May The 4th Be With You :)

Call For Submissions: #drawajawa & #drawawookie for #MayThe4th 2016


Twelvedot for #StarWars: Force For Change @ COMMONGROUND (May 2-12, 2016)

From South Korean designer known as "Twelvedot" comes this irresistible pair of Star Wars-themed customs - featuring a 250% APOFrog in BB-8 costume, facing off a 100% APOFrog in an orange hued Jedi robe!

Currently on display at COMMONGROUND (Seoul, Gwangjin District), as a part of the Toy Republic organized "Star Wars Day : Force for Change" exhibition (May 2-12, 2016) - proceeds from which will benefit the "Make a Wish Korea Foundation".

Head to and for more info. And individual images HERE on #starwarsallday :)

Win A White Vader Grenade on Instagram

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Win your very own VADER GRENADE this May the 4th - direct from it's creator Yew Hock (He made TOYSREVIL's Red Edition Vader Grenade - currently available to purchase HERE). All you need to do, to stand a chance to win this 3.8 inch tall 3D printed White Vader Grenade, is the following:

1) like this image
2) repost this image on instagram
3) tag 2 friends on instagram
4) include the hashtag #winvadergrenade
"The contest will end on May 4th at 11pm EST. The winner will be chosen at random, posted on my account and contacted through direct message." -added Yew Hock.

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Swell meeting you at Star Wars Day SG over the weekend too, Yew Hock! :)

Hot Toys Toy Teasers for #StarWarsDay 2016

As of this blogpost on May 4th Wednesday after in Singapore, Hot Toys has since teased folks with a trio of images (from their Facebook), with what looks to be 1/6th figures of YODA, HAN SOLO and CHEWBACCA (from "The Force Awakens") and A 1/4-scaled KYLO REN with burnt Vader helmet!

No further product details thus far, and I doubt if these are the only teasers to be had on #StarWarsDay (there's still "tomorrow" in the U.S.A.! :p). Stay tuned for any further updates, and get ready your hard-earned spending monies, folks! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA

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HOT TOYS PRESS: "Today is May the 4th the annual Star Wars Day! To celebrate this special day, Hot Toys has some exciting news to share with all Star Wars fans! Found someone you have, we would say. Get ready to meet Hot Toys’ 1/6th scale collectible figure of the legendary Jedi Master soon!"

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HOT TOYS PRESS: "“Chewie, we’re home.” … They need no further introduction. Get yourselves prepare for the infamous smuggler and his trusted co-pilot!"

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HOT TOYS PRESS: "“Show me, grandfather, and I will finish what you started.” Hot Toys’ first 1/4th scale collectible figure from Star Wars: The Force Awakens is coming. Prepare to meet the fiery dark warrior soon!"

Dark Papa by FLABSLAB Drops May 4th

"Simply because everyone of us has a love-hate relationship with our own father. Behind the smiling face is a past so dark that we may never fathom."
And thusly, FLABSLAB prepares to unleash "DARK PAPA" = a 11 inch tall x 7 inch wide hand-painted resin sculpt, bearing the facial visage of our late "Minister Mentor" L.K.Y. dressed in the Sith Lord Vader's finest!

Scheduled for release on May 4th somewhen, "Dark Papa" is priced at US$400 apiece via, and is in an edition of 23pcs. Give new meaning to the Singlish term "*Wah Si Lin Lao Peh!"

(*"I Am Your Father!" in Hokkien)

"DEATH TO THE REPUBLIC II" Releases from World's End from Hsin Ho & Mirfak Prabowo

The folks at World's End collaborated with VILLAINS and have prepared a release of galactic proportions on, scheduled for May 4th, with "DEATH TO THE REPUBLIC II"! Scroll down to have a gander at awesome collectibles from Hsin Ho (Taiwan), and Mirfak Prabowo (Indonesia).
PRESS: "Die, Rebel Scum! The Death To The Republic series was produced to realize a reverie of how the Empire gloriously triumphed over the Old Republic. For the second year, World’s End will collaborate with artists from Singapore, Taiwan and Indonesia to unify the galaxy to bring you “Death to the Republic II”."

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LEGACY from Hsin Ho is available in BLACK and GREY, both sized (H)26 x (W)25.5cm x (B)33.5cm, and both in a limited edition of 20pcs each. Priced at SG$500 apiece, these Life size. 1:1 Scale sculptures are made of fiberglass and resin, and are *made to order*
"I have been a star wars fan since I was 8 years old, after all these years of waiting, I was really excited to watch T he Force Awakens movie on the big screen. When I first saw the melted Vader helmet, I was emotional. I had to sculpt it immediately, I don't know what is it about the melted helmet that it makes me feel serene, I guess we all have a little bit Vader inside of us." - shared Hsin Ho (Read more HERE).

