Mighty Jaxx's XXRAY VILLAINS Wave 1 Set Revealed! (Pre-order begins June 26th)

And while we've seen WIPs for Mighty Jaxx x Jason Freeny's upcoming VILLAINS XXRAY line, here are (rendered) images of the 3 x dissected Villains from WAVE 1 dropping this weekend on! Check out THE JOKER, BLACK MANTA and DEATHSTROKE!

(*Thanks to the glories of "retailer pre-orders :p)

OMG, if I were previously impressed by the Justice League releases (I thoroughly enjoyed my "Trinity"), the villains (alas not named "Injustice League") looks utterly EPIC! As well I appreciate the skeletal aspect of the anatomy being on the LEFT side of the figure, as opposed to their "heroes" counterpart's skeletal-RIGHT!

Based on DC Comics characters, they'd look pretty splendid placed side-by-side; the heroes and their villains, methinks!

Approximate release is the 4th quarter of 2016. Make your enquiries with your fav retailer(s) quick! And stay connected to Instagram @migtyjaxx for further availability updates!

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"Army Green" Colorway DEAD TOY SOLDIERS by Ron English Drops June 25th @ Redbird Gallery

Dropping this Saturday June 25th (6pm-9pm) at the Popaganda Pop Up Toy Store @ Redbird Gallery (72 Gansevoort St across from the Whitney Museum in NYC), is the Army Green colorway of DEAD TOY SOLDIERS, in alloy steel and priced at US$750 per set, limited to 30 sets.

Made by Made by Monsters, the last time we saw this (as a "production release") on the blog was circa 2012, with the soldiers in baby blue colorway, with each figure priced at US$100.

I am intrigued with the "alloy steel" component tho, and makes for quite a "collectible item" besides the usual vinyl or resin-made.

This follows the "Trumpty Dumpty" release on June 16th. Ron English is ON FIRE!

Frazetta x Kozik Labbit the Barbarian San Diego Comic Con Pre-Release

KIDROBOT PRESS: "Frank Frazetta and Frank Kozik come together for an adventurous mash-up! Labbit the Barbarian depicts Frazetta's famous Conan the Barbarian comes packaged in a collectible window box that features Frazett'a original painting. Standing approximately 10" tall, Labbit the Barbarian is perfect for both Labbit and Frazetta fans!

Labbit the Barbarian will be pre-releasing at Kidrobot's San Diego Comic Con Booth! Retailing at $100, Labbit the Barbarian is now available for pre-order for SDCC pick-up exclusively at!"

R2-SL1200 by Artbot138 for DKE Toys @ #SDCC2016

DKE PRESS: "Artbot138 aka James Garrett has brought you a hand cast and painted 3.75" scale carded R2-D2 like figure with handy record player. Now all your action figures can listen to their favorite tunes. Not in real life but in pretend. Each comes with a vintage 7" record and a fabulous record sleeve packaging with some crazy SW parody versions of some of your favorite bands. "
Available at Booth #5045 at San Diego Comic Con 2016 (July 20-24), this is just one the a ton of exclusives from DKE TOYS!

In an Edition of only 20pcs, each R2-SL1200 by Artbot138 will be priced at US$65 tax included … one can never really get enough of R2D2 bootlegs, no? *BEEP-BOOP-BEEP-BOOP*

threeA Toys' 8th Anniversary N.O.M. Commanders Ltd Set on Sale June 25th

ThreeA Toys celebrate their 8th Anniversary with offering a box set of the NOM Commanders = a "remix" of the original release - on sale June 25th via, for a "limited time sale" (somewhen) - priced at US$280 (Includes Worldwide Shipping).

