SDCC Preview Night 2012 (Recap Round One)


Hyperactive Monkey x Squid Kids Ink booth for SDCC. Check out exclusives ready to roll: Deluxe Ninja Mopnkey, Ebony Edition Monkey Kung Fu Master Bank and 10 Doh Mini Series 1.


The 3A Toys' booth @ SDCC getting ready to be mobbed [pic via Gimbat Tambing]. Check out signing schedule HERE, and check out these toys display images ken by "anubis2night" [via Gimbat Tambing]:


Uglydolls ready to rock - featuring Power Babo! See more Instagram-snaps via @uglydolls


Munky King debuts TARGET by Luke Chueh, as well Luke's animation debut. And while I have no moving animation to showcase here in this post, you can check out more Instagram-snaps @munkykingtoys.


Remember when we saw a huge Phantom Shithouse on display, and we shit ourselves in awe? This year October Toys shocks-n-awes with a large-sized MULTISKULL (designed by Monsterforge) - all painted and gnarly-awesome on display at their booth #4838! See more Instagram-snaps via @GeorgeGaspar

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