About That Leaked Dunny 2012 Line-Up


From 'Dunny Addicts' René & Maaike comes a swell headsup this Wednesday Singapore-morning - featuring a visual "leak" of the Dunny 2012 series from Kidrobot! And from what I see here, it looks to be a tremendous series to be had! My faves being designs from Pac28, Andrew Bell, Sergio Mancini, Kronk and Junko Mizuno! And Jon-Paul Kaiser's? Even tho shrouded in shadow-silhouette, I like it already LOL

Regardless of authenticity or accuracy (of the final series - I haven't checked, and am going out for a medical appointement soon ;p), this looks like a killer line-up already, methinks! But hey, let's all wait for the 'official' word from KR, yeh? Meanwhile, check out the full image posted on their blog. Thanks again for the headsup, guys!

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Boris said...

Thanks for the leak! Dunny 2012, woohoo! :D

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