If you do not know by now, the headsculpts for THRICE NAUGHT and POST FIRE are meant to resemble 3A's principals Kim Fung Wong and Ashley Wood! ALWAYS awesome to have your likeness on a toy, IMHO :)

Source: 3A Newletter

I remember being one of the "75" peeps in the 3AA back when the NOM set was released circa 2009, and being pretty proud to have scored a set! ... although I don't think I've even opened the box yet LOL … aaahhh yes, those were the "good old days"…

Action MC by Ron English for DKE Toys @ #SDCC2016

PRESS: "Ron English's iconic McSupersized character has been transformed into a 3 3/4 inch vintage style action figure by sculptor George Gaspar. Card back design by Ron English. Hand painted by Special Ed Toys. Now McSupersized can have epic battles with the other figures in your collection."

Available at Booth #5045 at San Diego Comic Con 2016 (July 20-24), this is just one the a ton of exclusives from DKE TOYS!

In an edition of of only 50pcs, each priced at US$100, do not expect these babies to hang around long once they are laid out for sales, IMHO! Gotta love the yummy juice-looking thick chickeny-torso and legs LOL

AND both the card-back NEEDS to be made a print! Or at least printed cardbacks by itself! :)

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 11.28.19 AM

Martin Ontiveros' MAGI MALEFICARUM CLEAR LIGHTNING Edtn Drops June 24th at Toy Art Gallery!

TAG PRESS: "Toy Art Gallery is proud to present next release of Martin Ontiveros’ magnificent MAGI MALEFICARUM! The CLEAR LIGHTNING edition features the trio of wicked wizards in pure unpainted glitter-infused clear soft vinyl. Each wizard stands roughly 3 inches tall and is made in Japan.

The set of 3 MAGI MALEFICARUM are available for only $50 starting Friday, 6/24 at 12PM PST only at!"


"The Battlefield of Darkness Vol 2 - Da Rocking Priest - Anthony. H" from Devil Toys on pre-order now!

Devil Toys sends word of the release of their latest 1/6th-scaled figure; "Da Rocking Priest - Anthony. H" from "The Battlefield of Darkness Vol 2"!

Launched for pre-order on June 24 at, "Anthony" is priced at US$150 (HongKong/ Taiwan/ China)
or US$165 (International) - with priced inclusive of shipping (Paypal and Credit card payments accepted only). Limited to only 360pcs, this 12" figure will begin delivery in July.

Scroll down for more pics and product info, and as well you can check out THIS FACEBOOK ALBUM for more pics!

Figure comes with a real 1/6 Bible, baseball bat,
two cross necklace, and a special bracelet.

● A real 1/6 Bible,
● Baseball bat,
● Scarf,
● Accessories which include wallet, cross necklace x2,
bracelet X2, and
● Extra hands.

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[ Individual images HERE on Facebook ]
STORY: "Da Rocking Priest Anthony. H, a Chinese-Japanese half-bleed, is the second member of the Hong Kong Gangster Group "B.O.D.", his philosophy is to use his fist to lead those lost sheep back to the road.
He used to be a leader of Bōsōzoku at the age of puberty, eventually found his redemption via religious belief after the death of his group member in an accident.

Now he works as a priest for a chapel in Sham Shui Po, a suburb in Hong Kong, to serve the community, and his hobby is to fix his motorcycle."
Interesting release, as it is based on their "original story" (of B.O.D.) rather than releasing what is/was the latest toy-trend in the realms of 1/6th-toys today = #RESPECT.

Characters from "The Battlefield of Darkness" story includes the first release of tattoo artist MAXX, and I cannot wait to see the lore expand!


Received my package for THE ART OF COOLRAIN yesterday, and it is a handsome tome showcasing the art and toys of Korean artist known as "Coolrain" - featuring 264 pages of toy-ness to rock any collector's socks off!
BOOK DECRIPTION: "The first artbook that includes all of the Coolrain’s figures for past 12 years, is published. Various collaborative works since 2004, with domestic and oversea artists and brands such as Nike, NBA, Converse, Reebok, RedBull BC-ONE, STRATOS, Dream team, Nike Brazil team and Vans are listed. "

Publishing by 9blocks, the book can currently be purchased online here (for SG$53.65 / US$40 excluding shipping). Item ships worldwide from South Korea, and I'd recommend folks to "group purchase" to perhaps save on shipping? Or get your friendly retailer to bring a few in ~ *cough-cough* :)

Also note that there are a total of FOUR different covers to the book to be had (*The cover will be selected randomly from A to D type).

