Industries!
Priced at US$150 apiece, "Unbox & Skinner are proud to announce the re-release of the most complicated project ever attempted by Unbox. Standing approximately 30 cm tall and painstakingly crafted by the Unbox team,Lolgolth stands approximately 30 cm tall & is rendered in shocking pink soft vinyl. Lolgolth is packaged in a brand new full colour printed box designed and personally approved by Skinner himself."

Seen @ #SDCC2016 Day Two

Sonic The Hedgehog x Kidrobot! Coming soon! #Kidrobot #sonicthehedgehog #sdcc

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WANT‼️ #kojimaproductions #ludens #deathstranding

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#Doraemon, is that you? #sdcc16

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More crazy coolness from @super7store - #hellboy action figutes

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Street fighter kinkeshi

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#comiccon16 #comiccon2016 #SDCC16 #SDCC2016 #sandiego #comiccon

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They are so cute! #sdcc16

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Attention to detail.... #mastersoftheuniverse #motu #super7 #vhs

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