The Tenacious Collective at New York Comic-Con Booth 208 #NYCC2014

"Tenacious Toys announces their massive Collective booth in the middle of The Block at New York Comic Con 2014.Following up on a dynamic and exciting presence at NYCC 2013, Tenacious Toys is again managing a massive 600-square-foot booth in the center of The Block, the area of New York Comic Con dedicated to art toys and the artists that create them."

Members of the Tenacious Collective this year are:
123KLAN, featuring their BANDIT-1$M apparel line, prints, books, patches and artwork
Suburban Vinyl, featuring a giant cast of artists painting live throughout the show as well as dozens of exclusives
KiD iNK iNDUSTRiES, featuring brightly painted toys, sofubi and hand-cast resin figures
Ian Ziobrowski, featuring his NUGGLIFE world of collectibles and accessories
Jason Chalker, featuring handmade action figures and licensed prints
Cash Cannon, featuring handmade and hand-painted resin figures and collectibles
NRI, represented by Alex Rivera (Playful Gorilla), featuring live 3D printing in the booth
Rampage Toys, featuring a colorful array of hand-painted Japanese vinyl toys and much more
Tru:Tek, featuring a giant selection of sofubi and rubber art toy collectibles
• Tenacious Toys, managing the booth and presenting exclusive resin pieces and action figures

PRESS CONTINUED: "Heavily influenced by street and underground art, the members of this year's Tenacious Collective will be bringing elements of urban culture, graffiti art, tattoo art, toy design, lowbrow and pop art together in one place: Booth 208. Hailing from the US, the UK, Canada and Japan, the world-famous Tenacious Collective will present New York Comic Con's most stunning and varied array of Exclusive toys, collectibles and artwork."
Visit this page for complete info on the Tenacious Collective booth, and not forgetting the Facebook event page for Booth 208!


Of Monster Cavey Plush & Raspberry Pink Glitter Vinyl Caveys

CAVEY PRESS: "Are you ready for Halloween? Cavey is! Monster Cavey will be available first at Blythecon UK. Joining him is monster Coney, super duper limited to just 5 numbered pieces! Stop by the Cavey booth for the first chance to get your hands on these handmade not-so-scary monsters.

Handmade in our London studio. Monster Cavey is limited to 30 numbered pieces. Monster Coney is limited to 5 numbered pieces. Each comes with a purple glitter Cavey sticker and a clear vinyl Cavey Cube carry bag. Cavey is 10cm tall."
CAVEY PRESS: "Now here is something we're VERY excited about! A brand new breed of Vinyl Cavey; raspberry pink glitter vinyl! Made from high quality vinyl with the glitter set right into it. It's been really hard to keep this one a secret, i am so happy to be able to share him with you now! Vinyl Cavey is perfectly palm sized at 7cm tall and comes complete with a pint sized fabric tag. Like out standard Vinyl Caveys but with added magic and glitter."
Any remaining Caveys will go on sale in the Cavey shop on Monday November 6th at 8pm London time, BST (15:00 EDT, 12:00 PDT). FYI: Blythecon UK 2014 is on October 4th in Brighton.

Despicable Me Pop! & Mystery Minis from Funko

Funko rolls out toy collectibles from the second installment of the animated "Despicable Me" film, with two brand new Despicable Me Minion Pop!s (seen above) to be available in October, while "Despicable Me Mystery Minis" will be available in November. Check in with your fav retailers for availability … while I ponder the Minion-fad which had SG and perhaps even "Asia" in it's grips as fast ended as it had happened :p

("The Despicable Me Mystery Minis have a 1/12 rarity
scale, making your chances for each figure equal.")

Toy Tokyo exclusive Purple Flocked Brainlington for New York Comic-Con #NYCC2014

Revealed is the "final" version of the vinyl to be released by Mighty Jaxx, with this "Purple Flocked Brainlington" being a Toy Tokyo Exclusive for New York Comic Con 2014 (Oct 9-12).

Mr Ewok One will be signing at the TT booth on Saturday October 11th @ 2pm, where a "small amount" of product will be made available for purchase. No price-point mentioned as yet tho.