Meanwhile, here are more snaps to gawk at, and go get your issue quick!

(Thanks Coolrain!)

I've been a personal fan of his works since the early days of his hand-made shoes/sneakers (which still eludes me till this day ggrrrr), and of his "Monsterz Crew" - which paralleled the aesthetics of my other idol, Michael Lau, and he came of his own with his own sense of aesthetics and style, especially with collaborations, like the "Dunkeys" - standing out from the pack of urban 1/6th at the time, and even now.

And I am able to relive all these toy-memories, in this book, and I am thankful, and grateful :)

One day, I truly hope to own a 1/6th-scaled figure or three from the auteur based in Korea, where my collection will be complete :)

[ More images HERE on Facebook ]

About Coolrain: "Coolrain has started his career as an animator and has built his own design world with the art toy. The first time he started to receive attention from the public was from the collaborative work he performed with NIKE Korea. Coolrain figure has the young generation spirit and culture in it. His own creativity and characteristics that target the young generation, made him start working as a figure artist in Korea. After that time, Coolrain is interacting with the public continuously in various ways through designing character products and participating in fashion work and visual work." (

#Coolrain Postcards FTW - thanks @coolrainlee ! #nolifewithouttoy #theartofcoolrain

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#throwbacktoythursday with Igor Ventura's Custom Dunnys

"I've been revisiting some old design ideas the last couple of months." starts Igor Ventura of, as he shares images of his recent commissioned custom 3" Dunnys = PERFECT for a #throwbacktoythursday post on TOYSREVIL!

The above-left based on originally painted-on-canvas character in 2012 named "UNFAIR LAW" … while above-right was a design he'd submitted to another platform toy project (circa 2010) named "WRONG ORDER".

Check out the full story in the caption of images featured below, and stay connected to his IG @igorventura for more!

More Reveals for "EVOLUTION What if..." from "Dunny Hecho En México"

A slew of reveals for the "Dunny Hecho En México"-custom series titled "EVOLUTION What if..." for your considerations today, including the CHASE Dunny custom! Scroll down to enjoy your art toy eye-candy!

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Above custom by Avatar 666 (IG @avatar_chakal).

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Above customs by WuzOne (IG @thewuz).

Above customs by Gabriel Carpio (IG @gabotprime).

Above custom by Jump Jumper Ant (IG @AntJumpJumper)

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Above custom by Yoste KMKZ (IG @yoste_kmkz), including the reveal of the "Chase" (seen below)!

Folks interested to score these are to heck out instructions here direct on Facebook or listed in my previous blog-entry :)

#SuckSalon: 1st Monthly Session featuring Tenacious Toys & Suckadelic Friday June 24th

TENACIOUS PRESS: "The fine folks at Suckadelic and Tenacious Toys cordially invite all avant-garde members of high society to a formal gathering which will henceforth be known as The Suck Salon.

This monthly gala will take place at the vaunted Suckadelic Sweatshop at 99 Canal Street in the up & coming "Chinatown" neighborhood of Manhattan. Scions of industry, scholars, debutantes and fashionistas will be in attendance. Libations will be consumed. Oddities, museum pieces, fine art and bric-a-brac will be bought and sold at the whim of those with the finest taste.

Attendance is required of all patrons of MyPlasticHeart, who will be summarily ejected from that fine venue at approximately 10pm upon the conclusion of the TOOFLY show."

TENACIOUS PRESS CONTINUED: "To find the Suck Salon, navigate the short promenade of Forsyth Street in a southerly direction. In 10 minutes, one will find oneself at Canal Street, where one will take a left. Ring buzzer #3C at 99 Canal Street.

