kozik mao

fancy an 18-inch vinyl bust of well-known dictators (in history)? with 10 different colorways? ... bet you'd think twice about the answer if tis designed by Frank Kozik, innit? (*heh*)

Kozik presents his new Chairman Mao-vinyl bust, complete wif ciggie and bitten-mousey-ears = named: Bird Is The Word >LOL [via vinylabuse] ... others to follow: Stalin, Ho Chi Minh, Idi Amin (tricky, this) and Mussolini.

quite an "evolution" since them Velvet Revolution-days, innit? altho "bootleg"-Maos and varied-parodies/adaptations have been the norm in this part of the world (east) for at least a decade (or so ... i ain't no historian, so cut me some slack) - from Warhol-inspired-Mao-tee-pigtail-prints, to shocking-pink-Mao statues ... and another "personality" comes into mind: Che ... but that's a whole other story, innit? :p

personally, i figure tis all for a chuckle-or-two, seeing this/our generation (onwards) can afford to "get the pop-culture-joke", so long as it doesn't windup on mass media, whereby getting some old-skool-fanatics all riled-up and such - be it "beloved followers" or "violent detractors" ... heck lah, tis just a toy, isn't it? *hhhmmm* :p


Anonymous said...

haha i want one!

Anonymous said...

Anybody can help? Where can I buy one of such Mao bust by Frank Kozik, in any color???

toysrevil said...

dunno if i can help beyond telling you to search online or ebay (:p) ... or maybe you could stake out these coupla forumboards where Kozik hangs out:



good luck! :))))

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