#LookBack SEPTEMBER 2014

Convention season continues into September with STGCC2014 followed by Popcon Asia 2014, and promos flood in for October for when New York Comic Con 2014 and Taipei Toy Festival both fall on the exact weekend! September also has the least number of blogposts for the entire year, compared to the other 11 months :p

Being in Singapore physically, I am afforded the opportunity to attend STGCC, and this year's was filled with more personal emotion than I had expected, but that is my own burden to bear. I personally felt more detached with the event than ever before, but for the friends I get to sit down and chat with, eat with, and for meeting new friends and surprises. One thing is for sure tho, that I am less of a "people person" than I realize LOL

Managed to get some work done, interviewed artists (but yet to post the videos - Sorry Scott, Aaron and Frank!), and a realization that maybe the following year I'll just go and enjoy myself as an attendee rather than trying to report on stuff, and miss buying toys! (True Story).

September is also my birthday month, so I reckon I might have slacked just a tad … Heh :p


TOYSREVIL: My Top Ten Fav Anime (Series) Theme Song #3: "Starboard" by Hitomi Kuroishi (Last Exile - Fam: The Silver Wing ED)

WHAT-IS: I list my Top Ten Fav Anime Theme Songs from Series (MOVIES will be another list), with the entire list since posted on PopcornX. THIS TOYSREVIL-Edition however, includes TOYS!

MY TOP TEN FAV ANIME THEME SONG #3: "Starboard" by Hitomi Kuroishi - the ending song for LAST EXILE - FAM: THE SILVER WING, never failed to engulf me in a sadness and dread unexplainable, especially so since I do not know what the lyrics meant, nor did I needed to care. *innocent-smile*

One aspect of the anime which endeared themselves to me, were the fantastical production designs from Mahiro Maeda, in particular Fam Fan Fan's Vespa - which seemed an obvious standout, so much so I would have happily just displayed that alone by itself, as opposed to needing character figurines (in that respect, the first Last Exile series had more interesting character designs, IMHO), no offense of course character designer Renji "Range" Murata!

Found these 1/72 scale Plastic model kits of Fam's Vespa and Tatiana's Van Ship (seen below), made by Hasegawa, and released December 2012 (Hobbylink Japan has deets). Looks interestingly like a 3D-Printed kit, no? Anybody owns these out there who could weigh in for us, please? :)

Would be somewhat awesome if a Pinky:St version of the Vespa was made, along with Fam and Giselle as Pinky:St figurines, no? Yes, I am biased :p And it is not too far fetched too, as evident of these character design releases from Range Murata x Youki Kanaya!

Muddy Ninja by Bruscolino X ShutUpAndDanceItaly

From Bruscolino X ShutUpAndDanceItaly comes a new handmade toy series named MUDDY NINJA, with these pieces made with mixed media and limited to only 20pcs … AND they are not available for "sale", but are "prizes" for a Dance Contest - SHUT UP AND JAMMIN' VOL.7! How cool is that?

#throwbacktoythursday: Custom Dunnys by JPK + ZAM (circa 2010)

I was reminiscing #throwbackthursday on my Instagram today, and featured snaps from 2010 when I was invited to Thailand for CLEA 2010, and in particular the opportunity to witness and hold in my hands custom-Dunnys from Jon-Paul Kaiser an ZAM Art, both of whom were done for an art trade between the artists themselves!

Left agog, I could only but asked if I could display them at my booth at the event, and propped up a little spot and snapped these images … Do check out more featured in an earlier blog-post.

Prior to this, the only other times I have seen customs from either gentlemen were from online pictures from my own bloggery, so it was an utter delight to experience them first hand, and with that, affected the way I blog about custom toys since too, specifically relating to the notion of cherishing the experiencing works in hand / in person, versus seeing them online. The tactile experience makes quite the difference, methinks!

JonPaul Kaiser has been an uber-prolific customizer still unto this day (I can't catch up!), while Zam is no longer as active in the art toys scene, and is currently concentrating on his tattoo art at Visionary Tattoo Long Island … I truly miss his oriental-infused art tho … :)

Cap Duck KING & QUEEN Valentine’s Day edition by Shon via Tomenosuke

Currently available for pre-orders via Tomenosuke is Cap Duck KING & QUEEN Valentine’s Day edition by Taiwan-based urban artist Shon, with each 85mm tall figure priced at ¥4,980 individually, or ¥8,800 for the pair. They are produced to order, with pre-orders ending 6:00pm of February 3 (JST).

