Custom-Feature: WIPs of Bulletpunk Stormtrooper Custom Dunny by QUICCS


Bulletpunk: The Pirated Empire Strikes from Behind サプライズ尻セックス - is a commissioned custom 3" Dunny for a private collector, via the hands of QUICCS, and as you can see from the above exclusives WIPs, is one that is NEEDED to be in everyone's (including mine) Star Wars collection!
"A real challenge, at this micro scale for my heavy hands to both sculpt and paint, accepted :D First Trooper out of many, for a private collector's collection. 8" Tristan Eaton Dunnys up next. Watch out KIDROBOT INC.., giving you my dirty wink for 2013."

E: quix@burnwater.com.ph
W: www.quicccs.com | quiccs.deviantart.com | behance.net/quiccs
S: www.facebook.com/quiccs | www.twitter.com/quikijiki

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