Aardman (DC Nation) 5-Pack by DC Collectibles (Seen @ ToyFair 2013)


Okay darnnit, I might have whined about wanting these before, but the toy-poo just got serious now. Seen at the weekend ToyFair 2913 - DC Collectibles now adds to their DC Nation shorts line of Batman and Robin, with Superman, Catwoman and The Joker, and I seriously want the set, like NOW! And the beauty of it all? This will be available as a 5-Pack set, available in the Fall of 2013. It doesn't really mention "size", but I'd be pretty happy if these were a mini-"gashapon"-sized set … more images via Action Figure Insider (all-images via).

[7 x images in slideshow above / Full-screen viewing]

Why my "excitement" over these figures? (1) I am a fan of the Aardman-style of "claymation"-aestehtics, and (2) they look darn warped and funny eight their depictions of DC characters. Here's a reposting of the DC Nations short/intro sequence:

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