Custom-Feature: Can You Stand On Your Head? Tasha Zimich for KRSF "Hello Trikky" Show

Tasha Zimich shares with us her custom-painted 7" Trikky she had completed for Kid Robot San Francisco's Hello Trikky show - which opens October 3rd at KRSF, where this piece will be available for US$250. (Love the lil'birdies the ear detail LOL)
"This one is my take on a Cheshire Cat; a little cute, and a little bit of nightmare fuel, titled "Can You Stand On Your Head?" - he can!" -shared Tasha.

The Coming of Little Shadow V2 from 3A Toys

There is a little personal story attached to LITTLE SHADOW from 3A Toys - for which I only share with personal friends face-to-face - and it is the one figure missing from my humble 3A-collections, that "bugs" me till this day (and no, I refuse to pay elevated secondary market prices for it…) … then THIS ad image popped up, featuring LITTLE SHADOW V.2, in a shorter 10-inch tall 1/6th-scaled body, and I find myself "toy-xcited" as I was before when the first version came out … whatever may have happened in the past, I'd rather concentrate my joy on the "toys" instead …

Stay tuned for further developments!

(Click on above image to view "original" ad pic)

BALLOONZ by Naoto Hattori x VTSS Toys To Be Available October 2nd

From VTSS Toys comes the impending release of "BALLOONZ" featuring Japenese artist Naoto Hattori's critter creations made collectibles!
PRODUCT PRESS: "Naoto Hattori x VTSS’s Balloonz set is limited to 90sets in the world and will be available on October 2nd, 2014 via www.vtsstoys.com. Hand-coloured Resin figures are boxed with hand-crated cardboard. Except the owl, rest of the animals could have 2 different postures."

Priced at US$280 (including free worldwide shipping) per boxed set of all 5 animals, including Bull Dog (4 inch), Elephant (4 inch), Monkey (3 inch), Sheep (3 inch), Owl (3 inch) - the release date & time is scheduled for October 2/3, 2014:

October 2nd, 2014
-8AM Los Angeles Time
-11AM New York Time
-11PM Taiwan Time
-4 PM London Time
October 3rd, 2014
-12AM Tokyo Time

PRESS: "Renowned for Surrealistic style and highly exquisite appearance on his art work, Naoto Hattori brings us a new imaginary world around the Balloonz. The Balloonz animals: bull dog, elephant, monkey, sheep and owl are rounded, rolling, fluttering and floating in the secret forest. Imagination liberates the animals from gravity and their ordinary shapes in Naoto’s painting, and also symbolically encourages viewer to be free from routine.

VTSS and Naoto invites you to celebrate the 2 years transformation result of Balloonz from flat image to solid art figures. Balloonz may not flutter like they did in the painting, but their gain on weight, texture, touch, and even the smell will surprise viewer to experience them in a new dimension.

The Balloonz set, is the first project by artist Naoto Hattori and VTSS."

Halloween Invader resin figure from MonsterPants available now!

MONSTERPANTS PRESS: "Celebrate Halloween with the Sea-Borgs' worst nightmare! For a limited time only! Grab the special Halloween colorway of the Sea-Borg Invader figure from MonsterPants toys! This translucent orange resin figure features a horned skull head on a cyborg body with a skeleton motif inspired by Japanese toys, Hong Kong sci-fi villains, and Mexican Day of the Dead figures."

Handmade by filmmaker James Felix McKenney (Hypothermia, Automatons), these Halloween Invaders are available to purchase from now until October 28 for US$25 each plus shipping at the MonsterPants online store: channelmidnight.com or Etsy (Figures are packaged in a clear bag with header card).

