WIPs for TERRA by TOBY HK x MAFIA Factory To Release at Bangkok Comic Con 2015

Today we have a look at an upcoming new toy named "TERRA" - designed by TOBY HK and made by MAFIA Factory, the concept is based on the Terracotta Warier and the materiel, for which bio plastic will be used. This is the first toy from "Under the Earth", and features a smaller Terra beside a bigger one, utilizing the same head, although the final design has since been slightly changed to fit in one snap kit.

TERRA is slated to be released at the coming 2015 Bangkok Comic Con (April 30-May 3) - Stay tuned for further details and developments!

CE Artist Series Convention Exclusives for Bangkok Comic Con 2014

We've had a previous look at CE Convention Exclusive Series for the 2015 Edition of Bangkok Comic Con (April 30-May 3), while today we have a look at the BUDDY CE Artist Series - featuring designs from QUICCS (Philippines), Chip7 (USA), and Lolay, Tata Paradox, The Shock (Thailand). Official Convention Exclusive are limited editions of 100pcs each.

Remark: The back design for Chip7's CE is not the final one.

Final Cavey Sales n April 30th

Folks who want to score a plush Cavey (or three ;p) but missed the recently concluded ToyCon UK (April 25) will be in for a treat, for when they are posted online for sale! This is how the final sales will work:
"The Caveys will not be listed in the shop as there are too many of them - almost 80 and each one is different. Instead, a Cavey newsletter with all the details of available Caveys goes out this Thursday, April 30th at 4pm London time (BST/GMT+1) This will your last chance to buy a Cavey, ever!"

- The pictures and the full list will go out to the newsletter on Thursday april 30th at 4pm.
- Reply to the newsletter (holly@alittlestranger.com) with your 'want list' of Caveys from the list. Include your postal address.
- Each Cavey is £20 (UK tracked postage will be £5 no matter how many you buy).

**Read more about what you need to do here, including worldwide shipping details.

JPX for Thailand Toy Expo 2015

Thailand-based JP TOYS launches "JPX", with a new mission of making a mark in the 'world stage' and they have teased a trio of products, starting with "HunZter" (above-left) - featuring JPX x Hunz (The Star) x Alan Ng (Fools Paradise), to be revealed at Thailand Toy Expo (April 30-May 3) Eden 1 zone.

Shown above-right is "Cube Bot" made in collaboration with another young talented artist "The Duang", with the product to be revealed at the event itself.

LOLLIPOP PIMP from JPX x TARO = Phuak Jongwilas x Jackson Aw (Mighty Jaxx) - will make it's debut at Thailand Toy Expo 2015. Each priced at 380 baht - with part of the profits to be donated "to charity and help Nepal". Wil update wtith further product and charity details for when they are revealed. Teased below-top-left is a painted edition by Clogtwo.

Prototypes of Upcoming Gacha Series by Candie Bolton x Toy Art Gallery

Check out these images of prototypes of upcoming gacha figures fueled by myth and Japanese folklore, designed by Candie Bolton, sculpted by macsorro, and to be produced by Toy Art Gallery, to which TAG-boss Gino Joukar mentions;
"One of the hardest part about my job is keeping quite about all the great toys we have in production, but every so often I can feature a few, so here's a sneak peek at a few prototypes of the upcoming gacha figures by @candiebolton"
"Nue is a legendary creature from Japanese folklore. Part monkey, tanuki, snake, and tiger" -shared Candie of the above-feature sculpt, while the below shown sculpt is of "Hakutaku".

Glint & Glare Outburst Omens by coarse for Thailand Toy Expo 2015

[ More images HERE on FB ]

COARSE will be exhibiting at Thailand Toy Expo (April 30-May 3) with their principals Mark Landwehr and Sven Waschk in attendance. We've had a look at what their Invited Guest Amanda Visell has in store, here's a look at images of Glint & Glare Outburst Omens, as well as their event schedule (courtesy of TTE Facebook):

[ More images HERE on FB ]

April 30th & May 1st, 2015:
13:00 pm - Mini Omen Pain 250 pcs (Only at Thailand Toy Expo)
Price: 1,400 baht per set (5 sets per person)
14:00 pm - Glint Outburst Omens (limited amount)
Price: TBA

May 2nd & 3rd, 2015:
- 13:00 pm: Mini Omen Pain 250 pcs (Only at Thailand Toy Expo)
Price: 1,400 baht per set (5 sets per person)
- 14:00 pm: Glare Outburst Omens (limited amount)
Price: TBA

Expect a "surprise sale" on May 3, 2015 … and as well "some profits" from purchases of mini omen pain to be given to Roman Shevchenko's Family with the help of COARSE and JP TOYS.

