Max Toy Co is currently taking pre-orders for a new CLEAR WITH RED GLITTER KAIJU KING NEGORA online here for US$150, with this pretty beast of vinyl sized approx. 10 inches tall x 6” wide X 6.25” inches deep. Mark Nagata added;
"Please note, this is a PRE ORDER. We will take orders for the next few weeks (up to a pre determined quantity, so we may stop orders at any time). We will than place our order with the vinyl factory. From there it goes to the painting factory than shipped to the USA. This process typically takes from 6-8 weeks. However, delays do happen and this can add another 1-2 weeks. There are no cancellations and refunds only in the event we can not deliver the product to you."
Sculpted by Yoshihiko Makino (@tttoy_makino), the Kaiju King Negora can be posed three ways: sitting, standing & attack pose!

A video posted by mark nagata (@maxtoyco) on

"Tiny Ghost" by Bottleneck Gallery x Bimtoy

Bottleneck Gallery produces and releases Bimtoy’s TINY GHOST - currently available to purchase online via, in a trio of colorways (see below). Standing 5 inches tall, note that the first 200 toys purchased (today) will come with a free Tiny Ghost enamel pin.

Tiny Ghost (OG Edition) @ US$20 per
Tiny Ghost (Silver Edition) @ US$25 per (*Edition of 125)
Tiny Ghost (Gold Edition) @ US$30 per (*Edition of 75 - SOLD OUT at time of this post!)

"We’re really proud of our first completed collaborative project, Tiny Ghost, with vinyl toy extraordinaire, Reis O’Brien. Reis is the Senior Product Designer at Funko, and we’ve been massive fans of his work for a while. (Check out Reis’ instagram to see more of his rad work!) Tiny Ghost is a small creation that’s been a giant labor of love from all of us at Bottleneck and Reis." (Bottleneck Gallery)

Secret Base's SPONGEBOB DX Purple/Clear Drops Jan 20th on Toy Art Gallery

TAG PRESS: ”Coming Friday to Toy Art Gallery, a new SPONGEBOB DX from Secret Base! The PURPLE/CLEAR SPONGEBOB DX features a white vinyl inner skeleton with a split outer shell, one half clear and the other in glorious full color! Also included is a cool SpongeBob enamel pin!

The PURPLE/CLEAR SPONGEBOB DX is available this Friday 01/20 at 12PM PST at for $115!”

[ Individual images HERE on Facebook ]

Unicorn Kiss by Lora Zombie x Eyes On Walls Releases Jan 20th

Eyes On Walls is excited to announce the release of Lora Zombie's first vinyl toy release - UNICORN KISS!

Available in 4 colors (White, Pink, Black, Blue) - each magical mythical creature stands 5 inches tall (including horn), and will be priced at US$25 each per vinyl figure (or a Set of 4 for US$95 + Free Sticker) - on sale January 20th at 1pm EST online via!

ABOUT LORA ZOMBIE: "Born in a small town in Russia, in 1990, Lora Zombie was set on becoming an artist a very early age. The self-taught painter first gained recognition in the late 2000s as her work circulated online, reaching millions of people through blogs, news outlets, and social media. She is now a top seller on the urban art scene and has gained the attention of the art world at large. In recent years, Lora has taken the gallery scene by storm with exhibitions in London, Los Angeles, Toronto, New York and Russia - bringing in the interest of collectors and fans worldwide." (Check out her art work available here on

(Cheers for he headsup, Mary!)

void-departure by coarse Available For Sale at Everyday Mooonday

You might have see this sculpt on display at coarse’s past/present exhibition at Everyday Mooonday in South Korea … announced today is the sale of the “void departure”, in an extremely limited run of only 5 pieces! No prices revealed for this handmade resin original, so folks might want to email in to “” for enquiries … their previous Omen fade - full moon has since Sold Out, so you might want to email them stat!

“past/present” by coarse exhibits thru February 11th @ Everyday Mooonday Gallery @ 9-17 Songpadong, Songpagu, Seoul, Korea.

