Did You Know The T.O.T.E.M. Figure Could Open It's Top? #RVHK2012


Don Slater has an extremely fascinating image posted on his Facebook - that of the T.O.T.E.M. 1/6-figurine on display at the recent weekend's Re-Venture show by 3A Toys - and while we've posted snaps of it before, this is the first time (for me anyways) that we could see the "top" part of the chasis being opened up - to reveal a hollowed space within the robot-figurine, which acts basically as a "container" for whatever you want to hold! This certainly is an interesting 'surprise', and I would be lying thru my cyber-teeth if I said I expected that LOL

Now what will YOU put inside of it? :)

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Philip Shade said...

Looks like his work on MaK is starting to show through, some evident SAF influence.

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