Travis Cain's "Fun Gus" at New York Comic-Con #NYCC2-14

SUBURBANVINYL PRESS: "FUN GUS is a new platform toy designed by Travis Cain, creator of the Kidrobot BFF's and 2009’s Wooden Dunnys and brought to life with Artist Editions by Buff Monster, Frank Kozik, and Jeremyville. Travis will be at the Suburban Vinyl booth #208 on Saturday at 5PM with Prototypes and molds of his FUN GUS character to launch his kickstarter project to make FUN GUS come to life. Come and find out how you can get an exclusive colorway and other limited edition toys and collectibles!" (www.heyfungus.com)

SubUrban Vinyl
4 Frederick St
Waldwick,NJ 07463

Patrick Wong's Beats Series Resin Figures Inspired by the ASR-10 Sampling Keyboard

PRESS RELEASE: "Illustrator Patrick Wong reveals the third part in an 8-part series of resin figures entitled “ASR-10". Inspired by the vintage "Advanced Sampling Recorder" keyboard, the resin art figure targets beat producers and designer toy collectors.

In the Beat Series of hand-crafted art figures, the "ASR-10" inspired piece highlights the 16-bit "Advanced Sampler Recorder" by Ensoniq first released in 1992. The ASR-10 sampler has been used by producers such as The Alchemist and Kanye West. Known for its advanced features such as sampling the playback of a sequence (as with the ASR-X) and built-in digital effects."

The “ASR-10" resin toy begins shipping Friday October 10, 2014 and is available for $40 plus shipping. The piece measures approximately the size of two Kidrobot Dunnys side-by-side and made of solid resin. Comes with a numbered card, shrink-wrapped in a gift box, and is limited to only 40 pieces (22 available for ordering).

John Grayson NYCC Street Spirits from SubUrban Vinyl @ New York Comic-Con #NYCC2014

SUBURBANVINYL PRESS: "Our artist series Street Spirits continues at New York Comic Con with our next artist John Grayson. Each 8.5" Street Spirit is a mixed media collage with spray paint and emulsion transfer application and no 2 are alike. This is an edition of 7 and each one comes with a unique print and compliments the corresponding figure. The prints are 11"x14" HPM (hand painted multiple) mixed media & silkscreen print on white 250gsm rives bfk paper (acid-free, 100% cotton) signed numbered and embossed. They will be available at of booth 208 in the block."

SubUrban Vinyl
4 Frederick St
Waldwick,NJ 07463

Mageritdoll in New York Comic Con with SubUrban Vinyl

"For the first time in America we are proud to present from Bilbao, Spain the work of La Maison de Mageritdoll with their 2 newest figures, MAGERITDOLL SUPERHEROINE and MAGERITDOLL STEAMPUNK. Each Mageritdoll Collection is a unique 2.5" resin handmade piece with its faults and own personality. No two are similar. They are a one of a kind art doll artist creations. Available at our booth #208 at New York Comic Con 2014 (Oct 9-12)."
MAGERITDOLL SUPERHEROINE shown up top will retail for US$229 (Read More here), while the below featured MAGERITDOLL STEAMPUNK will retail for US$242 (Read More here).

SubUrban Vinyl
4 Frederick St
Waldwick,NJ 07463

Science Patrol Sofubis On Sale

Since my last feature, Cory from Science Patrol updates us on their recent releases, currently available to purchase on sciencepatrol.storenvy.com"

1. Avalon $25.00
2. Winsome Avalon $25.00
3. Silver Metal Monster Attack Avalon $30.00
4. Super Festival 66 Avalon $25.00
5. Antique Gold Obakakoban $7.00
6. Antique Silver Obakekoban $7.00

Chubbies Series 1 from Unbox Industries to hit Europe soon!

"Star Wars Chubbies Series 1" are now packed and ready to be unleashed in Europe this October!

As you can see from the window-box reveals, the Chubbies are to be sold in sets of threes, with C3PO, R2D2 and a Jawa in one, Ben Kenobi, Mace Windu and a huge Yoda in another, while Bounty Hunter clique together with Boba Fett, an the final box showcasing Greedo, Han Solo and Chewbacca (the cutest of the lot, IMHO). These are designed along the concept of Russian nesting dolls, where the smaller one fits in the larger. SRP is US$18 per set!