Meanwhile, here’s a relook at the lil’slideshow video I made of the exhibits :)

Yosiell Lorenzo’s Sicklings Winter Collection & Orphans from Dudleytown Drops Jan 19th

Yosiell Lorenzo sends word that he will be dropping his first release of the year on Thursday January 19, 2017 @ Available will be The Sicklings Winter Collection.
"This colorway will only be available in January. The collection includes The Winter Gatherer, The Winter Traveller, and Glacia the winter witch woodland orphan. I will also have a small batch of new minis, ice lavender, ice gray and ice teal, these will be an edition of 10 and come numbered and signed."
"Along with this release, I'm also doing a new set of one of a kind Orphans from Dudleytown. I created custom shadowboxes to put my orphans in. The orphans are mounted on wood cut-outs and each orphan comes with their own story. The shadowboxes vary is sizes and are ready to hang."

(*Check out still images seen in the slideshow video above HERE on Facebook)

MONSTROSITIES @ myplasticheart (Feb 4-Mar 4, 2017)

MPH PRESS: ”Our annual MONSTROSITIES show is back with an impressive lineup of some previous favorites as well as a number of new additions! This year’s exhibit features the work of 12 amazing US and Japanese Kaiju artists including the following: Blobpus / Candie Bolton / Gabriella June / Guumon / Kearjun / Oltretomba / Paul Kaiju / Mechavirus / Michael Devera / Monsterfoot Creations / Planet X / Splurrt

MONSTROSITIES opens on Saturday Feb 4th from 7-10pm. Paul Kaiju, Oltretomba, Splurrt items will be available via lottery at 8:30PM during opening night. More release info will be updated shortly. Music provided by DJ Unchi.”
(RSVP on Facebook)

Opening Reception Saturday, February 4th, 2017 7 – 10pm
Exhibition runs through March 4th, 2017

myplasticheart toy store & gallery
210 Forsyth St.
New York NY 10002

The Coming of SUSHI CARS Mini Series from Tokidoki

You cannot deny the cuteness of Simone Legno-created characters, and Tokidoki toys are known to lure you in with their adorability and kill you with their kawaii! (Since my first post back in 2005, for the Cactus Friends) … And the latest series to come, is their SUSHI CARS!

Thus far we have seen a few images of your usual Tokidoki-characters, riding a Sushi-car! Expect more to be revealed (on Instagrams @simonelegno and @tokidokibrand) leading up to their release on February 17th on!


DC Bombshells Pop!Vinyls by Funko Coming in February!

FUNKO PRESS: "When the men are off to fight in World War II, it's up to the ladies of DC Comics to guard the homefront! Introducing DC Bombshells Pop! Vinyls!

Collect Harley Quinn, Batgirl, Wonder Woman, and Katana with a pinup style and dieselpunk flair! Wonder Woman has a sepia-toned chase variant, a 1 in 6 rarity!

Look for special exclusives, like black-and-white Harley Quinn (only at ThinkGeek), and The Joker covered in kisses! The Joker and his black-and-white chase variant are only available at Hot Topic!"

(*Purchase via these links will help support TOYSREVIL - Thank You!)

ToyGeeks Episode One

The first episode of Toy Geeks has launched, and Ben Goresky breaks out his "Back To The Future" DeLorean for an appearance, and the three amigos review Ron English’s Lady Liberty Grin, the Rick and Morty Blind Box Mini Series, and talks “pins” from FLTodd, Moc Toys and Special Ed Toys.


ink visuals’ Headspace calaveras Drop Jan 18th

ink visuals shares with us his latest custom series; “HEADSPACE CALAVERAS” - featuring a Dia de los muertos (day of the dead) inspiration to Luke Chueh’s headspace, ”with the three heads matched perfect with each prospect of life, death and the present, which is important to not only the holiday but for us all in our personal lives as well. “ - added Rob (ink_visuals) Ramirez

Hand painted with 100% Swarovski crystals - this is a run size of 1 all black, 1 all white, 1 black with white flakes(Oreo edition) and 1 white with black flakes(cookies and cream edition) = and can be had on for US$200 each, from 1/18/17at 6pm PST.

His previous headspace custom sold out pretty quick, so don’t be dally with your purchasing considerations for too long, buddy!

原始的なモンスター PRIMITIVE MONSTER by Frank Mysterio Available Now!

Available for sale now on is a brand new soft vinyl figure from Frank Mysterio! Known as the “原始的なモンスター Primitive monster” - this 9-inch tall beast features 3 x points of articulation, with this particular first edition in mat white color, and priced at US$50 per - limited to a run of only 20pcs in this colorway.

