TOYSREVIL @ #PopconAsia 2015: My Impressions, Wrap-Up + Q+A

WHAT-IS: ""PopCon" is a shorter word of "Popular Culture Convention", the biggest festive in Asia to celebrate creative contents such as Comic, Toys, Films and Animation from the creator to the growing market of teens and young-adults."
ANDY-SAYS: From promotional advertising and presence at the Jakarta Convention Center, to layout of ticketing counters, layout plan of the event and listing of vendors at the event, this was a decently conceived exhibition! Alas the exit point was a chore (you had only one way out throughout the length of the entrance) leading to the public toilet outside located beside the front entrance… D'oh!

Popcon Asia enters it's 3rd year of existence this year, from Jakarta, Indonesia … and while I've blogged about them from the beginning, this year was my first physical visit (thanks to these kind gentlemen) and I am left surprised, envigored and enriched for the experience!

ANDY-SAYS: The entrance portal was a blackout tunnel with UV lighting effects, to carry on the "cosmic" theme of Popcon Asia this year. And while I can say for myself it was "not effective", the number of people who stopped to take pictures and selfless, proved me utterly "wrong" LOL … Perhaps more images along the wall could have helped guide and welcome in visitors / attendees? Images sponsored by the brands in the event, of course :)

The usage of the event mascot and it's character logos really helped "brand" the event, which in a case of a geek-convention as such, is worth devoting time and energy to, and makes a difference between any other trade conventions, IMHO.
[ More images HERE on FB ]
What first caught my attention, was the sheer amount of people thronging the aisles of Assembly Hall (1,2,3) of the Jakarta Convention Center, where Popcon laid their hat this year! What started as a silent Sunday morning August 9th, very quickly swelled by lunch time (as the pictures posted here show), and carried thru the day until the doors closed. I was told the Saturday prior was even more intense too! Hard to believe until I saw it with my own eye(s), compared to pictures of earlier conventions where the crowd seemed a tad "sparse", truth be told.

ANDY-SAYS: The top two pics showed the locale when the door opened at 10+am … but the space grew packed real quick before lunchtime (folks there tend to start later, but then they do…) [ More images HERE on FB ]

Perhaps the crowd was also due to the location itself, where a total of three events were being held that weekend in JCC, including Popcon. And while the foot traffic may had been maximized, to note Popcon was also a ticketed event (ie: not free entry), so kudos to folks who had chosen to spend more $$ and their day visiting the convention.

So perhaps in lieu of individual cash registers ringing (Not that I have any data supporting this assumption), you've got at least eyeballs on your product / art, and it is always a positive sign when you art and brands gets attention, IMHO...

Regardless, the event organizers deserve massive kudos for their efforts, and it is my ardent wish for all creators to have their works and art flourish both in their own country, and beyond their shores!

Scroll down this post to view more images snapped at Popcon Asia 2015, along with a quick Question-&-Answer round with a few select folks, both boothing and attending the annual show, including Indonesia-based Kendy Tan (IG @kendytan), Eric Noah (IG @eric_noah), Eric Wijnata (IG @thespacewanderer_), David Tan (IG @davidthekiller), Rendy Ranata (IG @halorendy), and from Singapore; Shenly Yee (IG @wackymons) and Shawn Siow (IG @drawslowly).

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TOYSREVIL: What is your impression of Popcon Asia 2015? As compared to previous years?
KENDY TAN (Creator of "Boron"): "It was much better than last year. More organized and very strategic location."
ERIC NOAH (1/3 of MUTE): "My impression for this year popcon is … awesome!! Bigger place than last year..but audience isn't too excited than last year (for designer toys alleys)."
ERIC WIRJANATA (AKA "The Space Wanderer"): "I love Popcon 2015 more than any other Popcon. The visitors to my booth might not as much as before. But the quality of the visitors are better. More people come to buy, while previous year more people coming just looking for freebies."
RENDY RANATA (Attendee): "This year, Popcon Asia really showed off a lot of local talents! It's getting better and better especially their venue layout and concept, it's a great opportunity for young talents and professional talents to show off their skill!"

