Aleppin Sane GLAM figure & art print release on #BlackFriday from Jermaine Rogers

Releasing on 'Black Friday' November 28th, 2014 at 3:00PM Eastern (12 Noon Pacific) at www.JermaineRogers.com are the following goodies! First come / first served on these special releases. The 'Black Friday' sale will run through the weekend until 'Cyber Monday', with additional surprise items being added through the weekend.
Jermaine Rogers ALEPPIN SANE 'GLAM' Edition @ US$75 (Limited Edition of only 100 figures): "After a long wait, the 'GLAM' edition of the Aleppin Sane figure is ready to drop. This is 8 inches of fabulous vinyl, sporting a lovely silver color-way! Equal parts style, swagger, and cosmic zen. A vinyl art figure that easily settles into any environment."
Jermaine Rogers ALEPPIN SANE 'GLAM' Variant Art Print @ US$50 (Limited Edition of only 100 signed & numbered prints): "Prepare for the release of the Aleppin Sane 'GLAM' Variant Print, a 23x19 inch screen-printed poster, sporting rich colors (including a silver metallic ink) on gallery stock.

From an edition of only 100 pieces, signed and numbered by Jermaine Rogers. For the many of you who have been waiting years for a chance to snag this image in a large-sized format, this is your shot. And here's a secret: there will also be special foil editions of this print available. Pay attention and look for the links on sale day!"

NERVISWR3K Benefit Raffle

TENACIOUS TOYS SAYS: "Everyone needs a little help sometimes. Recently, although he didn't talk about it much online, a member of Nerviswr3k's family passed away. Funeral arrangements were made for this person, and he left a daughter behind. It created a tough situation for his family. Once I heard that, I knew we could all help."
SO WHAT'S UP?: "Here you can purchase a raffle ticket for US$10. Exactly $10 of that purchase will go directly to Nerviswrek to help cover the family's expenses and to help care for this young girl, who doesn't have much. Further details if you click the link."

Tenacious Toys #BlackFriday & #CyberMonday Sale 2014

Black Friday is Friday November 28, 2014 - on www.tenacioustoys.com

Above code is good for a ONE-DAY, ONE-USE 25% discount off of in-stock items in the following categories: Vinyl, Resin, Plastic, Plush and Sale. Black Friday only. No customs, no preorders qualify for this particular code…

Cyber Monday is Monday December 1, 2014 - on www.tenacioustoys.com

Above code is good for a ONE-DAY, ONE-USE 10% discount off of PREORDER items. Cyber Monday only. We almost NEVER do discounts off of preorders, and right now we have a BUNCH of cool items in that section, so definitely take advantage.

myplasticheart #BlackFriday Sale 2014

MPH PRESS: "Get an early start on your holiday shopping with our Pre-Black Friday sale! Over 100 items are available online and in-store with some available for as much as 50% off! Receive additional savings when you shop in-store: for 1 day only on Friday 11/28, get an additional 5% off on all sale items, and take advantage of our buy 2 get 1 FREE offer (of equal or lesser value) on blind box items (certain restrictions apply) at this in-store only event."

K.Olin Tribu + Art&Toys #BlackFriday Sale 2014

15% Off with code: 'BLACK' on all products (porcelain / prints / skate)
on www.artandtoys.com.

The Loyal Subjects #BlackFriday Sale 2014

Black Friday Sale on www.theloyalsubjects.com, with the listed deals applying to all pre-sale items, including MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS and TRANSFORMERS WAVE 3.

TRANSFORMERS WAVE 3 by The Loyal Subjects

TRANSFORMERS WAVE 3 by The Loyal Subjects have a a SRP of US$12.99 Per Blindbox / $208.00 Per Display - Prchase via www.theloyalsubjects.com. This is a Presale Item - Items ship to Customers late February


MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS by The Loyal Subjects have a a SRP of US$12.99 Per Blindbox / $208.00 Per Display - Prchase via www.theloyalsubjects.com. This is a Presale Item - Items ship to Customers late February

"Lepreskar" by Toy Mafia (Nov 27 Sale)

Clutter Magazine announces the release of the "Lepreskar" skull-shaped sculpture in Hedorah-inspired colors, available to purchase here at US$80 each. Limited to 15 pieces, these will become available on Thursday 27th, 6pm EST. Each one of these special editon pieces is completely hand-made and finished, coming bagged with a header card.

Toy Art Gallery Thanksgiving Sale 2014

"It's back! Our annual Thanksgiving Sale starts this Thursday at 12:01 AM. Everything in our store is 20% off, from blind boxes and mini-figures, designer toys, soft vinyl Kaiju, apparel, books and magazines, our exclusive editions and productions and more!