Vinyl Sugar from Funko: Dorbz & Vinyl Idol

WHAT-IS: "VINYL SUGAR is the illegitimate love child between Funko and some of the best free-wheeling designers from the back streets of London, the boutiques of Harajuku and the galleries of NYC. Vinyl Sugar - because you crave it!"
And what we are treated to so far are the above-featured "DORBZ" with pop culture and comicbook characters adapted into Super Deformed + chibi adorable! And seen below is VINYL IDOLZ with designs from UK's A Large Evil Corporation now to be made toy! I like'em, and you should too OMGOMGOMG

Expect more revels at New York Toy Fair 2015 (Feb 14-17) - where I would make a beeline direct to the Funko-booth, toot sweet!

Doc Brown from Back to the Future
The Dude from The Big Lebowski
Peter Venkman from Ghostbusters
Excited, much?

The Coming of Bunny GeekWok from UME Toys

Coming soon from UME Toys will be Easter Edition Bunny GeekWoks - complete with bunny ears and "little Easter Eggs" … but do we really have to wait till the 5th of April (Easter Sunday in 2015)? There will be 10 units to be had and adore, so stay sharp, least they "hop" out of your sight!

Trans Rootbeer Drizzleshits from Gravy Toys on pre-order now

"Rootbeer Drizzleshits pre-order are now unlocked. Here's a pic of a rootbeer Jeff (posted below) with some friends to help you get the idea since I do not yet have a drizzleshits sample to show you. Order before the end of the weekend and you'll be entered to win a drizzleshits testshot. Get yours here @ gravytoys.com - psssst pass it on!" -shared Bwana Spoons.

24 Hour Lottery for Paul Kaiju x BLObPUS Set Begins Feb 1st

A photo posted by Paul Copeland (@paulkaiju) on

The purchase form for the 24 hour raffle to procure yourselves a PK x BLObPUS set from Paul Kaiju goes up Sunday February 1st 12PM PST. The exclusive set includes 3 x figures, including Blob Bat, Beastwalking Hellmock, and the Mockapus - all featuring metallic sprays on milky vinyl. Price is US$350 and you can find out more details here. 24 hour lottery ends Monday February 2nd 12:00 PST.

1/6 HK Street Scene Package Set & Police Tactical Unit Figures from ZCWORLD

And while the announcement of two 1/6th-scaled "Officers" from "Police Tactical Unit" by ZCWorld might be argued as "innocently ambiguous", the inclusion of a 1/6 Scale "HK Street Scene Package Set" (Sold Separately) steers it directly head-on into the realm of "social commentary" … and the only "prop" missing from the whole set, is an opened yellow umbrella. Check in with your fav toy retailers for availability, and check out more images uploaded HERE on the TOYSREVIL Facebook.
PTU PRESS: "警察機動部隊 - 展Sir & 德哥
繼多款以美國警察為主題的角色後, ZCWO最新警隊系列, 以香港警察機動部隊為背景, 配上多款前所未有1/6比例配件, 如防暴頭盔,防毐面具,長盾,催淚彈槍等."

"A Trip to the Moon" Print by Clogtwo x Mighty Jaxx

Fancy a "A Trip To The Moon" with Clogtwo? US$50 will score you a signed, numbered and stamped art print (on 300gsm art paper) on MightyJaxx.rocks based on his hand-drawn illustration (WIP shown below), limitd to 50pcs.

PRESS: "From the imaginative mind of Clogtwo, Mighty Jaxx presents his latest art print, A Trip To The Moon. His inspirations are from his daily observations of society, the narratives in his work explores the elements of dark humor and social behaviour."

SKULLBRAIN BLACK by Emilio Garcia x K.Olin tribu - Pre-Orders Begin Jan 29

K.Olin tribu presents a new collaboration with Emilio Garcia, with releasing SKULLBRAIN BLACK - a new series of his brain-on-skull, in non-enameled black porcelain, limited to only 50pcs. Pre Order on www.artandtoys.com begins January 29, 2015 at 6PM French time (12PM NEW YORK / 9AM LOS ANGELES) with each sculpture numbered, and delivered in a wooden case (17 x 12 cm). I really like it when it's "matte" versus the glossiness of porcelain, as it provides an added dimension to the piece, without the need for instant visual cue, and adds a level of abject "class" ... but that's just me :)

"Half Sized" Metal Gear Solid RAY & REX from 3A Toys to be revealed at Wonder Festival Winter

Revealed on Hideo Kojima's twitter were "half sized versions" for Metal Gear Solid RAY and REX from 3A Toys, in anticipation of their full reveal at Wonderfest Winter (Feb 8). Would be wonderful to see them posed next to their full-sized toy-brethren tho! … time too will tell if there will be tiny pilot figures to go with these versions too :p

FYI: MGS RAY stands 16.5-inches tall, while MGS REX towers over at 19-inches tall. Shown below are the full-sized pieces :p