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Bandung, Indonesia-based sculptor Mirfak Prabowo's DEATH VADER and STORMEATER are based on two iconic characters in the Star Wars universe, Darth Vader and Stormtrooper (Seen above). Both are in a limited edition of 10pcs (made to order) and are priced at SG$200 apiece.

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DEATH VADER (w/ Removable cranium)
Enamel paint on Resin sculpture
Sized: (H)13.5cm x (W)8.0cm x (B)7.0cm
"The idea was, what if not one single human exist in the Star Wars universe? That every single living thing would take the form of an alien. Based on that premise, I imagined Death Vader & Stormeater would be in a much more terrifying form. Even more so, the mask and armor suit weren't just a mere gear to cover their whole body, but actually is part of their bodies. The whole form is more organic because it's made of their own flesh and blood." - shared Mirfak Prabowo (Read more HERE)

STORMEATER (w/ Removable tusks)
Sized: (H)12.5 x (W)7.5 x (B)6.5cm

"The Artifact" by Wetworks Drops May 4th

Wetworks will be unleashing "The Artifact" on May 4th 9am PDT exclusively via, each priced at US$30.

Featuring the aesthetic of Darth Vader's burnt and crushed helmet/faceplate, seen in the recent "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" feature film, and the object of Kylo Ren's idolatry.
"These are limited resin casts that measures 2.3"x2.5", each is unique and no two are the same. Please refer to the number on the image when purchasing."

A photo posted by @iamwetworks on

#DrawAWookie by Mario Gonzales for #StarWarsDay 2016

Submission for #DrawAWookie 2016 illustration from Mario Gonzales @ GST Graphics! Mario as well shares with us the origin and story of this character concept;
"The image is based on the idea that the Wookies are environmentalists and have started an organization called The Arbor Wookie Warrior Front to save the trees that are an important part of the Wookies lives on their home planet of Kashyyyk.

The Wookies are forest creatures and make their homes in the trees so making them environment activists seemed a natural fit and also the level of urgency concerning our own environment gave it a connection from fantasy to reality.

I imagined if the Wookies did have a danger to their trees/environment and were actually doing this that this image/poster would be a graphic for promotion to raise awareness and get other Wookies involved. Also the Empire I think enslaved the Wookies at one point in the Star Wars time line so I imagine the Empire would destroy or exploit Kashyyyks natural resources any way they could this would also probably spark an underground resistance by the Wookies to save the trees and also free themselves."

Band of Doodlers declares "GANG WAR" on Star Wars Art Fans! Exhibition Launches May 4th @ BOD Hideout

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The Galactic Denizens of Star Wars remained as Gang Members of different warring clans vie for the supremacy of the Universe, in "GANG WARS" from local doodle specialists; Band Of Doodlers - and will manifest as a Deck of Playing Cards, to debut at an exhibition launching May The 4th! How exquisite is that?
ABOUT: "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, feuding gangs clashed culminating in an epic showdown. On one side, the coalition between the Imperial Yakuza Warriors and the Dark Side Punk Hooligans. On the other, an alliance between the Cholo Crew Resistance Fighters and the Rebel Mafia Mob. This is the Gang Wars." (Facebook Events Page)

The exhibition is held at the "BOD Hideout" (@ Tan Boon Liat Building - 315 Outram Road #08-06A, S169074 ) with the event opening at 7pm. Available for purchase include a deck of playing cards featuring 52 artworks illustrated by BOD artists, with select artwork previews featured below (all images via IG @bandofdoodlers).

There is a blank card included in the deck, and folks attending the launch can get their live doodles on it by BOD artists! Totally Rad!

I will attempt to update on online/International availability of the decks, if/when I have the information.

A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on

There will also sale of Band of Doodlers' premium quality sketch book and limited prints in A3 (only 39 limited pieces of 30 selected design from the deck in the 39th anniversary of Star Wars). Times like these, I wish my salary has come in …. *man-sob*

Happy #StarWarsDay 2016

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Happy Star Wars Day, folks! Well, technically it already is May the 4th here in Singapore today (+8 GMT) … But you know what that means? TOYSREVIL will be celebrating TWO days of #MayThe4th on the blog, innit? NOT to mention on the #starwarsallday blog too, of course! LOL

Enjoy, and May The Force Be With You All :)

Andy (Wants-to-be-a-Sith but is just-a-Jawa) TOYSREVIL


BAT+CAT MOTORS by David Horvath x DEVILROBOTS to debut at Art Toy Culture 2016!

