Customs for Misfit Toys Exclusive Show Custom by James Fuller


A couple of customs from James Fuller, for his upcoming solo show "Misfit Toys Custom Show" happening at Happy Panda Toys launching December 2nd - with the above featuring his series of ARMAGEDDON IRONMAN - complete with box-build (More images here), and yes, they will be made available to buy. I gots two works for you: *Man-Shriek*

And shown below is the GEORGIA DEVIL (viewable here) which visually shows the intensity of Fuller's palette and visual-style.

"Made this fella from a Toy2R Kid666. He is my interpretation of the Devil who went down to Georgia. Gold fiddle and all. He will be for sale at my Misfit Toys Show at Happy Panda Toys on December 2 :)" ~added Fuller.

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Fuller2356 said...

Thanks again for the shout out! You rock!

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