What We Know About: Jaeger STRIKER EUREKA (for "Pacific Rim")

Here is what I have gathered about the Australian-Jaeger codename "STRIKER EUREKA" (from the "leaked" blueprints):


01. Striker Eureka is a two-manned Jaeger, with the cockpit control module located at the Jaeger's head, which in turn also acts as an escape launch-pod. Pretty clever, these Aussies!

02. Launch Date is November 2nd, 2019.

03. PPDC Assignment is Sydney Shatterdome, Australia.

04. Possesses T-16 "Angel" WIngs - Scapula-mounted "fin towers" used to maintain aerodynamic balance during the turbulence of "burst combat" (I like the name of that, BURST COMBAT")...


05. Jaeger Striker Eureka is classified Mark-5 and has an energy core of X-16 (Super Cell Chamber).

06. Jaeger Striker Eureka possesses an Anti-Kaiju Missile Chest Launcher - which I really hope to see activated on the movie!

07. Additional weapons array include "Assault Mount 3.25 Sting-Blades" - 'featuring retractable blade gauntlets laced with carbon nanotubes that channel thermal energy'.

08. 4.211 "Brass Knuckles" - featuring 'highly temperature resistant brass and steel compound cast around joints of each finger extension - adding greatly to the impact potential of each punch'.

09. Jaeger Strike Eureka looks to be quite the brawler of the bunch, and is made to attack, rather than just defend. Hoping we'll get to see this bad boy IN ACTION in the movie!

10. Dude looks the most like an "Autobot" (from the "Transformers")! LOL

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