Launch of KAWS BOBA FETT by OriginalFake x Medicom Toy


The morning of January 26th saw a massive queue outside OriginalFake for the launch of BOBA FETT (KAWS Version), and via snaps courtesy of Angry Woebots (who himself scored a figure via a proxy - Congrats!) it was reported that the line saw over 400 folks waiting for a chance to score the vinyl, of which images of both the figure and box are shown here. SRP for the figure is/was 18,900 YEN (approx US$208) - so that's a reference for when you rush for it in the secondary market :p

No doubt the announcement of the closing of OF helped fuel the desire for this particular collectible, I reckon folks would have still gathered for the BOBA-figurine regardless, because it simply looks BOSS! I could go on and whine about how much I want one, but I know I could hardly afford one … I wonder if there will be bootlegs to be had instead? … hhhmmm …


(Additional images via BE@RBRICK + Naughty Guy)

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