The Coming of PREATOBOT by Hauke Scheer (for #10x10 Silent Auction on TOYSREVIL)

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U.R.I.-NAL 9000: "I heard you'll be auctioned off on TOYSREVIL, Preatobot?"

PREATOBOT: "Affirmative. I will be on silent auction soon, so please stay tuned to the TOYSRVIL-blog!"

As part of 10x10 (for #TOYSREVILTurns10), the proceeds from the Silent Auction of this piece from Hauke Scheer (thanks again!!!!) will help fund getting a new computer to help me continue bloggery for years more to come … Further details very soon :)


Tiberius Nimbus by Ink&Clog On Sale Now

Available to purchase online now for US$150 each is "Tiberius Nimbus" - featuring Ink&Clog customized Daydream Nimbus, designed by Paulus Hyu.

Launched since Feb 28th, only 30 pieces were done for this particular sized 5" resin French bulldog-inspired figures.

Avengers: Age of Ultron - 1/6 HULKBUSTER from Hot Toys

With the Incredible HULK announced just, Hot Toys presents the 1/6th-scale HULKBUSTER from the upcoming movie; Avengers: Age of Ultron! Check out the slideshow movie featured above, and/or head on over to this TOYSREVIL-Facebook album to view still images of this 21-inches tall behemoth … and if you scroll right to the bottom of this post, for an image swiped off the www, of "a Mark XLIII bust inside the Hulkbuster"??? Gotta a LOVE the www! Will update to ascertain authenticity of the pic, as well as product stats :)

HOT TOYS PRESS: "Ever since the first official appearance of the massive anti-Hulk Iron Man suit, Hulkbuster, in Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer, fans worldwide have been filled with excitement! Its fight against Hulk is an unforgettable moment from the clip and pushes the popularity of the huge machine to a new level even before the movie launch!

Today, we are proud to officially introduce the collectible figure that many fans and collectors have been longing for – the spectacular 1/6th scale Hulkbuster Collectible Figure!

The movie-accurate collectible figure is specially crafted based on the image of Hulkbuster in Avengers: Age of Ultron. This colossal figure stands approximately 55 cm (21 inches) tall, featuring a Mark XLIII bust inside the Hulkbuster with LED light-up eyes and arc reactor on chest. The metallic red, gold and silver armor with weathering effect, and over 16 LED light-up areas located in the eyes, chest, repulsor palms, back, and legs."

Custom Sponge Bob Dunnys by Blazon Brikhaus Drops March 7

Releasing Saturday March 7th at 12pm noon Eastern time here is this line-up of 5 x uniquely painted SPONGE BOB DUNNYS by Liz SanQuiche AKA Blazon Brikhaus/ Priced at US$50 per, you can take your pic from the selection - that's right, NOT blind pulls! :)

New Kendra Minadeo Watercolor Mighty Mini Set Available from Hero Complex Art

Now available via hcgart.com are "WALL-E AND FRIENDS" Print Set featuring watercolor art by Kendra Minadeo. The set of three is priced at US$30 (+ $6 Flat Ship / USA Domestic), with each Giclee Print sized approximately 5" x 5" and is in a Limited Edition of 50. A charming way to re-live the animated wonder, especially the scene with EVE out in open space :)

("Space Dance")

("Dirty Job")

("Lunch Break")

New 4-inch tall Bedtime Bunnie from Peter Kato In Spring time colors

the story so far: "To best explain what is to come, I wanted to share what currently is. Last Spring the Bedtime Bunnies made their first appearance and throughout the year have gained so much support. Thank you so much for literally breathing life into this series for me. From left to right the scale of the bunnies stayed at a petite 2.5 & 3 inch scale. Small, Medium, Artists Series & Eye Heart Bunnies. This was now."
Shared Peter Kato (Image seen above). And with this, he introduced the new larger 4-inch tall BEDTIME BUNNIE!

To be available in Spring time colors (pastel blues, pink, yellow, purple & a cool grey), a 100 pieces of the new sized Bunnies will be set up in New York City "for a wonderful Spring Easter Window display. Pics & info will be released once set up is done." ~ Stay tuned to Peter's instagram @peterkato (most pics via)

Super7 Does Astro-Mu for March 6th Drop

"From beyond the sands of time!
From the vastness of outer space! Astro-Mu is here!

"Super7 has finally acquired the rights to do some reissues of the very sought after and unobtainable Astro Mu 5 toys." reported Vinyl Pulse. And a trio of designs have since been revealed, along with a release date of March 6th, 12noon PST - with EARTH, JUPITER and MARS each priced at US$45 per - available via www.super7store.com and presumably via their store.

