Hybrid Metal Figuration #005: Star Wars - Stormtrooper by Hero Cross


This might be a tad "old news" by now, but I have a reason for featuring this figure, so bear with me … Available in the market now, is this "Hybrid Metal Figuration #005: Star Wars - Stormtrooper" from "Hero Cross" of Hong Kong. Essentially a fully-articulated (20 points) standing 14cm tall action figurine of the Imperial Trooper - now looking like a Super-Deform-ish / Child-in-Cosplay - with the body made up of "30% PVC and 70% alloy" - yes folks, "tin toys" are back with a vengeance!


Scheduled for an early-Feb release, figure comes along with accessories including a Blaster Carbine (weapon) and Replacement Hands (× 4). has it priced at 4,971 yen (approx US$53.64), whereas has it for £56.99 each. This dude weighs "459gms", just so you know.

Now I've seen and held this item in hand (or rather the whole item in box), and I have to say I am impressed - although not too impressed to actually purchase this … but of course once I saw the all-black HIDDEN METAL SHADOW STORMTROOPER (image below), I was hooked and reserved mine last Sunday at China Square Central with money i need to find to spend on ... *sigh*


Expect a full review once I collect it (or if it still is waiting for me anyways ;p).

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