WIPs of Robotars-Custom from Caramelaw


And we have our first glimpses of Robotars-customs from SG (for the July 21st group customs show in the Philippines), featuring the work of the Queen of Candy Art; Caramelaw! Know for her bright and bubbly (with a tinge of danger) interpretations of customs, I felt Sheena would be able to bring a colorful and explosive-'POP' to the custom, and from the looks of this work-in-progress snaps, it is going to be a delightful custom to come! Check out more WIPs HERE on my FB-album.


As well Sheena primarily custom-paints Blythe as well, which you can see more of on her Facebook page @ World of Caramelaw and I bugged Sheena for a name for this lil'critter, to which her answer was:
"No name for the little candy critter yet, I am painting it half asleep most of the time. No inspiration for his/her name nor gender yet, but from the looks of it its most likely a chick. lol"
So do you folks have a name suggestion? Can't wait to see the result!

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