Kaijin's "Riding Hood"


I truly like Kaijin's work. The aesthetics involved is always unique and each character design has it's own story to tell, and not just an "introduction", but perhaps a little deeper than that (but that's just my personal perception). And as much "original" characters are created, some take their inspiration from "life" as well, in this particular piece, from a fable.


I do not know 100% if these figures are at all related to each other's developments, but am liking the evolution from sketch, to a finished sculpt, with Kaiji's own design-touch thrown in for good measure - the added "Wolf's Hand" being my fav = *LOVE*

I do not know what this character is ultimately named, but I'm calling it "Kaijin's Riding Hood" for now … go check out more of Kaijin's work via!

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