When arriving at the red velvet rope of the Suck Salon, preference will be given to those with deep pockets. The hosts recommend arriving with gifts of ale, as well as large rolls of hard currency and stacks of charge cards. Your hosts remind you to stop at the deli downstairs to purchase libations."

Suckadelic Sweatshop
99 Canal Street #3C
New York, NY 10002

*Suck Salon Opens Friday June 24 at 9PM

Q Pop Proudly Presents Showa Era Manga Tribute Art Show (Opening June 25)

EVENT PRESS: "Celebrate the world's most famous vintage manga at Q Pop & Q2 Gallery! The Showa era is the period of Japanese history corresponding to the reign of the Showa Emperor Hirohito, from December 25, 1926 through January 7, 1989. Q Pop's new tribute art show will focus on manga published in the Showa Era, featuring modern artists inspired by the great comics produced during this fascinating period of art and culture in Japan." (Events Page on Facebook)

Opening June 25th (Opening Reception 7pm-10pm), the "Showa Era: Vintage Manga Tribute Art Show" exhibits thru July 17th, 2016 @ Q Pop
(319 E 2nd St, Ste 121, Los Angeles, California 90012).

Besides the artwork previews featured here, you can find out more about the Showa Era manga artists here, and stay connected via + Instagram @qpopshop.

(Cheers for the headsup, Greg)

Below images via #qpopshowa hashtag on Instagram!

Experimenting with video stuff. Oh and my wip for @qpopshop 's Showa Era tribute show #qpopshowa

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Sofubi Factory Tour with Candie Bolton & Other Kaiju-fueled Goodness!

"My friend Sharla just posted a video featuring some of my custom toys, a sofubi factory tour complete with an explanation of the whole process, and an after hours tour of Mori San's RealxHead shop." - shared Candie Bolton on

1st Birthday uni-horn Satyr in fairy look from Seulgie

Seulgie has released a a second colorway of her uni-horn Birthday Satyrs (first Baby Blue version sold out from myplasticheart) online, but alas as of this post, they are listed as "Sold Out"! I'd recommend you stay connected via her Instagram @seulgie._, in case you've already not, that is :)

Dropped June 21st, Seulgie explained;
"This colorway is what I had as the second option for one year anniversary release. I got five darker pink hair pieces by mistake… Wish good luck to those who missed baby blue Satyrs!"

ThreeA Toys' MASTER 5 revealed! Drops June 30th

ThreeA Toys' MASTER 5 revealed! Previously teased and blurred behind text, now the Popbot Tomorrow Kings prepare for toy-battle, with "7BONES MASTER 5" AKA "SAIGO 5" up front, flanked behind by Pre-Bones "MASTER 5", and "FUTURE INTERLOPER"!

Scheduled for a pre-order release on June 30th at - priced at US$180 each (price includes shipping via courier worldwide), I wonder which is the "3AA Version"… or perhaps there will be a 4th Master 5? :)

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Resin Elephants & Llamas from Amanda Visell

Amanda Visell offers two new resin sets/pairs up on, with both
CLEAR PINK SPARKLE PINK ELEPHANT & DRUNKY (above) an MOSS WOOD LLAMA & TOADSTOOL (seen below) priced at US$90, and limited to a run of 25 sets each.

#playingwith HORNSKULL from Skullman #toylife

Received my HORNSKULL (previously featured) from Taiwan's Skullman yesterday, and snapped a few which I am sharing here, along with a nifty lil'IG video clip of "on-hands" visuals … this non-articulated lil'beauty of a 7cm tall hand-painted resin figure can be had online via, along with other Skullman-goodness, like his new Rainbow Skulls!

One can't get enough of Skullman's SKULLS!

#HornSkull by @skullman #13ART handpainted #resintoy #toylife #arttoy #indietoy

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