#CSCToyScore August 21st, 2016

Posted an image on my Instagram today - thanking my blog-readers - when I realised I did not actually post about my toyscores from last Sunday’s jaunt at CSC AKA China Square Central! How could I be so remise about sharing my toy-joy with you, my dear readers?

...of course being homebound today, it'll be an awesome way (for myself) to pass the weekend too, yeah? With that said, Please Do Permit me to post said-toy-scores, and hope you’ll enjoy seeing what I procured for the TOYSREVIL-Hoard! ... And try not to laugh too loud at the video at the end of the post tho... :p

TOYSREVIL @ Band of Doodlers’ Seven Deadly SINs (Strength In Numbers) - Now On at Capitol Piazza (Basement 2) til September 25th

At the @bandofdoodlers' #SevenDeadlySINs #StrengthInNumbers Art Show!

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Visiting the SEVEN DEADLY SINS (Strength In Numbers) exhibition at Capitol Piazza (recently renovated Captiol Theatre venue along Stamford Road, Singapore), one is surrounded and confronted by the 7 Deadly Sins that plague humanity, and you’d be in a minor state of art nirvana by the end of the experience!

Since blogging about it, I could not wait to check out the exhibition! Shown here are some snaps I had taken (MORE on Facebook), and my impressions, to share :)

Flanking the left and right of the gallery space, are seven deadly sins embodies by illustrations, split down the middle by a hand-drawn carpet; a “River of Doodlon”, if you will, leading to the Band of Doodlers table-“altar”, where a workshop was being held, the Saturday morning I visited the exhibition.

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Ben AKA KedTwo (IG @kedtwo) was conducting a workshop sharing the basics of calligraphy, while Chief BODoodler Mas Shafreen AKA WantonDoodle was also on hand, busy filming the workshop himself - truly a DIY hands-on endeavour for this 3-years-strong collective. Inspiring.

SAM_2974 SAM_2970
SAM_2973 SAM_2989
SAM_2987 SAM_2969

Mas had shared that out of over 200 entries, 70 youth artists were picked for this showcase - each 10 were in turn mentored by 7 x youth mentors who each had a “Sin”, by which their artwork told “the story of how individual trespasses can get in the way of achieving our goals and aspirations.”

The 7 BOD Artist Mentors are:

- Candice Phang AKA Puffingmuffin (IG @puffingmuffin) for GREED,
- Raihana Abdul Rahim AKA “3EYEBODIES” (IG @araikreva) for LUST
- Pratama Eka Dharma AKA Pedmons for PRIDE (IG @pedmons)
- Teressa Ong ( / IG @chopsticksroad) for SLOTH
- Nur Aida Sa'ad AKA yellowmushmellow (IG @yellowmushmellow) for GLUTTONY
- Edison Teo AKA Galactik Captain (IG galactikcaptain) for WRATH
- Epiphany Becomes An Obsession AKA EBAO (IG @ebao_art) for ENVY

SAM_2997 SAM_3009
SAM_3001 SAM_2985
SAM_2992 SAM_3006

SAM_2980 SAM_2978
SAM_3015 SAM_2993
If you haven’t noticed by now, the individual panels dividing the “SINs” were actually hand-doodled on the panel surface directly by the team corresponding with the “Sin”!

Featured below are just some of my select artworks which caught my eye, as snapped at the show and Instagrammed! (*FYI: These are not all full shots of the artwork! You’d have to go see them in person for yourselves :p)

Eliza Chong for @bandofdoodlers' #SevenDeadlySINs #StrengthInNumbers Art Show!

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Melody Yeo for @bandofdoodlers' #SevenDeadlySINs #StrengthInNumbers Art Show!

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Toby Tan @smoreyes for @bandofdoodlers' #SevenDeadlySINs #StrengthInNumbers Art Show!

A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on

Szeyan Tan for @bandofdoodlers' #SevenDeadlySINs #StrengthInNumbers Art Show!

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"Baby Goes Boom" by John Lim See for the @bandofdoodlers' #SevenDeadlySINs #StrengthInNumbers Art Show!

