'Silent Auction' Ends Today @ 12noon! (for #Auction+SalesForStroke 2013)

UPDATED Feb 1st: All Auctions and Sales has since ended! Thank you for your considerations!


At time of this scheduled post, you have two hours more until the end of this 'Silent Auction' TODAY @ 12noon (+8 GMT / Singapore-time)! Email me your desire bid price (Which You Are Prepared to Pay Straight Up) at toysreviler [at] After the timeline, the item will no longer be listed for "Silent Auction".

ITEM#1 Custom Ammonaito by Todd Robertson
OPENING BID: US$75 (Item Details HERE)

ITEM#2: 'Ah, Desert' Custom-Robotars by Daniel Yu
OPENING BID: US$50 (Item Details HERE)

ITEM#3: 1/6 ZOMB from 3A Toys by Mintyfresh
OPENING BID: US$90 (Item Details HERE)

[*All Other Listings HERE / Sales on TOYSREVIL-shop / Event on Facebook*]
[What Is This About / Why It Was Postponed / What Is Happening Now]

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