New Stretch Goal Announced: WANANEKO WITH CLEAR VINYL GUTS by Javier Jimenez

Javier Jimenez's WANANEKO IndieGoGo campaign has announce a new "Stretch Goal": WANANEKO WITH CLEAR VINYL GUTS! hek out the illustration he did as a tribute to Japanese artist and yokai master Shigeru Mizuki. "The vinyl guts will be very similar to those you can see in the illustration…" added Javier.

"If we reach the $10,000 goal, as soon as I get the first vinyl figures we will start sculpting the guts, and then ship them to Japan to be produced in vinyl. When they are done, a first clear with guts edition of Wananeko will be produced and offered first to those who backed this project, no matter what reward they chose. Backers will be able to get this version for $50 plus shipping, while the retail price for everybody else will be $75 , and I will contact all of you via email to ask if you are interested in purchasing it.

Please keep in mind that this will happen after the vinyl figure is made so the November estimate does not apply for this, and it might be ready by the end of the year. Of course I will keep everyone posted with info and pics."
-shared Javier Jimenez.

Check out the WANANEKO IndieGoGo campaign HERE!

Clear Blue Brainade by Emilio Garcia Available Now

Currently available for purchase here is the CLEAR BLUE BRAINADE from Emilio Garcia. Priced at 175€ per and limited to only 8pcs (+3 A/Ps), they ship in April.

Sized 3.5 inches tall, these clear color tinted resin "Brainades" are produced by LapoLab and Made in Spain.

Check out the below images which show a couple more editions (for possible future release) for your kind considerations. Clear Tinted Red + Black for a TOYSREVIL-Edition, please, thanks! Juz saying… :p


Pre-Order for Space Cobra: Soul Of Soft Vinyl Manga Series Begins March 24

Priced at 10,800 YEN for 270mm tall vinyl collectibles "Cobra" and "Lady", worldwide pre-order for Kingdom Come Studyo's Space Cobra (from Soul Of Soft Vinyl Manga Series) begins March 24th, 2014 at the following www-locals:

Thailand: www.kingdomcome.co.th
Japan: www.medicomtoy.co.jp
Hong Kong: Superman toy shop
USA and others: @unboxindustries

Event Video for DICHOTOMY @ Toy Art Gallery

"Toy Art Gallery is proud to present “DICHOTOMY”, a Doublethink Group Show. 40+ artists channel their inner undead doppelganger and customize the DOUBLETHINK soft vinyl figure created and sculpted by Takahiro Komuro (TKOM) and produced by TAG!"
You can purchase the customs online here via shop.toyartgallery.com although by now most of them have been listed as "Sold Out" ... the ones featured below have since already been spoken for ... :p

Above-left: Acid and Mushrooms by Johan Ulrich

Pre-Orders for Michael Lau's GUMGUMGUM ALEX + GUM“JENG!” ALEX from March 3-15

Information update for Michael Lau's figures forum Gum Gum's first anniversary, reveals a 2-figure box set featuring both GUMGUMGUM ALEX + GUM“JENG!” ALEX - priced at US$199 + SHIPPING, with a run limit of 299pcs each. Worldwide Online Orders begin March 3rd thru ti March 15th, ith delivery from May 2015. You can score your furry suited and black apron-ed figures via GUM-GUM-GUM.COM.

Teaser for Sam Fout's Upcoming "Satan's Aces"

Check out this short teaser / promo video for my Sam Fout's new upcoming toy line; Satan's Aces! (Psst: It contains full sneaks of all the sculpts to come…) Cute animals with destructive capabilities and weapons of war at their disposal? LOCK'N'LOAD, PEOPLE!!!!!

Designed & painted by Sam Fout (IG @samfout), sculpted and cast by or DuBoseArt (IG @duboseart) - each toy limited to 50 pieces, with the first one, Ironside Battalion coming soon! (Video & original music by @product614)

Birthday Custom Releases from JonPaul Kaiser

So JonPaul Kaiser has been celebrating his birthday over the weekend (Happy Birthday, mate!) with a series of custom-toy releases via his online, with the trio of pieces featured here today since been SOLD.

Seen above is his splendid Screaming for the Sunrise (based on a Yoskay Yamamoto piece), followed by the 8" tall Fujisan (original figure by Bigfoot and Dragatomi) and finally the Polar Assault Infantry (based on a 3" Dunny). Stay tuned t o his Instagram @jonpaulkaiser to see if there's any further "surprises" to lookout for!