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"Big Bang Pizza" by Stefanie Sofiyan for @bandofdoodlers' #SevenDeadlySINs #StrengthInNumbers Art Show!

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MaryAnn Loo for the @bandofdoodlers' #SevenDeadlySINs #StrengthInNumbers Art Show!

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Elle Ang for the @bandofdoodlers' #SevenDeadlySINs #StrengthInNumbers Art Show!

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Jia He Yi @ekocoon for @bandofdoodlers' #SevenDeadlySINs #StrengthInNumbers Art Show!

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"Charging Station" by Tan Ping Hao for the @bandofdoodlers' #SevenDeadlySINs #StrengthInNumbers Art Show!

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Looking at the images on show, you’d wish some of them were made prints for sale, but unlike previous BOD shows, these were not the case here, as the one-of-one artwork were purely for “showcase” purposes. Folks who attended the show opening last Friday night (Aug 26th) had groovy BOD enamel pins and an abundance of badges to squirrel away with.

Powered by NOISE Singapore, this is a culmination of a month long “Doodle Fiesta” (1st - 31 July) with “Scen Deadly SINs” exhibiting thru September 25th, 2016. Folks interested to join the collective of White Space Bandits are to enquire via “”, and you can stay connected via their / / Instagram @bandofdoodlers and shop via



Saitama Pop!Vinyl Custom Figures by likhangpinoycustoms

Tis been a dog’s age since I’ve featured the customs of Nico AKA @likhangpinoycustoms, but this particular piece caught my eye immediately! ONE PUNCH MAN’s SAITAMA Pop!Vinyl!

Currently on show and for sale at the 2016 Asia Pop Comic Con Manila happening this weekend, look for them at #CC76, while limited stock last!

A Look at Kathie Olives’ Pink GID Swirl Calliope Jackalope for Tomenosuke 10th Anniversary!

And while we hold our collective breaths for further product information (AKA “When?” and “How Much?”) - here are a few peeks at Kathie Olives’ Pink GID Swirl Calliope Jackalope or Tomenosuke’s 10th Anniversary celebration sales!

(Cheers for the heads, Brad)

Slime Green Drizzleshits & Paulo by Bwana Spoons Drop Aug 31st

Releasing Wednesday August 31st 10am pacific on are SLIME GREEN Drizzleshits and Paulo, unpainted and full of awesome! Stay tuned to Instagram @bananapoons for updates and further product info … now go throw your toys in the river and what them sliiiiiiiide! :)

If only I was smaller or this slide were bigger.

A video posted by Brandon Bwana Spoons (@bananapoons) on

Willy the Wolf by Shiffa x Kidrobot

KID ROBOT PRESS: ”Watch out for Willy the Wolf! He will steal all your hens if you can't catch him fast! Shiffa brings a refreshing take to the TRIKKY platform! Shiffa has transformed the TRIKKY platform into a cartoonish black and white wolf! Standing 6.5" tall, Willy the Wolf is the perfect addition to any Kidrobot collection! Available now at for US$59.99.”

willy wolf
willy wolf box

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The Can Opener by Huck Gee

Huck Gee Can Opener 1

Huck Gee has unleashed THE CAN OPENER! Priced at US$850 apiece, the 7” tall figure is limited to a set of 10, and will come signed and numbered (The figure will ship in approximately 4-6 weeks).
"Ever since the DAME was first introduced, it dominated the battlefield. The massive diesel machines turned the tide of many an early battle. However, the enemy was quick to reciprocate with their newly designed, powerful UNTZ machines. This led to the large lumbering tin cans clashing on muddy fields for years before some engineer worth his weight in gold had the novel idea of trying to crack the enemy's plated shells with something different…”
Click here to read it’s backstory, and scroll down for more snaps!

Huck Gee Can Opener 2
Huck Gee Can Opener WIPs
(Above: WIPs / Below: Magnetic clasps)

Did I forget to mention the magnet based joints thru out this figure? ;)

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Dora Cat Rider by SHON (For Lottery Availability)

Currently open for Lottery Purchase, is SHON’s “DORA CAT RIDER” = his 8.5cm tall Cat Rider figure in PVC finished in a blue+white color combo to match our childhood robot cat hero “Doraemon”!

