Star Wars Black: New 6-Inch Action Figure Line from Hasbro

Loving the interview video about with Jeff Lavovitz (Global Brand Director) from Habro, from ActionFigureInsider - about their new line of Star Wars Black" 6-inch figures ( a very nice blend of "what's up" and "what's coming next" = Kudos!) which made it's public display debut at the weekend's ToyFair 2013. Still no idea what the "Black" Series entails? Here is a walk-thru courtesy of Pixel-Dan www):

And as well has swell still snaps of the character figures bin show, including a Sandtrooper, Luke in X-Wing pilot uniform, R2D2 and Darth Maul (some images have been cropped for layout purposes, sorry JediInsider!). You can view much more snaps here!


I've missed out on the 3 & 3/4" fine of figures for too many a decades to even dare begin to start, but with a start of a new size-line, I might consider starting now (if I could afford them always). And from the video up top quasi-revealing exclusives to come for SDCC, this really looks like a swell time to start, IMHO! Approximate retail price of each figure is reported at US$19.99 per / Available in Fall of 2013.


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