David Horvath of UGLYDOLL reveals their collaboration with Japan's DEVILROBOTS, with BAT + CAT MOTORS to debut at Art Toy Culture 2016 @ COEX opening May 4th! Two figures sets, each featuring their own "vehicles" and "driver", and they look adorable with aesthetics a swell mixture from both artists!

Find out more on the dedicated "bncmotors" Facebook page, and stay connected on David's IG @davidzhorvath!

Purple/Green Edition ROMEO by Fanny Kao for Thailand Toy Expo 2016

A photo posted by fufufanny (@fufufanny.kao) on

Purple / Green colorway of her resin bat-boy"ROMEO" by Fanny Kao will debut at Thailand Toy Expo 2016 (May 5-8th) available via Booth no. B31 Zone : Temp. Online release would be mid-May, after the event. No doubt there'd be oodles more to be had from this Taiwan artist, and you'd do well t stay connected via her Instagram @fufufanny.kao!

A photo posted by fufufanny (@fufufanny.kao) on

GENESIS4 @ Thailand Toy Expo 2016

Both Taiwan and Singapore members of GENESIS4 will be boothing at Thailand Toy Expo (May 4-8th, 2016) at Centralworld, Bangkok, Thailand, and here's a quick glance at what Banana Virus, 13 ART, SHON and Daniel Yu will be bringing!

A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on

BANANA VIRUS of GENESIS4 will be dropping + showcasing his "Winnie The Pooh"-inspired "Winnie Loic" and Friends. Gotta love that red-on-black color variant too!

A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on

13 ART of GENESIS4 will be dropping the Cuba Gold Edition of 13 ART X BanaNa ViruS 合體作 "skulloic", with this edition limited to 35pcs, 20 of which will be made available at TTE. Also keep an eye out for his "Horn Skull Black Gold" (Also available online via

Both gentlemen will be releasing their respective enamel pins, as produced by FLABSLAB from Singapore.

SHON will be on hand with a grip of his CAT RIDER in various one-off customs, the "Gold Sugar" Edition Cat Rider, as well new figure CAT SOUL, and TTE-exclusive CAP ZOMBIES! And not forgetting his enamel pics, with a new "Santa" colorway to be had! Look for him at Booth #A9 Zone: Eden1

I've featured Daniel Yu x Fanny Kao's "Acorn Explorer" collaboration, but there's MORE resin goodness to be had from the Singaporean-Resin Slinger!

MC JOKER GRIN by Ron English X Madebymonsters X JPS Gallery X ToyTokyo X Playhouse for Thailand Toy Expo & May 5th Online Sales

From Ron English X Madebymonsters X JPS Gallery X ToyTokyo X Playhouse comes "MC JOKER GRIN" - an exclusive for the coming Thailand Toy Expo!

Limited to 400 numbered pieces, chances to win the "secret" are 5% / 10% / 20% and 65% normal version (seen above). Available via Playhouse in TTE, the figure will as well be made available online for pre-orders via from May 5th @ 10am HKT (GMT+8) and (for pre-orders exclusively in North America - US and Canada / Time TBC). Expect a mid-late May delivery.

A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on

The prices are as follows:
- Asia US$260
- Australia US$270
- Europe US$280

*Item will not ship to Thailand, and you can only procure it at TTE!

G.I.D. KWAII: Spark by JPX x Coarse for Thailand Toy Expo 2016

A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on

From JPX x Coarse comes the G.I.D. KWAII: Spark 3.5" cutie! In an edition of 500 pcs (Thailand Toy Expo Exclusive), they'll be priced at 900 baht apiece. Here are the purchasing instructions:

Selling time: 11.00 am
Selling date: May 6, 2016
Location: Eden3, TTE exclusive shop
Queuing at Sky Walk (BTS intersection)
First come first serve basis
Tickets will be hand at 10:00 am at BTS Skywalk in front of the entrance.
Limit to 2pcs per customers.

12MechatroWeGo for Thailand Toy Expo 2016 - Muay Thai Exclusive + "Minna no WeGo in TTE"

WeGo is heading to Thailand Toy Expo, courtesy of 1000toys, with a Grand Opening at Central World, Bangkok, Thailand on May 4th, and Booth #A10,11 (Eden1 Zone: Worldclass designer toys) will open for business from 10am-10pm from May 5th to 8th, 2016.
"MechatroWeGo products will be on display with existing products on sale at the 1000toys booth. Exclusive products will be sold at the TTE Exclusive Shop located at the 3rd Floor Eden 3."

