You Might Be a Monster and Other Stories I Made Up by Attaboy - Available at SDCC 2011


Scheduled for availability first at San Diego Comic Con this year is "You Might Be a Monster and Other Stories I Made Up" illustrated book by Attaboy. Priced at US$15.95, this 36-page hardcover book will be made available at the Hi-Fructose Booth. We've featured the cover shown above before (including additional artwork), and now we've a couple more inner-pages to share! Meanwhile, if you cannot make SDCC, "You Might Be a Monster and Other Stories I Made Up" is currently on pre-order on Amazon


ABOUT THE BOOK: 'The book is sophisticated?, exciting, bizarre, and fun. It takes 18 min, to read the first half, then 4 min. to read the second half! BUT This is not your ordinary book (and it hasn't much to do with Monsters either). It will make your pee turn yellow! There's zombie clowns, hugging cacti, sock magnets, hamster faced children, bubble gum trees, worms, and high weird morals.'


"I have 6 readings lined up so far in Northern California, the first at Dragatomi, and gaining more each week… and there's talk of a lil tour back east, it's all being done punk rawk style." ~shares Attaboy.

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