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DAVID THE KILLER (Attendee): "Popcon 2015 is way better in terms of how they managed and did it. Better place (location/venue), and the promotions are great.

The great thing about Popcon this year is that what their first focus is effectively executed. All local talents are gathered into one (spot), and placed accordingly. I remember last time, most of them were located in wrong area and some are like in isolated zone…

But however, in terms of how visitors' buying (power), (it is) still weak, it cannot be blamed, but Popcon is a good start especially to introduce our arts to public."

ANDY-SAYS: I am excited at the sheer amount of creator-owned creations and characters at Popcon Asia, way beyond "fanarts" seen in local / SG conventions - from comicbooks, to fanzines, to paper toys, to character figures and sculpts, even lifestyle merchandizing and educational illustration - the breath of variety is inspiring, IMHO. [ More images HERE on FB ]
TOYSREVIL: Is this your first time to Popcon Asia? What is your impression of the event? Is it comparable to local / other conventions like STGCC?
SHENLY YEE: "Yes, this is my first time. It was an awesome and fun event, I've met a lot friendly and supportive friends and fans at Popcon Asia. The event was well organised and the crowd was great too!"
SHAWN SIOW: "Indeed it's my first time in Popcon Asia.

Impressive! There are many small touches in the decoration of the event, giving visitors nice surprises and a sense of entering a new environment. And it's a joyest feeling to see so many original comic creations from their local community instead of fan arts, something I really hope to see in our own events.

The event organizers also did a lot of support for their own local artist, without forgetting foreign participants such as us, by getting everyone together to participate in talks and activities, to share and expose everyone to the public. It's definitely up to par compared to the rest of our local conventions, even better in some sense, with alot more heart."

[ More images HERE on FB ]
ANDY-SAYS: Singapore-based comic book illustrator Shawn Siow of Draw Slowly said one thing which kept playing thru my mind since, to the likes of "So hard trying to meet up for coffee in Singapore, and yet can meet up in another country!" - Hilarious so, and too true! Besides that, the chance to meet up with tons of familiar faces and old friends, and getting to meet new folks, was such a treat for me personally!
TOYSREVIL: Will you booth again for Popcon Asia 2016? Why? Or Why Not?
SHENLY YEE (AKA "Wackymons"): "Yes, I'm looking forward it. I feel that the fans there are really heartwarming and I would like to further develop my fanbase as well as build my network with the local artist community."
SHAWN SIOW: "I would definitely join Popcon Asia 2016 again if chances arises. It is a good exposure for artist to show people other then your own community your work of creation, and the chance to interact with like minded people of other culture brings great satisfaction."
KENDY TAN: "I "Might" be take a booth next year. There are a lot of consideration. Depends on what Popcon bring to us as a toy designer. We need international attention rather than local only"
ERIC NOAH: "Next years ofcourse..i will booth again..i want to launch my toys prototype there..^^ and i just happy can gath with a lot designer.."
DAVID THE KILLER: "… maybe, let's see what I can offer next year first LOL"

[ More images HERE on FB ]

TOYSREVIL: What do you think can be improved next time?
RENDY RANATA (Attendee): "More productive and creative workshop and a lot of art involving activities for visitors is actually the most exciting part!"
DAVID THE KILLER (Attendee): "Keep up what they did this year, more gaining local talents by maybe lower the cost of the booth, more promotion"
KENDY TAN (Creator of "Boron"): "Special guests. International Artist/s either from comic/toys. you know that people coming to Popcon to see awesome artwork from artist alley section. How about those artist alley artist meet their fav international artist? That will be awesome and could be an another boost for local artist to perform their work better and better."
ERIC NOAH (1/3 of "MUTE"): "Next year hope the booth price not so high … haha and for toys designer, i hope you guys can show up next year..i know a lot not come this year.."
ERIC WIRJANATA (AKA "The Space Wanderer"): "More toys and more international artists and buyer to be invited."
SHENLY YEE (AKA "Wackymons"): "It will be good if the artist alley booth at Toy section and Comic & Illustration section can be combined."
SHAWN SIOW: "The organizers did a pretty good job. I would love to see more activities that would bring the artists together, or activities that allows the artists to interact with the public besides the usual booth to booth procedure."
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(Above group pic by Eric Wirjanata / Thanks for the love, everyone!)