The TAG Thanksgiving Sale starts this Thursday @ shop.toyartgallery.com, 11/27 at 12:01 AM and ends Monday, 12/1 at 11:59 PM. Don't miss this opportunity to grab the hottest designer toys at the best prices around!"

Buff Monster #BlackFriday Sale 2014

BUFF MONSTER PRESS: "This Friday we’ll be releasing a bunch of new things this Friday. And in true Black Friday sale, we offering a discount: 30% off of all orders over $55 with discount code “blackfriday”. This is the best time to get a little something for yourself, or get some early Holiday shopping done. Also, after you’ve used the discount, if you’re spending more than $125, we’ll give you a brand new Jumbo Skull resin piece FREE. They’re about twice the size of the original resin skull and each one is unique. Limit one per order.

The discount code will work all day Friday, but starting at 10am EST, we’ll have all sorts of things available:

First, I’ve painted up 8 of the vinyl Mister Melty Zombies. Each one is unique and comes signed by me (and packaged in a bag and header). They’re $140 each (after using the discount code).

Second, I’m releasing a handful of hand-painted Flash prints. Each is painted by me with an airbrush, and signed on the back. Available in 4 different colors: pink, blue, green, gray. Only $105 each (after using the discount code).

Third, I’m making available some of the original ink drawings I used to create the Flash prints. Each is drawn in ink, and then shaded with an airbrush. They measure 5x5” and come in a back and header. Signed on the back by me. They’re $175 each (after using the discount code).

Lastly, I’m pulling out a variety of toys from my personal archive. Some items I only have one of. So if you’re missing a piece in your collection, I might have it for you.

All the new stuff will be available at 10am EST November 28th at buffmonster.com"

The Good For You Toys #BlackFriday Sale 2014

"We just wanted to hit you guys up and let you know about our 1st Annual Black Friday sale we'll be doing, well, on Friday! $10 bux off all our bootlegs! So now people can bring home a creepy Predator with them for the Holidays for only $35 bux, a Princess Hildy for only $45, or a custom Django Uncloned sticker packs with 4 hand colored and detailed Django Fetts and a collection of our promo stickers for only $10 bux!" -shared Good For You Toys
"And we're bringing back a handful of "Oh Man, I Shot Marvin in the Face." figures on the down low for only $35 smackers ;) These have stuffing stockers written all over them! And of course the sale is for one day only so don't sleep on these awesome deals! Happy Holidays!"
website: www.goodforyoutoys.com
instagram: www.instagram.com/goodforyoutoys
facebook: www.facebook.com/GFYtoys

the blackness: Carson Catlin's #BlackFriday Sales 2014

"Heres my holiday sale. I opened all the blind 40 and this is whats left. It will start 11.28 at 12am and concluded 12.2 at 12am. 35%off and a free gift for the first 10 www.memakestore.com. Hope you have a great turkey day if it applies." -Carson Catlin

Leecifer #BlackFriday Sales 2014

**Click on above image to head-on over to Leecifer's toy-goodness!


Addition of KRONOS PUSSY by Frank Kozik for S.U.C.K.L.E. Project On Kickstarter

Here's an update for the S.U.C.K.L.E. Project currently on Kickstarter (Series 2): A Bonus Figure has been added to the pot - presenting KRONO PUSSY from Frank Kozik!
"All pledges $45 and over will now get an added GID set of Kickstarter exclusive figures in addition to the clear set if we fund. And since we are announcing the Frank Kozik Krono Pussy figure now that means the set is a total of 11 figures in clear and 11 in GID! If you have a $25 pledge it makes sense to up it to $45 as you will now be getting a total of 32 figures for your pledge.

A note for Frank Kozik fans: if you pledge $45 they will get 2 Frank Kozik Krono Pussy figures in Kickstarter Exclusive colors CLEAR and GID"

Cthulhu DIY Art Figure from Cthulhu Project On Kickstarter

"I’m launching a new project, it’s a hand cast resin figure of Cthulhu, but an artist design by mexican artist Anita Mejia. It's available in unpainted “DIY” and in different color editions (gold, steel, dark steel, green, dark green, signal blue and marine blue)." -shared Alberto from The "Cthulhu Project".
The pledge goal is £1,000 (by Dec 18, 2014) for this 3.5 inches tall figure. Head on over to their Kickstarter page to find out more!

Artwork Images for "Common Threads" @ FOE Gallery (Nov 14-Dec 7)

EVENT PRESS: "COMMON THREADS is an uncommon collection of textile art from over 30 fiber artists. FOE Gallery hosts their fourth annual fabric art group show in collaboration with renowned fiber artist Lana Crooks. The show opens with a reception on Friday November 14th from 6-9. From pillowy plush monsters, to elaborate felted sculpture, to intricate embroidery, common materials are spun into works of art. Discover the diversity of creation from this curated group of notable textile artists. The exhibit will be on display and online through December 7th."

