Custom Toys Roundup Dec 4


FUTURA BIOTICA is a custom Nosfaratu from TaskOne that both excites and thrills the toy-lover in me. This piece will be in display and for sale at the coming December 7th showing at "The Land of the Misfits". Standing about 12 inches tall, featuring a flat black paint job and containing 43 working LEDs, this looks a real standout! Hoping it will be exhibited with the lights on tho - meanwhile, you NEED to go HERE to view more pics! (photos by Brad Topolewski).

P.A.L-01 P.A.L-02

The P.A.L PROTOCOL ANDROID 50 is made by UK-based model maker Onorio Depiro, and is currently up for sale for £400 excluding P&P (email for enquiries). Check out WIPa on his Instagram @onoriodepiro.
"The whole piece is built from scratch using ABS plastic, with elements of epoxy sculpt and laser cut claws. I have added magnets to the feet and base (hidden inside). The piece stands around 7” and has battery powered light up eyes activated by a big red button on his back."

To be available Wednesday 5th December 2012 via his store are these selection of custom one-offs both new and old, from Paulo Zukaty - with prices ranging from US$55-$75 + Shipping.


I really can't get enough of this custom painted pair by Jon Malmstedt
(of RAMPAGE TOYS) - featuring an Ugly Unicorn and a Dino Puppy that NEEDS to be made into a production piece! This particular pair is done up for One-Up Toy's December Pandemonium Edition!

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