IXDOLL @ #TTF2015 Taipei Toy Festival

Hong Kong's IXDOLL has a new series dubbed MINI MU-CHAN, and one of their line-up is currently on show at Taipei Toy Festival 2015 (via Booth A21), with BUBU DUCKY being absolutely adorable!

Also keep a lookout for the HEY HEY B mini figure from their DAYDREAMER line too, celebrating their 10th anniversary. Oh gosh, so much cute! :)

Dalek's Space Monkey Prototype by Bigshot Toy Works @ #NYCC2015 New York Comic Con

The prototype of Dalek's SPACE MONKEY has since popped up at the Bigshot Toyworks Booth #208 (since my last post) at New York Comic-Con (Oct 8-11), and it looks perfectly rad! Also featured below are some color tests, to further assist you in your imaginary endeavors of how this baby might look like!

From prints to Qees of the yesteryears, 's Space Monkey (yes, it looks like a "mouse", but it is a "space animal", innit? :p) takes on a new body form, more cuddly, and looking decidedly more mischievous, doesn't he? Looking forward to his development - Great Job, Bigshot!

SONNY & BAT SISTER @ #NYCC2015 New York Comic Con

SONNY "Midnight Bloom" colorway (Edtn of 5 @ $100 each) by Brent Nolasco and BAT SISTER "Morning Glory" colorway (Edtn of 4 @ $100 each) available at the SubUrbanVinyl Booth #208 at New York Comic-Con (Oct 8-11) … in addition there is a "Patty Bats" edition to be had (Run of 5). Looking real nice all around!

@leecifer1 and @brentnolascoart signing now at booth 208 in the block!! Come check out there collabs!!!!!

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#Inktober2015: Eric Smith's Vulkira for #Inktober Day9

Bigshot Toyworks (Booth 208) @ #NYCC2015 New York Comic Con

Bigshot Toyworks display booth 208 at New York Comic-Con (Oct 8-11) would be an interesting hotbed of new properties, including the Space Monkey prototype from Dalek, and a slew of goodness since covered/featured on TOYSREVIL, including GNOME BOYS, Nuts n Bolts, FUNicorn, and Mike Mignola's Monkey With A Gun!

… but what is this new sneak, of a "kitty" beside the event exclusive Red Hellfire Edition 4-inch Lil Maddie (available for US$30 each, BTW)? "Dream Big Friends" collab with David Horvath of Uglydoll-fame? *NICE*

Stay tuned to Klim's IG @bigshotklim as I am sure more goodies will be revealed before the event ends on October 11th!

Who's that #kittykitty in the middle? @dreambigfriends #monkeywithagun #maddie

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#mikemignola #monkeywithagun figures are available at #bigshottoyworks #booth208 #nycc

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#the4horsies #maddie #kickstarter #bust is looking sweet #bigshottoyworks #booth208 #nycc

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#the4horsies #kickstarter #maddie bust is on display #booth208 so come by and check it out #bigshottoyworks

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@zerofuckshero #funicorn is spinning some long tales of adventure and mischief #bigshottoyworks #booth208

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Tequila Custom Show (Booth 208) @ #NYCC2015 New York Comic Con

Awesome tequila customs at @suburbanvinyl #nycc #muttpop

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One of my favorite art toy form in this age, has to be Muttpop's Tequila, and though I do not own a single piece, it is my dream to … and it is with exceptional interest I had for SubUrbanVinyl's Tequila Custom Show currently on display and sales at Booth #208 at New York Comic-Con (Oct 8-11), and I wish there were more images to be had!

I will attempt to update this post with further images (if they exist)(, meanwhile, Mikie Graham AKA ZombieMonkie shares with us studio images of his custom-Tequila!
""Cecil the Centaur Centurion" is the last in a long line of fierce Centaur warriors that once fought proudly alongside man in all of his petty spats and disagreements. As you can see I used two Tequila figures to make this 4 legged beast, which now features a removable spear accessory and retains the original one point of articulation in his neck/head." - shared Mikie (More images HERE on FB)

Yeah these guys!!! @leecifer1 @rask_opticon @kool51designs #tequila #nycc2015 #booth208

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@blazonbrikhaus amazing #tequila with #batman #joker #harleyquinn balloons #booth208 #suburbanvinyl #nycc2015dotcom #nycc2015

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Mas #tequila #nycc2015dotcom #nycc2015 #booth208 @jonpaulkaiser @rocketboyc @cat.atomic @alarment

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The many faces of #tequila #booth208 #nycc2015 #nycc2015dotcom @rask_opticon @leecifer1 @kool51designs @candiebolton @chipsouper

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Mas mas #tequila #booth208 #nycc2015 #nycc2015dotcom #suburbanvinyl @mikiegraham @jonpaulkaiser @rocketboyc @cat.atomic

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"It's A F.A.D" Dunnys by Jryu x Kidrobot in 8" & 20" Editions seen @ #NYCC2015 New York Comic Con

JRYU's "It's A F.A.D" Dunnys by Kidrobot in 20" AND 8" available at the Clutter Magazine booth #603 in New York Comic-Con (Oct 8-11) with the Kidrobot Pop-Up Shop in effect! ToyGodd very kindly provides a video of the spectacular look pearlescent edition!