Uptempo Lee's Top 10 Toys for 2014

WHAT-IS: *Celebrating 2015 with a series of "TOP TEN TOYS FOR 2014" as picked by fellow plastic-crack-addicts … eerrr … I meant "fellow toy collectors"! It doesn't have to be released in 2014, it just has to be purchased / gifted / unboxed in 2014. Living my toy-dreams vicariously through you collections! Share Your Toy-Joy, people!* [CLICK to read all]
In lieu of a "countdown" list of his fav toys in 2014, Uptempo Lee (IG @uptempo55) of Hands In Factory shares with us instead his TOP TEN - in no specific order, including;

TOP (L-R):
Devil's Cheerleader from ROCKIN' JELLY BEAN
SML from Sticky Monster Lab
The Ghost of Fallen Frogs from Twelvedot

MIGHTY HORN X REEBOK from Hands in Factory

Incense holder by TOINZ
PLAYBOY Collector's Edition Art Toy from Coartism & Blitzway


2015 Young Guns Invitational @ Hero Complex Gallery (Opens Jan 30)

"Young Guns Invitational" is an annual gallery show held by Hero Complex Gallery featuring emerging & rising artists, whereby each artist has created 3 or more pieces in mini-themes of their own choosing, some previews of which are showcased here, and as well HERE on the TOYSREVIL FB.

Launching Friday January 30th with an opening reception from 7=10pm (@Hero Complex Gallery, 2020 South Robertson Blvd., Studio D, Los Angeles, CA 90064), do RSVP via the Events' Facebook Page :)

HEY! A Mr Toast Art show by Dan Goodsell @ Gallery1988 (Opens Jan 30)

G1988 EVENT PRESS: "This Friday, January 30th, we open a HUGE solo show by Dan Goodsell! There will be over 500 new watercolors of Dan's famous Mr. Toast and friends. AND rather than our normal shows where you have to wait until the end of the exhibit to pick up your purchases, this show is grab and go, which means you can take the work home immediately! Also as the paintings sell throughout the run of the exhibit, Dan will continue to replenish the walls with brand new pieces! Don't miss this Mr. Toast extravaganza this Friday, January 30th, from 7-10pm at Gallery1988 West."

Gallery1988 West
7308 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(Facebook Events)

Doubleparlour Presents "The Zealot’s Elixir" @ Modern Eden Gallery (Opens Feb 7)

Opening February 7th at Modern Eden Gallery in San Francisco is "The Zealots Elixir" - a group show curated by Double Parlour, with a selection of previews shared here. "The Zealots Elixir" exhibits thru arch 7th, 2015.
PRESS: "Modern Eden Gallery is excited to welcome gallery favorites, Doubleparlour as curators for their upcoming exhibit, “The Zealot’s Elixir”. All work for this exciting exhibition is sculptural in a variety of mediums including ceramic, resin, wood, and found objects. The impressive roster of artists includes international artists as well as many from the thriving local Bay Area community. They were chosen by Doubleparlour because of their work holds emotional and intellectual qualities that engage the viewer, as well as a commitment to perfecting their craft. The theme of the show is based false prophets and snake oil. The artists each present a unique interpretation on this theme that embodies trickery, faith, hope, and lies." (Read more here on Facebook)

Azrael (detail) by @michaelcampbellart for #thezealotselixir show @moderneden gallery on Feb. 7th

A photo posted by doubleparlour (@doubleparlour) on

Hope For The Hopeless Girl by @sulimbert for #thezealotselixir show @moderneden gallery on February 7th.

A photo posted by doubleparlour (@doubleparlour) on

WIP for upcoming group show @moderneden , The Zealots Elixir curated by @doubleparlour

A photo posted by troy coulterman (@troycoulterman) on

Evolve Pop! & Legacy Figures from Funko

FUNKO PRESS: "Venture to planet Shear with the Evolve Pop! and Legacy Figures! In Evolve, four Hunters battle against single Monsters for an exciting 4v1 gaming experience. Evolve is available February 10th! Are you a Hunter or a Monster? Pop! Games: Evolve Coming in March!"
FUNKO PRESS CONTINUED: "The Legacy Collection was one of the most talked about Funko lines of 2014! Upon the line's debut at New York Toy Fair, IGN named the Legacy Collection as one of the "Top 5 Coolest Things at New York Toy Fair 2014". We are excited to continue the collection and present you with the Evolve Legacy Collection. Each Premium Action Figure will feature 20+ points of articulation and include removable accessories. Coming in April!"

Peanut Butter Micros from Super7

SUPER7-PRESS : "Super7’s lovable mascot Mummy Boy and the Earth’s Avenger, Rose Vampire, are back in micro size! The tiny peanut butter colored vinyl buddies are small enough to fit in your pocket and go with you on all your adventures. Available this Thursday, January 29th, 12noon PST. www.super7store.com at US$10 each."
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