Animal-Themed Custom Dunnys from Don P


Patrick Lippe aka DON P has been delving into sculpting and customizer figures with a distinct "animal"-theme recently, and the result is a refreshing "new" more evocative vision for his customs (IMHO), and we have three of them to share here today! Check out CYBORG RABBIT (made from a 3-inch Chuckboy Dunny, complete with "Carrotblaster" and more carrots in his bag), MONGOLIAN APE WARRIOR (from a 3-inch Dunny) and COLONEL APIUS (made from another 3-inch Chuckboy Dunny).

I am liking where these are going, Patrick! Keep it up! You know what you should attempt? A "remained" series of "Planet of the Apes" … Meanwhile, you folks can continue to check out his Facebook / Blog / Shop.


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