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of nycc convention exclusive knight shadown batman and tech suit mr freeze, and my batsuit-preference

in some ways, i'd actually prefer a simple lean all-black Batman-costume, rather than all-out combat-armored get-up, which i reckon may save Wayne's live, but bog him down with their chunkiness, IMHO - not too confident of his ninja-training, innit? ... comicbook-logic versus reality is always a tricky conundrum, especially when folks can't recognize Bruce Wayne's jaw-line from the open-mouth-mask? let's not even go into Clark's spectacles ... LOL

...aaaahh tis just some fancy-schmancy intro to the NYCC Convention Exclusive KNIGHT SHADOW BATMAN action figure from Mattel (BoothA#1547) - which to me is Batman-done-right, IMHO ... but then again, reality holds another twist when it comes to Victor Freeze, aka (TECH SUIT) MR. FREEZE - who is also a con-exclusive ... but chunky-boots are always cool, i like chunky boots ... heh.


krakit said...

that Batman figure was being sold
at Toys-R-Us in Georgia during
late 2007. Here's a URL to a photo
of my figures


toysrevil said...


cheers for teh headsup, Krakit!

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