"where the f**k is that Abe....here boy!" by nerviswr3k for Vinyl Thoughts 2


The Vinyl Thoughts 2 art show launched today (or "night" - differing timezones and all ;p), and we have a chance to reveal Nerviswrek's awesomely intense SLIG and ABE, in a set titled: "where the f**k is that Abe....here boy!" - You can grab more peeks at this swell build HERE on my FB-album!

Standing approximatey 8 inches tall and is all constructed from scratch, utilizing zero platform figurines or mashed kits - Gabriel mentions: "its my re-imagining of this unforgettable character on the oddworld series!"

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Shelby said...

It's available RIGHT NOW in the Vinyl Thoughts Art Show shop! http://www.vinylthoughtsartshow.com/shop/

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