Stay connected to his Instagram @frankmysterio for further updates!

I had asked Frank for the Origin of the figure, and that if he was a part of the "same universe" as Anticristo666 (which was sculpted by Chauskoskis), and that if we will be seeing more colorway editions of 原始的なモンスター Primitive monster? Or just hand-paints? This is his reply;
"The Primitive Monster arose from a work in the aftermath of antichisto666, (I had) wanted to make a new vinyl toy, (that) was designed and sculpted by myself, and was a totally bizarre beast ... (he) is not a brother of the antichristo but it is a beast abstract ... for now the unpainted version is on sale, but next will be mini series hand painted by me and artists from all over the world."

JAVIER JIMENEZ for #ByeBye2016Hello2017

WHAT-IS: TOYSREVIL asked a few select folks how their year was in 2016, and what plans are ahead for 2017! Stay tuned to continued coverage of JAVIER JIMENEZ on #TOYSREVIL!

TOYSREVIL: How was 2016 for you? Share with us your most triumphant moment in 2012. Any disappointments you’d like to share with us?
JAVIER JIMENEZ: “Now that I get to look back at 2016 in full, I’m amazed by how much stuff I’ve made!

Last year saw a lot of StickUp Monsters releases, including two new mini figures: the Ghost Bat and Maneki Wananeko. But most important, I was finally able to wrap up my Indiegogo project and ship all the last rewards to my backers after some serious factory delays.

Of course I traveled to a couple of toy conventions. This year it was ToyCon UK in London and Taipei Toy Festival in well, Taipei. It was my first time at both and I had a blast! It was also my first time in Taiwan and fans made it really special. Their love and enthusiasm for toys is amazing!

I did a couple of conventions in Spain too, but I was mostly trying to show my toys rather than sell them, since here people don’t really collect or even understand toy collecting. I’m just glad I was able to raise a bit of interest in some people.

As for disappointments, I guess the only one I had was not visiting Japan for the first time after going 3 years in a row.”

TOYSREVIL: What is your most favorite toy, or piece of art you've seen in 2016?
JAVIER JIMENEZ: “One that definitely stands out for me, though I do not own it, is the mixed parts version of King Korpse by James Groman and Instinctoy.”

During my talk on vinyl toys and sofubi at Madrid Gaming Experience IFEMA. Vinyl toys are very unknown in Spain. Most people see them and think they are just cheap bootleg toys, so they freak out at the prices. Everytime I have the chance I try to show these toys to people and make them understand that there's way more behind these toys than what they see. In this talk I touched just a bit of vinyl toys history, showed them what's popular right now and why it's popular, and I also showed them how they are made (but just sofubi) and painted. The feedback was really positive and I hope this brings more collectors to the scene. But what I'm sure about is that at least the people who listened to my talk will now respect vinyl toys as an art. A big THANK YOU to everyone who came by to listen. I was honestly hoping just a few guys but in the end almost all seats were full! #stickupmonsters #sofubi #vinyltoys #javierjimenezxl #toys

A photo posted by Javier Jiménez (@javierjimenezxl) on

TOYSREVIL: What are you most looking forward to in 2017? Any plans for your work, for the new year you can share with us? Or not share with us, but can tease us with?
JAVIER JIMENEZ: “2017 is a very promising year for StickUp Monsters! For now, I’ve already plans to be at ToyCon UK and TTF again. There will be another surprise for Taiwan fans and I might also visit Japan again.

As for toys, we’re currently finishing the sculpt of a new figure and working on some new characters for a new project. There’s a lot going on right now and I hope to be able to show some stuff soon.”

(Latest colorway of Tiger Boss with Max Toy Co that has since Sold Out)

TOYSREVIL: Share with us, WHO you are and what you do?
"I am Javier Jimenez of StickUp Monsters, and I love creating my own characters and turning them into toys. These toys are made in either Japanese soft vinyl or in resin and hand painted by myself.

You can see my work on:
Instagram @JavierJimenezXL
Twitter @JavierJimenezXL"

[PRESSPLAY] #ARTISTANONYMOUS - Toy Makers at Library@Orchard (Jan 21) - featuring Daniel Yu & Pobber

EVENT PRESS: "You might have seen their works, now get to know the people behind them. #ArtistAnonymous is our series of PRESSPLAY panel talks where we invite local artisans to talk about their profession, and share their collaborative works done with fellow creatives.