Featuring designs by TADO (Original concept design sheet for Chubby Series 1 featured above) and produced by Unbox Industries, folks hoping it will be released in Asia or the USA might have some "bad" news;
"At the moment we only have a license that allows sales exclusively in the UK & France. We are hoping to expand our territories with Disney's blessing." -shared Dan Willett, who also offers up some "good" news; "Series 2 (the bad guys) is now in preproduction & once again designed by Tado."
I have been tracking the developments of these guys for a awhile now, and can only hope some enterprising retailer can hook us up in Singapore LOL

Hikari Astro Boy(s) from Funko

Oh dear, I never did receive news of this splendid toy-ness, but nevertheless I am glad to have found it on their instagram - Presenting ASTRO BOY from Funko's Hikari-line, available in two editions - the "Classic Metallic Astro Boy" (limited to 3000pcs) and the Entertainment Earth exclusive "NVS Astro Boy Hikari" (limited to 750pcs) - C'mon, gotta love me some evil robot-boys! LOL. Check in with your fav retailers for availability and drop schedule.

LavaLaunch @ 3DRetro on Oct 4th - Release Party for LAVABEAR Mammalia Edition from Nathan Hamill

EVENT PRESS: "Nathan Hamill and 3DRetro are proud to release the Lavabear, the artists latest, limited, vinyl figure. Standing 8 inches tall this figure was first introduced at SDCC and now locals can get their hands on the original version of this figure. Nathan will be on hand to sign the figure, prints and guests are welcome to the food trucks, special "lava" floats (drinks) and other goodies!"

The date is Saturday, October 4 (7pm-10pm) and the place is at 3DRetro (1851 Victory Blvd, Glendale, California 91201). Facebook Events Page. The Mammalia Edition of LAVABEAR is 8 inches of vinyl and is limited to only 150pcs. No price is revealed.

#toyhunt Bangkok: "Bootleg Market" in Chinatown

Continuing and concluding my toyhunt adventures in Bangkok, today we have a quick and elusive look at the "Bootleg Market" - a term coined by my friend, for the cluster of toy shops in Chinatown in Bangkok!

We might joke "all toys are Made In China", and it seems even moreso when their bootlegged versions also are~! And while bootleg toys are nothing new in the world of toys, my personal preference and interest in them, is. And I look at them with "renewed" eyes, ever looking for their inherent "kitsch" and sometimes downright irreverence.

And while I do not have a "specific" street name, the main thoroughfare in the Chinatown district boasts a few (3 to 4?) shops along both paths of the busy market, all of whom offer faux bootleg LEGO mini figures (the latest trend and my current passion for ;p) and other plush, blister cared or window boxed toys, which frankly escaped my attention. Thee might be more, but I never did venture further ...

Needless to say, CASH is KING here, and with the speed in which things move here, you might do well to have either (A) a Thai-speaking friend in ow, or (B) a ready calculator to do your numbers for you. Funnily, I did not try to speak to the stall owners in Chinese/Mandarin, fearing they'd scold me back for assuming they spoke chinese hahahaha

To say that the bootleg was "cheaper", might be a slight understatement here, but imagine trying to stuff multiple boxes into your luggage home, people! Best bet would be removing the packing boxes and bring along tupperware to store them goodies.

The street reminded me of a Hong Kong street with shops at the side actually, the only obvious difference being the food and drinks sold by the roadside vendors.

One of the more memorable shops (hidden along the alleyways) was one that sold "candy toys" - floor to ceiling with absolutely bootleg Transformers or any other popular culture characters and makes! My attention was so entrapped with the colors and shapes, I only managed to take a few snaps of what I bought LOL

Truth be told, there is not a whole lot of folks I know and have met that would share my enthusiasm looking at bootlegs such as these, and as a "shopping destination", it is not necessarily a "must stop", if not for curiosities' sake versus a laundry list of shopping items, versus my previously featured Iron Bridge Market and Pirom Plaza might provide.

I lieu of being able to provide you folks an "address", permit me to make up for it by sharing a few "bootleg toy" pics! How much did I buy? I'll let the pictures do the taking:

PACKING TIP: I always bring along one or two plastic containers (used to pack food) to store electronics related items such as multi-plugs and chargers, and they work pretty well to store toy figures too! Especially when you do not need the boxes and you don't want to bundle them all in a larger plastic bag too. Works for me anyways :)

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