Apparently these are SOLD OUT as of this post, so here's hoping these do not end up on online auctions, and will instead go to collectors instead.

@cluttermagazine @kidrobot #nycc2015 #toygodd

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Argonaut Resins (Booth 402) @ #NYCC2015 New York Comic Con

Argonaut Resin's Booth #402 spread seen at the New York Comic-Con (Oct 8-11), and ToyGodd bestows us with a video walkthru!

Click Here to see what exclusives Eric Nocella Diaz has for folks, and as well stay connected via his Instagram+Twitter @argonautresins

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QUICCS' TEQ63: Zero1 in Vinyl?

QUICCS reveals their project with Martian Toys, to produce his TEQ63: Zero1 as a vinyl toy! We last saw the figure as a resin piece in 2014 (Mine), and it is a thrill to see it being produced thusly! Congrats, Quiccs!

The new form showcases a different esthetic, with the hands out of the pocket - as opposed to the usual hands-in-pocket stance of the TEQs.

Currently on show at Booth #203 in New York Comic-Con (Oct 8-11), and we have a snap (by Allen Wen) to share!

TOUMA @ #TTF2015 Taipei Toy Festival


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Making their debut at Booths A83, A84 & A94 for this year's Taipei Toy Festival (Oct 8-11) is TOUMA's DIRVOLO - a self-designed and produced figure, which showcases a more "aggressive" esthetic from the Japanese character designer. Two colorways will be made available: GREEN (priced at NT$3600) and BLUE (priced at NT$2550).

There is as well PUDONG figure with Kazuma Toys to be had (Priced at NT$300). PUDONG is in fact designed by Touma's 12 year old son, and made into sofubi, produced from the money he had saved from selling toys! *INSPIRING*


A photo posted by TOUMA (@toumart) on

A photo posted by TOUMA (@toumart) on

PacoTaco by Pobber @ #TTF2015 Taipei Toy Festival

The new Blue colorway "Señor Sailor" PacoTaco is launched at the event, as well the enamel pins (of all four PacoTaco colorways) from Pobber Toys at the 2015 Edition of Taipei Toy Festival. Apologies as do not have a price for other of these at TTF, so you folks have to head on up to booth A90 to score them!

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More Previews for "Bruised & Bitten" by Luke Chueh x JRYU @ Wrong Gallery Taipei (Opens Oct 9)

"Bruised & Bitten" opens at Wrong Gallery Taipei October 9th tonight (Facebook Events page), featuring works by Luke Chueh and J*RYU, and we have more previews to add to the previous, featuring more art by Luke and a awesome array of Pocket Vampires! LOVE these guys!

Pop-by and have some fun! Both artists will be in attendance. "Bruised and Bitten" exhibits thru November 6th, 2015.



Wrong Gallery Taipei
@ No. 68, Section 2, Zhongxiao E Rd,
Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, Taiwan 100
+886 2 2392 3699

The Sucklord & Toylords of Chinatown @ #NYCC2015 New York Comic Con (Tenacious Toys Booth 208)

The @sucklord Suck shop is open now booth 208

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Sucklord Pop-Up Shop at the Tenacious Toys Booth 208 at New York Comic-Con circa Thursday October 8th - featuring an exclusive colorway of S.U.C.K.L.E 2 figs, new Dumny and Toylords of Chinatown merch. Loving the Vectar action figure! #iWANT

Besides the toys, do not forget the premiere of Episode 4 of TOYLORDS OF CHINATOWN (Watch Teaser HERE / Trailer at base of this post).

What the fuck?! @sucklord is signing in 208!

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Infected Dunny by Scott Wilkowski @ #NYCC2015 New York Comic Con (Clutter Booth 603)

NYCC bound~ @cluttermagazine @kidrobot #scottwilkowski

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In-hand snap (no, not MY hand, I wish, right?) of Scott Wilkowski's INFECTED DUNNYS - available at the Clutter magazine Booth #603 at New York Comic-Con (Oct 8-11). Priced at US$60 per, with two colorways to be had: Purple and Green- these are limited to 50pcs each, with these 3-inch tall figures double cast in resin and officially licensed by Kidrobot (Previously blogged).


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Bwana Spoons @ #NYCC2015 New York Comic Con (Clutter Booth 603)

LOVE his works, but I can never catchup, even as I constantly drool over Bwana's instagram stream, I just cannot figure out stuff in time … #iSuck :p

Say cheese. Last little bundle of love before hitting the road #nycc booth 603 #radabonzical customs

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Bedtime Bears, Robo Tops & Satyrs at #NYCC2015 New York Comic Con

Personally, this grouping of displays at the myplasticheart Booth #113 - is pretty heartwarmingly awesome. Featuring Andrea Kang x Peter Kato's collaborative hand-painted Bedtime Bears, and as well Kevin Nam AKA Inami Toyland's Robo Top and Satyrs by Seulgie - is especially poignant as both Kevin and Seulgie were both mentored by Peter, in their path to current toydom - NOT to take away from both practitioners' individual skills and effort - but, nice to be displayed together with their sensei, IMHO :)

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