- Participating Artists Listed here
- The items are currently available to purchase via www.shopfoe.com
- More artwork images HERE on my FB.

cacooca panda think 5:Xmas Available Now

Available to purchase here now is CACOOCA PANDA THINK SERIES 5: MERRY XMAS - with this 12cm tall resin figurine priced at US$57.00 (Limited to 300pcs). Looks like the panda's happy with all his presents! Time for YOU to make soon happy with this collectible gift too hahaha!

Black Out Sale for #BlackFriday & New Gatekeeper from Credenda Studios

PRESS: "Credenda Studios will be having a Black Out Sale starting this Friday 11/28 and going till Sunday 11/30. Discounts will be had on every product in the shop. So if you weren't able to pick up a Sam Raimi or Crimson Kobold at one of the recent conventions, or maybe you just lost all of your money in an underground Cock Magic Ring. Well don't fret because everything in the store will be available at a lower price." -shared Beau Greener.
PRESS CONTINUED: "Credenda Studios will also be selling a one-off variant of the popular Gatekeeper figure. The figure itself is cast in a smokey gray and black swirl resin and packaged on a black laser engraved board. Be sure to act quick because only one of these are available!

And finally, use the code "BLACKOUT" at check out for free shipping on your entire order!"

The Phygital World @ Chan Hampe Galleries (Opening Nov 27)

EVENT PRESS: "The Phygital World provides a satirical approach and commentary on how the online and offline worlds have become seamless in the way we consume information, entertainment and interaction. The artists in this show exemplify a new breed of cutting edge creators working at the intersection of ‘Phygital Culture’. They embody a ‘DDIY - Digital Do-It-Yourself’ philosophy, which has begun to redefine the limits of contemporary artistic expression." (Facebook Events)

Opening 27th November 2014, 7pm @ Chan Hampe Galleries (Raffles Hotel Arcade, Unit #01-21, 328 North Bridge Road, Singapore), is "The Phygital World Art Exhibition" - featuring works from Jack Youngblood (Martin Constable), Li-Chuan Chong, Brandon Tay, Benny Goerlach, Visual Hijack Shawn Lim, Jason Kung, Clarence Aw and Jonathan Leong AKA ZXEROKOOL, and with writings by Jeremy Fernando , Jon Gresham and Bruce Quek.

Previewed here are images of set-up (event pics via Li-Chuan Chong), and as well teasers from "the Triphtych: Garden of Internet Delights", to which ZXEROKOOL describes as: "I (am) creating a work inspired by 14th century painter Bosch's "The Garden of EarthlyDelights". The meaning should be parallel but instead of earthly delights, it's mostly how we humans use the Internet as our playground."

Preview of “SANZANG” for "Journey to the West" by Fools Paradise

"We just announce the second character first draft of the series Journey to the West “SANZANG”, coming on 2015 ~ the design will combine it’s base with WuKong’s base, making it to become a very impressive and eye-catching scene!" -shared Alan Ng for Fools Paradise.

Character Posters for the "Live Action" ATTACK ON TITAN Movie

Above: Haruma Miura as Eren / Kiko Mizuhara as Mikasa
Below: Kanata Hongo as Armin / Satomi Ishihara as Hans/Hanji

Character Posters for the "Live Action" adaptation of anime & manga sensation Attack On Titan has been revealed, with a whopping 11 characters casted, including story principals "Eren" and "Mikasa".
"The cast includes seven characters that are new to the film versions of the story. Sanspo reports that Hasegawa's character Shikishima holds the key to the film's story as "humanity's strongest man."

On the cast selection, producer Yoshihiro Sato said he did not pay as much attention to whether or not the cast members looked like the original characters. Instead, he had many discussions with Attack on Titan manga creator Hajime Isayama and went with actors who could act out the "characters' spirits.""
-reported Anime News Network

Above: Nanami Sakuraba as Sasha / Takahiro Miura as Jean
Below: Hiroki Hasegawa as Shikishima / Ayame Misaki as Hiana

I had wondered how the adaptation would, in terms of the humanoid characters mores than the Titans (Check out THIS Subaru TVC!), and the "dreary grittiness" seen on their uniforms here put a smile on my face haha!

ATTACK ON TITAN will be presented in 2 films, directed by Shinji Higuchi, with supervision by Hajime Isayama - it is mentioned that "the story will be based on the world and characters of the manga, while incorporating new characters and new formidable enemies."

Above: Pierre Taki as Souda / Jun Kunimura as Kubal
Middle: Shu Watanabe as Fukushi / Satoru Matsuo as Sannagi
Below: Rina Takeda as Lil
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