In our Toy Makers session, meet young local toymakers that have made their mark in the realm of vinyl collectibles. The talk invites Daniel Yu, an independent creator and Pobber, a studio that works with artists to realise their designs."
(Facebook Events Page)
ARTIST BIO: Daniel Yu is a Singaporean sculptor who works primarily in the medium of clay and resin. Heavily influenced by an upbringing steeped in local tradition, as well as pop culture ephemera; his works combine both worlds of imagination. His investigations centre on the intrinsic value of memory and the use of storytelling as a tool that highlights social and cultural similarities. His works offer a means of escapism from the real world, yet remain largely shaped by his personal experiences. Daniel’s fictitious characters see a cult following amongst the urban and subculture art scene in both Singapore and abroad."

Entry to the event is FREE, and you can register online here, as well check out more of PRESSPLAY’s events on Facebook.

If you are unfamiliar with the both names, check out continued coverage of Daniel Yu and Pobber (helmed by Jake Lee) on TOYSREVIL!

“[PRESSPLAY] #ARTISTANONYMOUS - Toy Makers” is scheduled at 2:30PM - 4:00PM on Saturday January 21st, at Library@Orchard (#03-12 & #04-11 Orchard Gateway, Singapore 238858).

ARTIST BIO: "Pobber has been collaborating with artists worldwide on art collectibles since 2009. Based in Singapore, they are an independent art figure development studio, working with artists, illustrators and brands to bring their ideas to life. Since 2009, Pobber has participated in various conventions around the world and curated art shows in Singapore and Korea. In 2011, they worked with South African designer Kris Hewitt and renowned Hollywood sound studio Two Steps from Hell to produce their art collectible ‘Hot Date’ (seen above). In 2016, they received multiple nominations in the annual Designer Toy Awards including Brand of the Year and Toy of the Year."


Introducing the “MACINBOT CLASSIC” by Philip Lee of #playsometoys - Now On Pre-Order!

Philip Lee - designer and owner of playsometoys - shares with us a peek at his first and upcoming toy collectible; “MACINBOT CLASSIC”!

This adorable cy-creature was inspired by the Macintosh Classic computer - specifically the first Apple Macintosh from 1990, which Mac-heads would be familiar with!

*Please note that the Macinbot Classic shown in the photo is a 3D-printed test model. The final product might differ slightly.
Philip also shared; "Macinbot Classic is still in tooling stage, the product will be ready to ship out worldwide in June this year. We just start taking pre-order online."

Macinbot Classic” is priced at US$25.00 (plus shipping), with each set come with a "font suitcase" and a mouse.

Produced by injection moulding, with high quality ABS plastic, the arms and legs are detachable - with arms being held on by magnets - the figure is sized 10cm / 4-inches tall.

Note that pre-orders within the month of January 2017 will receive a FREE Metal Macinbot Flat figure! This flat figure can be used as bookmark or paper clip.

Macinbot Bookmark

I seriously cannot wait for this figure to be released! If Philip intends to go thru notable Apple monitors from the past, I am excited to see the multiple colorways for G4s! (I still have one at home, even tho I no longer use it, proves how much of a hoarder i am LOL). Folks interested to find out more or stay connected to the Macinbot, there are the essential spots: / /

(Cheers for the headsup, Philip!)

SLEEPWALKER OFFSPRING (Unpainted Orange Edition) by Paulus Hyu x Kurobokan for Jan 26 Release!

Scheduled for a release on January 26th, is the SLEEPWALKER OFFSPRING UNPAINTED ORANGE vinyl from Kurbokan! Designed by Paulus Hyu, we’ve had a peek not too long go, and now, the yummy 4 inch tall vinyl offspring is ready to greet the coming Lunar New Year!
”(This) Chinese New Year ed. Sleepwalker Offspring is packaged in a special red bag and it comes with a red envelope (packet) that contains real Chinese coins and a hologram Offspring cards."

Limited to 45 pieces worldwide, each priced at US$45.00, there is an extra “surprise” to be had: Three of them will be the painted ones done by Paulus Hyu (see at bottom of post). They will be available at random!

