shin tanaka's rock paper sneakers exhibition @ shelflife

Rock Paper Sneakers is a paper art exhibition featuring Shin Tanaka
in association with NIKE.

featuring collaborations with top local designers, street artists, photographers, tattoo and ink artists, including: Conduit Design / Theory One / Kronk / Sibot / Enos / Rasty / Disk / Robin Sprong / Jade / Tocil / Grotti Comics / Martine Jackson / Ricky Lawerence / Countsabel / Dr Zulu and more ... the artists were each given a blank template of Shin's paper sneaker to customize (which will be on display), as well as other Shin paper-toys :) ... the exhibition also includes NIKE-products, like NIKE AIR FORCE 1 and more.

Rock Paper Sneakers on 17th August @ SHELFLIFE, 119 Loop St. Cape Town

(cheers for the headsup, Shin!)


shelflife said...

yea pull in gonna be a good one! thanks for the post!

Anonymous said...

It's spelt Countsabel ...

toysrevil said...

looking forward to event pics if you have 'em, Nick :))))

and cheers for the headsup, "anonymous" :p

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