about that 400% alien kubrick - blister direct exclusive

the only thing stopping me from getting this awesome 28cm tall 400% Kubrick ALIEN (based on an original 1979-design by Geiger / last blogged) is that i do not have the financial means to (and that's a real bitch, that is). the Kubrick-adaption of the form is excellent. the shell-membrane with humanoid-skull peeking thru is pretty darn cool and the springing Alien-tongue is the cherry on top of a fab looking toy, IMHO.

originally released in 100%-form as a 2006-summer convention exclusive (deduced from box-art LOL), the 400% upsize is now a Blister-Japan Direct exclusive, slated to drop around April and is priced @ 10,290YEN (US$98) - with a reservation price of 8,700YEN (US$83). *iwant-gimme*

[seen@WonderCon08 / images via Instinctoy]

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