A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on

The TTE exclusive item to be had is the "12MechatroWeGo Muay Thai" Edition! Designed by Kobayashi Kazushi of MODERHYTHM , the MechatroWeGo will be available in a national sport of Thailand Muay Thai Version, and as well feature a JP Toys logo! Priced at 5500baht apiece, this will be available to purchase at at the TTE Exclusive shop located at the 3F Eden 3.

A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on

A selection of custom 12MechatroWeGos will be on display ("Minna no WeGo in TTE"), featuring art by UK graffiti artist "Origina gee", Wetworks from Singapore, and “Hayakawa Yoji” of Sen-Ti-Nel among others.
"We will have all of our brands on display, including TOA Heavy Industries, IZMOJUKI, Kugutu and MechatroWeGo, as well as a few more surprises which we plan to unveil, so please take time to visit us and see what we have in plan. We will be making an announcement next week regarding the products which will be sold at the event, so make sure to check us out!" (Stay connected via Facebook / Instagram @1000toys)

SPC X BE@RBRICK @ Art Toy Culture 2016

South Korean food and confectionery chaebol (conglomerate) "SPC Group" invited artists to design unique Be@rbricks inspired by SPC’s 8 brands such as Paris Baguette, Baskin Robbins, Dunkin Donuts, Paris Croissant, Passion 5, Café Pascucci, Jamba Juice, and Bizeun, with the result being a mix of TOY and FOOD, to debut at Art Toy Culture 2016. There's even a schweet animation to go with it! Scroll down to view!

Would be real keen to know if these'll be production pieces, or one-offs too!


ART TOY CULTURE 2016 @ COEX, Seoul, Korea (May 4-8, 2016)

The 2016 Edition of ART TOY CULTURE (#ATC) launches May 4th and exhibits thru May 8th, 2016, with Korea's first vinyl Art Toy and Culture fair to be held at COEX in Seoul, Korea ( And while TOYSREVIL has a smattering of toy-news thus far for ATC, this particular post will serve as a quick reminder of WHAT and WHO to keep a look out for! Mind you, this is but a small sampling, and I truly hope to one day be able to afford a trip over there!

Stay connected to the event via their Facebook Page and Instagram @arttoyculture, and further details on their official website @!

A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on

Above-left: Coolrain x Seman10cm
Above-right: RONY The Perculair by AJO777
Bottom-left: Plush by BRIDGE SHIP HOUSE

A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on

Above-left: P.P.PUDDING
Above-right: DEVILROBOTS
Bottom-left: @theLOCALAB
Bottom-right: "Monster" by Sticky Monster Lab

A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on

Above-left: "Goldenbaby" Original Ver & 300% Ver by @_golden8oy_
Above-right: @pandora.doll
Bottom-left: StudioViper Inc.
Bottom-right: "KunCat" by SAKUN

A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on

Above-left: "Hooded Sufferings" by rato x vicious
Above-right: Coolrain
Bottom-left+right: 'ZUNBO, the OLD STONE' by studiosakubo @sakubo

A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on

Above-left: "Forever,old school" by @aka_kiddo
Above-right: Cerberus Project
Bottom-left: Rotta @_rotta_
Bottom-right: "Bitch" by Pla-man Hobby

DESCRIPTION: A photographer Rotta’s (@_rotta_ / identity became a figurine which collaborated with StudioViper’s artist Sopp. Rotta’s figure that represents himself, which is composed with various options such as camera equipment and a bag will be exhibiting at the ATC 2016.

Fools Paradise @ Thailand Toy Expo 2016

In addition to the Fools Parade STILLNESS exhibition (teased here earlier), Hong Kong's Fools Paradise will be debuting two new collectibles at the coming Thailand Toy Expo @ CentralWorld (May 5-8, 2016), with the above featured Vader x Kiko on a TIE Fighter-awesomeness that which is known as the "Darkside K.X1 at Coin Rides Game #3", and "BENJI, The Crazy Barber" (seen below)!

A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on

The concept of "BENJI, The Crazy Barber" was given by Boy Pakorn (a famous superstar in Thailand), with the figure then produced by JPX x Fools Paradise. In an edition of 75ps worldwide. 50pcs will be made available at TTE (Price: 8500 baht), while the other 25pcs will be released online via on May 10th, 2016 (US$249 apiece).

The product features a magnetic moustache (replaceable), chrome gold knife and scissors, and a real cloth apron.

"Fools Paradise" is the artist moniker for Alan Ng, formerly of "Boredomsqueezer", a designer toys brand focusing on 12" figures, which I adore still till now!

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