1/6 Spade 2 from 'Gangster Kingdom' by DAM Toys


And while I lauded over the 1/6 SPADE J action figure from DAM Toys' 'Gangster Kingdom' line (which I thought to be Jason Statham parodied), here comes SPADE 2 and it looks particularly splendid, especially the embroidered jacket, obviously! Now this dude looks like a "Vinnie Jones", innit? Brilliant! Do check with your fav retailer for availability and pricing.

Included in the set are: Real like headsculpt / Action bady / Long sleeve T-shirt black / Long Sleeve Tee / Baseball Jacket / blue jeans / skating board shoe (one pair) / palm (3)three / HOGUE REM870 PISTOL GRIP / Metal baseball bat / wine pot / Flagon set / Gold watch / Gold Necklace.



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