CONTEXT OF IMAGES IN ALBUM: Back in late-October 2010, I fell victim to Stroke, and was hospitalized for two months. During that time, my family (whom I was staying with) packed up my toys - which took over the dining room area, and part of the living room - and packed them up in carton boxes, to store in my then-bedroom-now-storeroom, so that there would be space allowed both in the dining room and living room areas, for me to move around in my wheelchair, for when I returned home then (I have since no longer needed the wheelchair at home, and walk about freely). Some boxes strayed from the room, and were stacked against other stuff in the house.

This is one of those boxes.

Mum discovered one yesterday amongst her own pile of things, and passed it to me, to which i was eager to find out what "treasures" it held within! Posted here in this album, are snaps of some of them :)


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