Jangles the Pug-wok by Cesar Diaz

Cesar Diaz shares with us his latest creation: "Jangles the Pug-Wok - currently available here for $15.
"He was digitally sculpted using Zbrush, 3D printed and then casted in resin for the final product. Figure is hand painted using Citadel acrylic paints and then sprayed with a matte varnish for protection and stands approximately 3 inches tall." -added Cesar Diaz.


Snaps for SOTOYS @ Lou Belle Shop launched on Feb 28

Here's a first few snaps of the launch of SOTOYS at Lou Belle Shop yesterday February 28th (pics+info courtesy of @TRLbandung) - featuring new practitioners in the indie art toy scene in Bandung, Indonesia! SOTOYS exhibits thru March 7th, 2015. Stay tuned for more pics and info :)

(Above: HANK by WHOP)

(Above: "Fald fams" variable dimension by yeyeyeaaghh)

(Above: elmot | elmit by Bilal. Boyd)

Wonder Festival 2015 (Winter) & The Realizing The Difference With Anime Festival Asia

Prepping and posting newsery for Wonder Festival 2015 (Winter), it had dawned on me why I had my personal disappointments with the annual Anime Festival Asia here in Singapore: Because I had myself been "accepting" AFA to be the by-default version of WonderFest!

With constantly seeing the images and videos of WonderFest through the years, I had transferred my desire to see toys thru to AFA, since my coverage from 2008, had an abundance of. The primary difference being, AFA showcased mass market licensed properties from anime and as well toy brands, whereas events like WonderFest also included much more indie brands and designers. "Cosplay" is one of the factors which links the two, IMHO.

The excitement of seeing Medicom Toy products on display at AFA 2008 (itself a effort via the toys' distributors in SG), parlays now to brands like Bandai, Tamashii Nations, Good Smile Company holding court in AFA. Truth be told, one of my fave exhibitors is Bandai, where they make available TONS of merch for sale, some with sweet prices too! That's how I could afford to pick up Wild Tiger and Barnaby Brooks Jr (from Tiger & Bunny) S.H.Figuarts collectibles a few years back, which in turn led me down a renewed path to anime toys! Passion for the genre represented by "purchasing ability" has always been a boon and bugbear for myself personally thru the years anyways LOL

And for years, I've oft lamented the lack of more "indie" artists/designers/creators at AFA … names like TOUMA, DEVILROBOTS, Mori Chack et al - essentially folks we might see in SG toycons! Fair enough they need not be housed in individual booths, but perhaps in a sole pavilion, under a sole banner. If TOYSREVIL has the ability and resources, I would do that ("cost" being the biggest issue, of course, I am not naive ;p), and want to do that without a shred of doubt (or "business acumen" obviously LOL). And as for "licensed characters by-way-of anime culture" = I am sure they designers have products to cater to that notion/concept? Or can cater to that notion, as "fanarts" is one of the key proponents in the culture, no? *nudge-nudge*

Be that as it may, I have come to acknowledge that both AFA and WF are indeed two separate entities, and I laugh at myself because it took me YEARS later til today to realize+recognize the difference! Blame my fanboy-head for dwelling amongst the clouds for far too long, I guess LOL

Nevertheless, AFA is geographically closer to myself anyways, while WonderFest and all Japan-based events, while ever remain a dream destination ...

And while I have since since ended my blog-coverage for AFA 2014, featured below are two videos with a combined total of over 45 minutes' worth of filmed toys, collectibles and statues seen at WF2015W, for your gawking pleasures (**there are some repeats/overlaps in both videos). I have been screengrabbing images like a madman tho LOL (and montaged in images featured above), of course since posted HERE on the TOYSREVIL Facebook. ENJOY!


The above featured 18+minuter "Tokyo Toy Fiend Invades Wonder Festival" features quite a number of names/toy-makers/customizers familiar to this blog (Instinctoy! RAMPAGE TOYS! Ohmy!), while the below 27+minuter from antibiotictab showcases tons of licensed kaiju characters as well. Are there any more videos I am missing out? Share with us in the comments section of this blog-post, thanks!

TOYSREVIL @ Anime Festival Asia 2014 / Public Impressions

One cannot deny the popularity of the annual Anime Festival Asia event in Singapore, for what I reckon is roaring "success" in terms of awareness and perhaps even "attendance" ("business wise" I have not stats to claim otherwise), and as it spreads to other parts of Asia - like Indonesia, Malaysia and this year we'll see the launch of AFA Thailand - the presentation of all-things Japanese anime is a force to be reckoned with here in this part of the world.

