Mecha Illustrations of Jesse Phillips

Bosozoku Damashii

I love mecha-illustration, and thus far I have an extremely short list of folks work I adore (like Machine56, QUICCS, Ryuji Oguni) and as of today, I add yet another name to my go-to-mecha list: Jesse Philips (and yes, of course he does more than mecha, but this is not about that lol).

Chanced upon his "Bosozoku Damashii" at Bottleneck Gallery (and promptly purchased the print, image show above), I had then chanced upon his personal website at and as well showcase some illos swiped from his Flickr:

"Born in Pennsylvania 1979, Jesse Philips is currently living and working in Albuquerque, NM. He drew his early inspiration from comic books, Graffiti and cartoons which have remained a major influence on his work. While attending college at MCAD, Jesse spent a year studying at the Sozosha College of Design in Osaka, Japan where he became fascinated with graphic design. Jesse returned home with an interest in combining illustration with design. Creating Gig posters offered him an opportunity to to do just that while also allowing him to maintain a high level of artistic freedom." (via)
Iron Man variant
alt cw

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