Los Angeles (Pacific Time) @ 8:00PM January 26th, 2017
New York (Eastern Time) @ 11:00PM January 26th, 2017
Singapore (Singapore) @ 12:00PM January 27th, 2017
Tokyo (Japan) @ 1:00PM January 27th, 2017

#Playingwith Huck Gee’s GOLD LIFE (Shadow Editions) by Mighty Jaxx

One of the more notable releases in 2016 - in fact listed on my TOP TEN TOY HIGHLIGHTS FOR 2016 - is Huck Gee's GOLD LIFE figures with Mighty Jaxx!

Featured here today is the Shadow Edition colorway of the first trio of figures to be unleashed, who made their debut at the 2016 STGCC - where I managed to purchase on the very last day of the event, alas without either meeting Mr Gee or even getting him to sign the boxes.

Nevertheless, here are some snaps of them as I unboxed them for some personal “play time”, and shares some basic impressions too.

A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on

One “extra” aspect of these editions, is the PowerCore-enabled “Smart Toy” technology, coming in the form of a graphic card with a passcode, which when after downloading from, you would be able to activate the app, ”unlock free messaging stamps, add your favorite characters to games, and even win limited edition figures.” (Blogged).

Each of THE SOUL COLLECTOR, RAKU DAY and RAKU NIGHT, has their own unique plastic card with relative graphic and art.

PowerCore x Huck Gee had an earlier (production) relationship with “Battle Tails” (Huck’s mobile strategy game), and brings forward said collaboration into this release, which proves the collector an added value pf “play”.

A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on

A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on

And now that the figures are out of their boxes, time to “play” with them! And by that I literally meant “PLAY” (not the adult parallel of “play” - meaning “taking photographs” haha) … as only a kidult knows how to hahaha (P/S: I will not mind if you chose to mute the audio in the video featured below hahahaha).

Now, that wasn’t SO BAD, was it?


A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on

The sculpted details are amazing in these Gold Life PVC figures, and as well the weight is actually substantial enough to not have it feel like a “cheap plastic toy” - which makes quite a difference, to me at least.

And while it is not at all a “new” material toys are made out of, but recent “trends” see a veering towards collectibles made out of PVC, including figures out of Taiwan (from the Genesis4 group, including woks from Fanny Kao, SkullMan/13 ART, SHON and Banana Virus), with prices catering to an opportunity for more folks who might not necessarily be in the “toy world”, to be able to own such pieces.

These days a "value" of a toy goes beyond aesthetics, quality of make etc.

“Affordability” is the new gateway into the toy realms in this age, as far as I am concerned. As the “ART” in “Art Toys” takes prominence, so does the value and cost ascend to the perceived value of “Toy Art” - which works pretty darn well for the artists, producers and speculators, but maybe not so much the average joe who might have a mortgage or child to feed and cloth instead.

These 4-inch tall figures are very decently priced at US$25 apiece, and for the details, playability, and original artists creation, is a real butt-kicking price to be had, a real “value for money” piece, in my eyes, anyways!

A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on

“Playability” is bolstered by articulation (3 X points: neck & both arms) and removable weapons - even the katana wore at RAKU NIGHT’s back can be removed from the scabbard and held in hand! Nice job this. Mighty Jaxx!

RAKU NIGHT also possess removable hand-claws, and as well both SOUL COLLECTOR and RAKU DAY’s blade and staff could be easily removed, and no doubt interchangeable with each character! Able-handed folks could even make shurikens/throwing ninja stars and more weapons for them!

Given more character releases subsequently (we’ve seen GOLDEN CLAW and TORSIN so far :p), the possibilities of “play”with a larger group of characters, could also facilitate building dioramas with miniature props, like roadside inns and cafes, where the characters battle, etc!

And if given time and opportunity, when Mighty Jaxx ever releases an incarnation of THE WOLF RIDER, then larger scaled objects would be an ideal - like animal-drawn carts!

Who needs the “Sylvians” to play happy homes with, when you have “Gold Life” to help you fight to be the top in the pugilistic world! LOL

A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on

If you are looking for an “investment”, then maybe Huck’s higher ticketed/priced items might be more your speed, while these Gold Life-releases begins to be unboxed and played with! I certainly have, and will continue to hahahaha

The full coloured versions of this trio seen here have since been on pre-order in September 2016 (for a 4th quarter 2017 release), and I cannot wait to see who else is to come, and how the series will flourish in the near future!


#toylife #GoldLife #HuckGee #MightyJaxx

A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on

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