medicom X nike's bearbrick nike windrunner

Medicom Toy X NIKE = Be@rbrick Nike Windrunner - as designed by Rebel One (a Singaporean design outfit) and is scheduled for a Sept 2007-drop, as a supposedly "exclusive gift" (undetermined for whom / color-schemes unconfirmed) - i like the hoodie with peep-thru-ears *heh*

'the iconic (classic) Nike Windrunner with it's signature 26° angle chest chevron with different colors effectively created a "superhero" look for whomever wore it' (*cool*) = read more of it's origins/history via, including a selection of upcoming designs for Fall ... i like the simple White No-Sew myself (shown above for reference only) ... altho it may look too simple for a Be@rbrick-design, no? or maybe there'll be a series of different color-combos? *stay-tuned*


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