Glow-in-the-Dark JIANG SHI BEARBRICK for #STGCC2015

Action City will release the "Jiang Shi (Glow in the Dark Version)" BE@RBRICK at #STGCC2015, and that has gotten me all excited (and "stressed", as tons of folks woold be buying multiples to make a an army ggrrrr) - and I'll buy it solely on the packaging alone!!!

A collaboration with Medicom Toy, this exclusive is in remembrance of iconic Hong Kong vampire films of yesteryear like Mr Vampire (僵尸先生) and Encounters of the Spooky Kind (鬼打鬼). Available would be the 100% and 400% versions (no price point revealed as yet tho…) … and be on the lookout for the 1000% version on display!

ActionCity Exclusive BE@RBRICK - Jiang Shi

ActionCity Exclusive BE@RBRICK - Jiang Shi First Launch @ STGCC 2015 Like and share this video to win 1 of 5 ActionCity Exclusive BE@RBRICK 100% - Jiang Shi (Glow in the Dark Version)

Posted by Action City on Friday, August 21, 2015
Date & Time : Sept 12, 2015 (Saturday) / 10.00am – 9.00pm
Sept 13, 2015 (Sunday) / 10.00am – 8.00pm
Venue : Marina Bay Sands, Sands Expo and Convention Center, Level 1, Halls B and C
Booth Number : F3

1/6 Exclusives & 1/1 Dioramas by Hot Toys for #STGCC2015

#STGCC2015 will see Hot Toys releasing the world premiere and pre-order of exclusive 1/6th scale collectible figures from Iron Man and Star Wars by Hot Toys - including Iron Man "Mark XXIV" (Tank), The Avengers' "Maria Hill", Star Wars' "Luke Skywalker" and Metal Gear Solid's "Inferno Armor Raiden". Traditionally the longest queue to be had at very con in Singapore, I seriously do not doubt there would any difference for this year's offerings!

PRESS RELEASE: "Iron Man 3 Mark XXIV (Tank) Collectible Figure. The Heavy Combat Suit is made available at STGCC, accompanied by Mark IX and Mark XXVII (Disco) mini collectibles, forming a trio ideal for reenacting the scene in the Iron Man 3 poster featuring the House Party Protocol Suits fired up in mid-air!

Feeding more movie mania is the Maria Hill Collectible Figure. The tenacious agent from The Avengers will finally come in the form of a collectible, much to the delight of fans. Yet another spine-tinglingly movie-accurate collectible from Hot Toys, this piece is based on the image of actress Colbie Smulders."

PRESS CONTINUED: "One year after Hot Toys celebrated winning the rights to produce characters from the Star Wars universe at STGCC, the toy manufacturing giant releases a special version of Luke Skywalker, designed based on the image of actor Mark Hamill, disguised as a Stormtrooper, reminiscent of the scene in Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope, where Skywalker slips into the detention centre to rescue Princes Leia.

Collectors will know that movie-centric toys are not all Hot Toys is noted for. To show gaming collectible geeks some love, Hot Toys brings cyborg Raiden, one of the most famous characters from the game series Metal Gear, to STGCC. The Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance character stands gloriously armored in striking metallic red and gold."

Date & Time : Sept 12, 2015 (Saturday) / 10.00am – 9.00pm
Sept 13, 2015 (Sunday) / 10.00am – 8.00pm
Venue : Marina Bay Sands, Sands Expo and Convention Center, Level 1, Halls B and C
Booth Number : F3

PRESS: "Get your ‘green’ on with Hulk vs Hulkbuster! Are you big, green and mean enough? Be sure to practice your Hulk face and muscle-flexing as fans will get to challenge the real deal at STGCC. Requiring three months of labour from over 30 staff and partners, as well as an additional 8 hours to set up for display, is the 7m x 8.5m Hulk vs Hulkbuster. The jaw-dropping installation will keep you entertained with many a photo opportunity." (Pic via “Singapore Toy Game & Comic Convention STGCC 2015”)
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