Real Action Hero Bodies by Medicom Toy

I've never be known to be what you call a "huge" fan of Medicom Toy 1/6th-scaled bodies. I remember much earlier figures to have limb-parts that can be pulled apart pretty easily -but thru the years, I have embraced their flexibility, especially compared to it's other plastic-brethren in the differing brands, and provided a "shorter" body-frame (the shortest anywhere in this group IMHO), as well skinner alternative choices, compared to others -and would make a nice shape within a group dynamic. One thing though - in the past - getting their bodies sans a licensed boxed figure, might have been a chore. These days, the times are a'chagin'!

Peeped on Sideshow Toys are the RAH Naked2 Body and RAH Massive Body (both "males" tho) Priced at US$45.99 each and with a 3rd-quarter 2011 ship-out. A tag pricey indeed, but seems one of the only ways to score a RAH body (besides hobby shops who part out the box, maybe?). You decide :)

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