When I found out AFA was taking up the entire 4th floor at Suntec City Convention Center, I was both esthetic and gripped in "fear" - which essentially meant MORE goodness to gawk at (if not MORE space to maneuver LOL), mixed up with the tangible "fear" that my physicality might not be able to take the "punishment" of walking around too long too much!

[All "Live" Instagrammed Images for #AFA2014 HERE on FB]

Alas with a one-day only pass provided, my coverage has since been condensed to that one day of milling about the thronging crowd and incessant noise of merriment choking the air. But the mood seems "right", seems "apt" (versus the night market that STGCC has become, IMHO). Two days spread out would have been perfect for covering the event, but no I do not run the show.

Contained herein are links to photo albums on the TOYSREVIL-Facebook for the select booths I had a chance to snap pics of via my iPhone3, as well I've decided to let some folks comment on the event itself instead of my yammering LOL

Thanks again to Hauke Scheer for keeping me company throughout!

[More images of GOOD SMILE CO @ AFA HERE on FB]
"Hahaha it's actually pretty manageable, of you are into saunas or steam room, pretty much the same. Haha AFA was fun! The crowd's great too!" - shared Wilson Cai - who was underneath the OO-KUN Mascot at the Animax booth! (Dance Video on FB)

[More images of Artist Alley AKA "Creators Hub" @ AFA HERE on FB]
"AFA was great but I was kind of stuck at my booth again most of the time so didn't really get to move around much. But I do hope that they can display more new figures that's not release yet like Wonder Fest." -shared ZiQi Wu of Monster Little, who was boothing at Creators Hub at AFA.

[More images of TAMASHII NATIONS @ AFA HERE on FB]
"As a "first time" exhibitor at AFA , it was really great and the crowd surprised me! I was a bit worried because my art is totally not related to anime/fan art lol ! Love the experience XD" -shared Shenly Yee from D'creativeholic - whom I purchased a Cheeky Fly from!

[More images of MEGAHOUSE @ AFA HERE on FB]
"I'm a bit annoyed by nissin booth. Because I was hungry and it smells sooooooo goood. lol

I thought it was pretty good. Personally I felt it was more organized and better run than STGCC (as an attendee) but of course the experience could be pretty different as an exhibitor."
- Illustrator, Jerry Teo (Creator of Rex Regrets)

[More images of VOLKS @ AFA HERE on FB]
"From the photos and videos I've seen and from reviews of a friend who worked there, I must say they have improved. Though I didn't go in the end, the mini events held here and there are interesting at least in words.

But I didn't go because the contents felt repetitive. Skipping this year wouldn't feel much difference as next year would be around the same or similar. They tried to be innovative with niconico karaoke booth and SnK 3D Manoevre stuff. Also SAO Oculus rift was cool. Next year should be have one la~"
- Thero Dennis

[More images of GUNDAM @ AFA HERE on FB]

5 Years since AFA has been happening in Singapore, and I think it's time I went to "enjoy" my geekself, than to attempt to "cover" it on the TOYSREVIL-blog … but maybe on my I Not Otaku-blog? We'll see as the months go along, shall we?



[More images of Latendo @ AFA HERE on FB]

[More images of IDOLMASTER @ AFA HERE on FB]


“Rajah Dreams” by Jeremiah Ketner for WonderGround Gallery (March 14 Release)

Jeremiah Ketner is headed back to WonderGround Gallery come March 14th, where his latest piece “Rajah Dreams” (featured above) will be made available as prints and other merch at the locale in Downtown Disney District, California. Lovely work as usual!

No word if they'll be available online, so stay tuned to Jeremiah's Instagram @smallandround or @wondergroundgallery for any updates!

Twisted Mouse Show @ PIQ: Flyer & Artwork Previews (Opens March 14)

Opening March 14 at PIQ (8 Grand Central TerminalNew York, NY) is the group art show titled "Twisted Mouse", featuring, well, the infamous Mouse as twisted and re-envisioned by a slew of artists in one-of-a-kind customs figures, prints and canvases. Check out some previews I thralled thru the www for, and as well the above artwork in the flyer is by Vincent Scala, and am looking forward to be seeing MORE ~ (Cheers for the headsup, Sabina)

Above Custom by Jay222

Above Artwork by Betso

Above WIP Artwork by JFury
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