Spaced Lands by David Horvath


"Spaced Lands" - features the adventures of "Tea", along with gargoyle vampire space rocket pilots, and they are by David Horvath of Uglydoll-fame, and they have their very own website at and their own Facebook page. What Tea and his world would eventually become, is anyone's guess, innit? And I've decided not to "ask" outright, but instead choose to enjoy the proceedings as they evolve and reveal themselves. I'll end this post with something Tea (dude in the bottom-left of pic) said:
"hi I’m Tea. OK so first, this is a gas mask bag, not a man purse. Not that I care so much that I need to put a disclaimer, but I just like it and was wearing this everywhere I go way before people started schlepping computers to coffee shops, which I don’t do because caffeine stunts growth in kids and, well, growing is my 3rd favorite hobby right after collecting 80’s knock off action figures and brand new, never opened 16 bit video game consoles."

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