A Sneak of Dynomight NYC's Our Hero Apprentice Figure?

Cheekily teased along with the (above-left posted) image of bagged CJC Wiggelz, JR00 of Dynomight NYC tweeted about, was an image of the back of an intriguing figure (highlighted) standing right next to their 7" tall Bumrush ... now what may that figure be? A new upcoming toy? Could it be their upcoming 6" resin Our Hero Apperentice-figure, crafted by Pretty In Plastic?

The "proof" (for your kind collective considerations) is in the selection of cobbled-up info found on Dynomight's newly launched webbie ~ YOU decide for yourselves :) ~ Ooooohhhh I lub a good "toy-mystery" ... heh.


j-Bat said...

I was wondering if anyone would notice!

toysrevil said...

@J-Bat: i did! I did! heh :p

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