TOYPIXDAY: Moon Girl from ZMDC (Nov 18)


Anyone remember "Moon Girl"? A hot chick with severely stylish short white hair and totting a big plasma rifle, this 1/6-scaled femme was released under the "ZMDC" line from "DaJoint" in Hong Kong nearly a decade back - her, and her exo-suit brethren were one of my "holy grails" of 1/6-toys back then, and was lucky enough to procure them (the suits) from when a store was closing down / moving away from their Cineleisure locale to another mall (and I even have moving snaps too lol). Needless to say. mecha-lovers like me lauded the series! Further info

Currently StrangeCo has the most comprehensive coverage of the ZMDC-line, and as well there is an interview on Toy Mania from 2003! One of the best (not necessarily in terms of quality, but concept wise) releases in the pst decade, I will try to snap more of her and her team in time and share them with you folks!

[they had an entire website dedicated to ZMDC too - wish I snagged more screengrabs then…]
"ZMDC stands for "Zero Metal Defense Capsule" and refers to the impenetrable armor worn by characters from Jiu Gang, DaJoint's self-published comic book about post-apocalyptic Hong Kong." ~and I actually have the comic book! Now to find it tho…

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