Priced at 1480 TWD (US$50) apiece, folks both in Taiwan and “International” are to email “” - with the following details; Name of the product (“Dora Cat Rider”) / Your name / Instagram name / Your country / Shipping address / Phone Number / PayPal account.

Orders will be accepted online between August 25 and August 27 (Taiwan time). Lottery winners will be notified by mail by August 28 (Taiwan time). Read here (on Facebook) for further details!


Medicom Toys’ ”ALL JAPAN ULTRAMAN PROJECT" Bling Releases

Medicom Toy celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Ultraman with a series of TCJ REBOOT releases from the "ALL JAPAN ULTRAMAN PROJECT" - with prices ranging between US$3,000 to US$15K - currently on pre-order (Dateline September 30th), with a late-March 2017 ship out, and they are pretty, well, “SHINY”!


The 290mm tall “Ultraman Tear Halo Swarovski” (above) is literally covered in Swarovski bling, and is priced at a modest ¥300,000 (US$2,992 / SGD$4,046). Likewise the the similar sized “Ultra Seven Swarovski” (below); priced as well at ¥300,000.

Ultraman 7

But if you are in a more “celebratory” mood, there is also the 800mm tall “ULTRA SWEETS” - featuring a sculpt by Kaiyodo, with a price tag of ¥1,500,000 (US$14,962 / SGD$20,231) - a true mark of an Ultraman-collectible connoisseur aficionado!

ultraman shine

But if all the bling is too “busy” a visual aesthetic for you, you have the “Hyper Soft Vinyl” Edition ULTRAMAN in Platinum and/or Gold Version to consider! Showcased below, the smooth and shiny stoic space hero stands 800mm tall (excluding the base) and priced at ¥800,000 (US$7,979 / SGD$10,787) each!

“Pre-ordering” might be a snap, but do consider getting a security detail for when you collect them from the store or post office after they all ship out in March 2017!

Band of Doodlers’ Seven Deadly SINs (Strength In Numbers) Launches Tonight Aug 26th @ The Capitol Theatre

Seven Deadly SINs

Seven Deadly SINs (Strength In Numbers)” by local collective Band of Doodlers launch tonight August 26th (7pm) @ Basement 2 of The Capitol Theatre, Singapore, and we have another round to previews (to add to the previous previews), before you folks make your way down to the exhibition, which will be up for a month, open to the public!
WHAT-IS: "Seven Deadly SINs (Strength In Numbers) is a result of Band of Doodlers first mentorship programme. 70 up and coming talent in the illustration scene have reinterpreted the 7 sins under the guidance of 7 BOD mentors. The theme tells the story of how individual trespasses can get in the way of achieving our goals and aspirations." (Facebook Events)

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Above-left: "Vive La Bouffe" by ODUO (IG @go_deer)
Above-right: "Don't let it consume you" by Bleak illustration (IG @bleak_illustration)
Bottom-left artwork by Sam Tang (IG @asqueshons)
Bottom-right: "Within" by Ho Yin (IG @hyin.8)

A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on

Above-left: by KH (IG @kenghengneo)
Above-right: Laura Vuorio (IG @lau18em)
Bottom-left: Artwork by Denise Yap (IG @deniseyap_)
Bottom-right: ”Slothism" by Jinglecandy (IG @jinglecandy)

A photo posted by mas (@wantondoodle) on

My Monster Pet by UME Toys Drops Aug 26th

"What’s that coming over the hill? Yes it’s a monster, a cute little monster. Introducing our tribute to one of the 80’s furriest icons the ‘My Monster Pet’.

Standing over three inches tall sporting broken handcuffs and his trademark gross nose. Each handmade collectable will be signed, numbered and shipped in a header carded bag complete with a UMETOYS collectors card."
Preorder for this purple freak opens on Friday August 26th 2016 at 9pm London time over on the UME store, priced at £35.00.

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