Amanda Visell & coarse for Thailand Toy Expo 2015

And while I've previously posted teasers of her artwork, Amanda Visell "officially' announces her upcoming exhibition at Thailand Toy Expo (April 30-May 3) with coarse. Above are some sneaks snatched from her Instagram @amandavisell :)

Featured below are wondrous peeks at "Last Days Of Winter – Persuasion" (2015) by Amanda Visell and coarse, with these hand painted resin sculptures in an edition of 25, available at TTE. It's gonna be an epic show!

New Resin Toy Releases & Relaunched Website from Hugh Rose

UK-based artist Hugh Rose (IG @hughrose84 / Facebook) sends word of his newly launched website @ www.hughrose.co.uk, along with the release of a few resin toys - all of whom can be purchased from the site linked:

[ More images HERE on FB ]
"Holy Diver is a cold cast resin figure standing 5" tall, with 5 points of articulation. He is priced at £50 and limited to 25 pieces. Each piece has a unique flame swirl pattern in its helmet, and comes packaged in an illustrated box."

[ More images HERE on FB ]
"Eagle Ammo is a cold cast resin piece measuring about 2". It is priced at £10 and is limited to 50 pieces. Each piece comes in a hand-stamped pack."

[ More images HERE on FB ]
"I also have DIY versions of the diver, cast in pure white resin with 5 points of articulation, priced at £25. These were really popular at ToyCon UK, and features magnetized articulation for easy customization. I'm really looking forward to seeing what the customizers come up with on this platform!"

Caterpups from PJ Constable

UK-based artist PJ Constable as been busier lately, more than customizing up a storm, he's also created his very one hand-casted and hand-pained character creation - Introducing CATERPUPS!
WHAT-IS: "'Caterpups!' are Based on an original 2.25" sculpt, and hand cast in resin. They have all been customised and hand painted with unique designs and colours. 'Caterpups!' are my first Resin Minifigure platform toy and I hope to be releasing many more variations in the future! ^__^" -shared PJ.

Since their display debut at the recent ToyCon UK , PJ has since listed them for sale on his online store! As well we have a look at his booth at ToyConUK (with images courtesy of Tawan Zher):

1/6 "LIME BONES" from Glitch Network x Machine 56 x JP TOYS

Glitch Network x Machine 56 x JP TOYS presentS "LIME BONES", in a new series of 1/6th-scaled awesomeness in the "Bone Head" lineup!

And while we've seen the red-jacketed character in ITGCC2014, this piece as quite a surprised and could not help but grin ear-to-ear and am happy for Yoga AKA Machine56, when I met him in Bandung back in 2009, where he got me nigh excited abut his BONE HEAD to be made 1/6th-scale!

Exclusive at Thailand Toy Expo (April 30-May 3) with the item priced at 6000 baht (plus "super limited amount to PREORDER" / Limit amount per day for preorder), starting from April 30 to May 3, 2015 at 14:00 pm via "Eden 3" zone in Centralworld. Check out the ad pics below, along with a splendid poster image (his prints are fantastically awesome) and the story behind BONE HEADS!

STORY: "Everyone knew everyone in the future -- not in the real world, but on the internet. The Cognitive, a virtual reality helmet designed by the Vertex Corp., offered the full virtual living experience. Nicknamed the Bonehead by the internet, it was the final world in the wearable tech war. Plugging in with a Bonehead mean you'd never have to leave the internet ever again. And everyone could live happily ever after.

But then... the jailbreak version of Boneheads started showing up."
STORY CONTINUES: "A reconfiguration in the system allowed people to spy on other Bonehead users. You could even take over delivery drones and took it for a joyride. You could stop a Smartcar just by looking at it. The Bonehead could only hack and control Vertex Corp's tech or items. The problem was Vertex owned everything. If you wanted to, you could find all the codes for the city's power grid and messed the whole thing up. The potential for chaos was limitless.

Who will stop them?
Who could stop them?"

TOYSREVIL Reviews: BITCH by Luke Chueh x Munky King

PRODUCT PRESS for BITCH – Original Colorway by Luke Chueh: "Not ones to shy away from controversy, Luke Chueh and Munky King proudly present "Bitch". This original colorway stays true to Luke's 2007 painting with hand-sprayed gradients on grey wolves and a white sheep fleece. The 3-piece set allows interchangeability between the other editions to maximize your collecting pleasure."
In an edition of 500 with a MSRP of US$69 - the item has since been released and available to purchase here on munkyking.com. There is also a TOY + PRINT combo set available here for US$80.

This review was made possible by the generosity of Munky King. The above review was recorded on my MacBook (via Photobooth) and edited in iMovie. Further still images can be seen HERE on FB - Hope you'll enjoy the video, and that you'll enjoy the toy as much as I did!

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